Wednesday, 16 March 2016

A Smile for Today

Sometimes you just have to tell them.



lindy thomas said...

LOL! Ronnie, totally agree. Sometimes we do have to tell them so we get the spanking we want. Doesn't always work though.

Hugs Lindy

Anonymous said...

I hear a few different things before my spanking. "get those panties down I want to see a bare bottom" "What are you waiting for why are you not naked" "if those panties are not off before I sit down your spanking will last twice as long". Guess she does not have to be reminded.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, Lindy is right, sometimes they just need instructions!!
love Jan,xx

abby said...

LOL...great pic, but this is one area where Master gets an A+..
hugs abby

Ella said...

Cute picture, Ronnie. It is hard for me to "ask" when there is something not quite right. For Sam, it is better to take a round-about way. That is when I will read him an excerpt from a post or book. Hopefully he will take the hint.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I am always open to spanking instructions. Well, not those like "That hurts." My standard response to that is "Suck it up princess".

Minelle Labraun said...

Quite good Ronnie! Sometimes we just have to be vocal... Other times we may read a blog or two. But there may be times when they certainly hit the 'ahem' nail on the head!

Rosie Jones said...

It's said men don't get subtle hints so this should do the trick. Might be a bit risky, could end up getting more than bargained for!
Rosie xx

Maggie Jordan said...

Love this Ronnie! Lolol! I'm with Ella...I have to take a round-about way usually with TBG.

MrJ said...

I mus admit, I cannot remember ever having needed such urging.

Red said...

teasing is always good
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Lindy - Yep, doesn't always work at all. Thanks.

Archedone - Your wife has it down to a T:) Thank you.

Jan - A little nudging does work sometimes. Thanks.

Abby - Lucky girl. Thanks.

Ella - Sometimes the round about way is the best and you actually get what you want. Thanks.

OBB - And I'm sure Bacall does. Thank you.

Minelle - Yes, sometimes they just know what's needed. Thanks.

Rosie - But could be just what's needed. Thanks.

Maggie - I bet it works. Thanks.

MrJ - Some men are just naturals:) Thank you.

Red - Teasing is all part of it and fun. Thank you.


Baxter said...

My wife demands I bare my bottom as she will not spank me unless it is bare. I hand her the closest implement and she takes it from there. I love my wife.


Cat said...

Love the cartoon, Ronnie! Thanks for sharing. Do you have to give instructions? LOL

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Hermione said...

Who wants to be spanked over a dress? It's just the warmup!


ronnie said...

Cat - Rarely now:) Thanks.

Hermione - LOL. Right there. Thanks.