Monday, 15 February 2016

Hotel de Fesser

Yes it's true according to yesterday's Sunday Times, and good for them I'd say. They're called 'love hotels' now. I've visited the district in question, not far from the Moulin Rouge, but hadn't been aware of the transformation that was going on or some of the history and famous people who visited the brothels of old, including a previous Prince of Wales who used to frequent one particular establishment to use its 'love chair' which allowed him to service, and be serviced by, several women simultaneously. Herman Goering apparently also visited Le Chabanais, one of the most expensive of its day, it doesn't actually say what Mr Goering's preferences were. 

Part of the article is here:-

Most of the old bars à hostesse — lower-class brothels in the red light district of Pigalle — have been remodelled as cocktail bars, tea rooms and tapas restaurants. At least one has become a health food shop. “The Internet is to blame,” said Ali, the ticket seller at the Museum of Eroticism, a local tourist attraction. “Men meet women on the computer these days. Not in the girlie bars or on the street.”

The Hôtel Amour, once a hôtel de passe for prostitutes and their clients, has become a Parisian landmark with erotically themed bedrooms and weekend brunches served by waitresses selected, according to management, for their looks. Not content with that, the owners have opened Hôtel Grand Amour in a neighbouring district. A statue of Mickey Mouse sporting an outsize phallus stands on the reception desk. The walls on the upper floors are covered in photographs of bottoms and breasts, the carpets with dotted pink phalluses and the female equivalent.

A bit naughty them bringing Mickey Mouse into their designs, I thought.

Anyway on my next trip to Paris, which I keep telling P he must share with me, I shall be investigating in more detail than I could last time, when I had our son with me. I shall be looking for 'spank hotels' or perhaps that should be 'hotels de fesser'.

I'm already practising appropriate phrases 'Où est l'hôtel de fesser le plus proche?' Bet I'll get some funny looks.

Have a good week.



Michael M said...

Avoir une bonne fessée et ne pas oublier le martinet.

Ella said...

Excellent, Ronnie. You can give us a rating. A sort of Spanking Michelin Guide. Wonder how many stars it will receive? Does it have a gift shop?

Love This,

abby said...

Sounds very interesting...and the rating system should be spanks not stars...
hugs abby

Hermione said...

I've seen that "love chair" on a television program. Edward VII was a big man!

I like the idea of a spanking hotel. PRobably no need for soundproofing the walls.


Leigh Smith said...

Loved abby's idea about spanks instead of stars. We're so puritanical here a hotel like this would never make it to the paper.

Don't worry about anyone giving you funny looks, you'll never see them again anyway. That's always my theory. lol

MrJ said...

Right! Why don't you just try and ask? In addition to funny looks, you may get some useful answers - if not for you, this time, and then for us :-P

Minelle Labraun said...

Sounds like a great task for you Ronnie!
Rated by spanks.... But who then gets the spanks??

Rosie Jones said...

A spanking hotel, what a good idea. No need to turn up the music or run the shower to cover the noise.

Rosie xx

Cat said...

Do like the idea of a spanking hotel with a rating of spanks rather than stars. Wouldn't have to worry about what others thought was happening when y'all know what's going on. Could rate on comfortable places for different spankings, seating options for sore bottoms, mirror access to view spanked bottoms, etc. ;)

Thanks for sharing, Ronnie. Looking forward to your review!

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Michael - Maybe the cane instead. Thank you.

Ella - Spanking Michelin Guide. A good idea.Thanks.

Abby - Spank rating it is. Thanks.

Hermione - Think the rooms should have soundproofing as I wouldn't want to hear the women/man next door getting spanked. Would be too much of a distraction I think. Thanks.

SG - Cats rating are good. I still feel conscious in a hotel when I come down to breakfast after I've been spanked in our room even though I know I probably want see them again. Thanks.

MrJ - First I'll have to make sure my French is better than it is now:) Thank you.

Minelle - I'd suppose I could volunteer:) Thanks.

Rosie - I still would prefer to have soundproof rooms in the hotel. Thanks.

Cat - Love your rating ideas. Now It's just persuading P to come to Paris and that could take a while:) Thanks.


Red said...

It would be wonderful to find a hotel catering to spankers. Imagine sitting in the restaurant, and chatting with other couples about their spankster ideas. If one ever exists, we would be happy to meet you there.
bottoms up