Monday, 23 November 2015

A spanking, ethical example to us all

Madam Cyn, aka Cynthia Payne, died last week aged 82 and the above heading was part of the heading of what read almost like an obituary to the infamous London madam who caned and spanked her way through a long list of judges, politicians, lawyers, company directors and several vicars according to the article, which appeared in the Sunday Times.

The journalist, who seemed to have a soft spot for Madam Payne, was Sarah Baxter, whose articles I often read. Anyway this one caught my attention because it contained the word 'spanking' and Ronnie's eyes are as quick as a google search in spotting that and related words even from the crowded double spread of a broadsheet. Cynthia 'did time' for her so called brothel-keeping, none of her clients were ever named although their names are known. She was a celebrity much loved and the custodial sentence she received was ridiculous in my opinion, the establishment putting on an act in its usual hypocritical way.

Apparently the day she was released from prison she was met by a gleaming Rolls Royce, supplied by one of her grateful clients, to chauffeur her to the BBC studios for a Newsnight interview that evening. When asked why she wouldn't name any of her clients, the down to earth Cynthia answered  "Well, me morals is low. But me ethics is high." I had to laugh when I read it, I bet not many of her clients would have been able to say the same, the ethics part I mean:)

Anyway a colourful character, a part of British spanking history really, is no longer with us. I wonder how long before they screen the film Personal Services, with the excellent Julie Walters, again on TV.

So long, Madam Cyn, a spanking, ethical example to us all.

Have a good week.



Michael M said...

She certainly made a few "establishment high-ups" panic in case their names were revealed as having gone to her place for a spanking.
Maybe her last wish is to have that list published.

Cat said...

Had never heard of Madame Cyn but sounds as if she was a character. Is "Personal Services" a movie based on her life? May she rest in peace.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

lindy thomas said...

Sounds like a very interesting character. Wonder what will become of her list!
Hugs Lindy

DelFonte said...

I remember all the fuss back then about her and wonder if it would be the same now after the FSOG phenomenon. That quote of her is priceless and sums her up beautifully.

Ella said...

I have never read about her before, but I love the quote! I learn so much out here in blogland.


Florida Dom said...

Thanks for sharing your story. Sounds like spanking has been around a long time and we are fortunate to be in the cyber era so we can share our stories.


abby said...

Very interesting, I also love the quote...Thanks for sharing.
hugs abby

Anonymous said...

Great aphorism! :-)

Hermione said...

I enjoyed the quote too. She was quite a character.


Eric51Amy49 said...

Hi Ronnie,

Thanks for sharing. I love hearing about people who figure out what they like and who they are... and live it. A lesson to us all.


Leigh Smith said...

RIP - in this era of questionable morality and ethics, it's nice to hear that there was someone who stuck to theirs.

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, Madame Cyn sounds like a great woman, and I wish there were more people like her. I had not heard about her before, but would love to watch the story of her life in a movie. Thank you for sharing.



Enzo said...

I am in the majority of everyone here, had never heard of her; but loved her quote. I think it sums up some of us (I'll speak for myself at least) perfectly.


Terpsichore said...

very interesting...I had not heard of her...may she rest in peace

Meredith Malloy said...

News to me! Fun to read!

ronnie said...

Michael - Can you image if she did though I think most of her clients would be quite old now or even passed on. Thank you.

Cat - I have linked to Wiki so everyone can read a little about her. Personal Services is a comedy inspired on Madam Cyn's life so not really a true account. Thanks.

LIndy - I wondered that. She may have destroyed it. Thanks.

DF - I'd never read it before but you are right, sums her up perfectly. Thanks.

Ella - So do I Ella. Thanks.

FD - Goes back longer than we think. Thank you FD.

Abby - It was the first time I'd read about that quote. Thanks.

Anon - Yes indeed. A real character. Thank you.

Hermione - She was. Some of her clients were very high profile. Quite scandalous if their names had come out.

Amy - Me too. She certainly knew who she was. Thanks.

SG - It certain is. Behind in reading around so looking forward to popping over for your Monday story. Thank.

Nina - The movie was entertaining but not really based on her life so not a true account. Thanks.

Enzo - Yes me too. Thank you.

Terps - A very interesting lady. Thanks.

Meredith - Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks.


Minelle Labraun said...

She lead the life she wanted and stuck to her moral code. I'd say 'good for her!'

Ami Starsong said...

I remember her well. It was back in the day when I thought that only "women" spanked!

Sad that she has gone, but she lived to a good age.


ronnie said...

Minelle - So would I. Thanks.

Ami - Yes, it seemed that only women spanked then. Thanks.


Renee Rose said...

I love this!!

ronnie said...

Renee - Hello. She was quite a character. Thanks.