Friday, 19 February 2016

Please don't

"Please don't spank me like that again."

My words. So, you hear words like that and you think poor dear, she must have been spanked really hard, she's been beaten (so to speak) beyond reason, waving a white flag, her bastard husband must have gone over the top.

Well no, not at all. You see what happened was I got spanked otk with a shortened straight cane and it made me orgasm. I'd been playing around complaining that I hadn't been spanked for ages, I wondered if P had forgotten how, it was light hearted stuff. Anyway he warned me repeatedly to be careful what I wished for and not to taunt him about losing his spanking prowess, or should that be his spanking 'spark' as in whatever it takes to kick one off. Well I didn't heed his warnings, I sensed a spanking was just around the corner if I kept on at him.

Then the other evening, he told me he wanted me upstairs, there was no reason given so I guessed it had to be spanking. It was and he wanted me across his lap with him seated on our futon and me lengthwise with my head overhanging one end and my legs dangling at the other. My jeans were undone and lowered to my thighs, my knickers still in place as he spanked me for a few minutes with his very capable hands. I was pleasantly warm when he asked me if I'd care to repeat some of the things I'd said over the last few days about not being spanked for ages. I didn't care to, so he repeated a few for me. Then he told me I didn't feel so cheeky now I was across his lap with a sore backside, did I? Well actually I felt very cheeky indeed, and horny too, and I told him it wasn't just the scarcity of spankings but the quality too, I'd forgotten to mention that, I said.

OK so I know this is all predictable but it's how it goes sometimes. Bottom line was he had the cane concealed behind a cushion and he withdrew it and told me perhaps a caning would subdue my cheekiness. I asked him if he could remember how to give one. My knickers came down immediately and I squealed with delight, then ouched when the first stroke cut into my naked bottom. And it was from that point onwards that my spanking took a new direction, you see the second stroke was lighter than the first and the ensuing strokes followed the same pattern. They were stingy but not painful, not by a cane slut's standards anyway, and P was rambling on about what cheeky girls got when they overstepped the mark etc etc, nonsense of course but the sort of stuff which appeals to me. Then I started to get feelings, I mean the almost unstoppable type. I was grinding my pubis as hard as I could into my husband's thigh, he noticed it and warned me to keep still or he'd cane me harder and suddenly the 'almost' was history as waves gushed though me and I writhed like an eel against my husband, getting caned harder as threatened, in tune with my orgasm which rose to a vulgar crescendo.

It left me breathless and emptied. The caning stopped. It probably should have continued a while. P seemed pleased, his cock was hard I could feel it. I felt cheated. That was when I asked him to please not do that to me again. He said he hadn't done anything, I said oh yes he bloody well had and we both laughed.

The thing is, it was really powerful and I say that as one who can and does get multiple orgasms and who also likes cock. A lot. But it had neutralised me, really, stripped me of lust. And I'm ashamed to say my husband's cock stayed unattended until much later that evening.

Have a fun weekend.



an English Rose said...

Oops, poor P. or maybe not, he should have kept with the plan and not let you go without prior to this escapade, lol
love Jan,xx

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful spanking P gave you. I'm quite sure he knew what you were up to as he used the cane and was happy to watch you climax. If you didn't want anymore it must have been very strong. You are such a lucky lady.

Sarah Coltman said...

I have to say I can identify with much of this apart from the cane. That lovely sting just has a tendency to send you over, doesn't it? In fact we are going through a similar scenario at the moment, with me playing up and being extra mouthy. Bet it will take Dan twice as long to realise I am angling for a good spanking. At least you got yours!


lindy thomas said...

Lucky lady Ronnie being spanked to orgasm. Poor P though missing out until later.

Hugs Lindy

abby said...

Now that is what I call a perfect end to a caning....
hugs abby

MrJ said...

So that is what - in musical terms - dynamics may do.

Ella said...

Lovely post, Ronnie. I always like a teasing game that ends like this. It seems to remind me of a dance or a wrestling match. Circling and circling, and then Bam!

Glad you took care of P later. After all, he made you wait.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Minelle Labraun said...

I think it awesome because of the unexpected turn it took! Although the cane fills me with fear! Lol

Hermione said...

Awesome is the word indeed! You are a very lucky woman to be able to come like that.


Leigh Smith said...

Lucky, lucky girl. P positively has your number and vice versa.

Meredith Malloy said...

Great story of a great spanking!

Terpsichore said...

Lucky you are being spanked to orgasm... :-)

ronnie said...

Jan - I couldn't agree more:) Thanks.

Archedone -Thank you. It was strong Archedone. It totally wiped me out.

Ami -I do love the cane. If it goes on too long just hand him the paddle/cane or whatever:) Thanks.

Lindy - He did get his in the end. Thanks.

Abby - Shame all caning don't end that way:) Thanks.

MrJ - It's that cane that does it. Thank you MrJ.

Ella - Yes I did make sure I looked after him in the end. Thanks.

Minelle - You really should try the cane. Thanks.

Hermione - The cane has magical powers:) Thanks.

SG - We have been together rather a long time. Thanks.

Meredith - Thank you.

Terps - Wouldn't like it to happen like that al the time. Thanks.


Florida Dom said...

Now there's a spanking to remember.


Maggie Jordan said...

Ronnie, I love teasing TBG into doing stuff like that. Of course, it ends up being more than I anticipated but just what I needed! Although I have never been spanked to orgasm....this may be a new thing to try!

Red said...

absolutely amazing.. You are one delightful young woman.who knows what she wants, and usually gets it. Glad to know you satisfied P later that day, but having taken so long this might be cause for another spanking!
bottoms up

1ManView said...

I understand that feeling of listlessness. It happens to me when my spouse wakes me up with a delirious bJ and wants the some action right afterwards, but my lust was drained in the ordeal. Thank Goodness for flickering tongues and wondering fingertips to use until the recharge gets up... :)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Cat said...

Wow definitely received a memorable spanking didn't ya. Think you want a repeat experience? Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

FD - Memorable indeed. Thank you.

Maggie - It is very different. Thanks.

Red - Thank you. No that didn't lead to another spanking:)

1MV - Yes, once you are spent it leaves you void of any lust. Tongues and fingers can be very useful at times like that:) Thank you.

Cat - Don't think something like that could be repeated but you never know. Thanks.


Katie said...

WHOA Ronnie!!! :) That sounds like one HOT spanking adventure! I've never tried the cane, but always have said that there are many ways for the spanker to spank with an implement. Sounds like P knew just what he was up to. I'm also guessing that he didn't mind waiting for your attention at a later time either, but enjoyed your enjoyment! Awesome! LOL! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

ronnie said...

Katie - Hi good to see you here. A different spanking indeed. You should try the cane as you said there are many ways to use a different implement and the cane is no different. Thanks Katie.