Friday, 9 October 2015

It's not woman's work

That's what I was told by my husband last weekend after he'd spanked the arse off me for trying to use his hedge trimmer and dropping it. I objected to the proclamation, just because I don't believe anything is or is not so called 'woman's' work....except having babies of course but that's different, but I didn't say anything. And I didn't object to the sentiment, which was protective towards me after all, but perhaps some women would be very good at using hedge trimmers, perhaps even with a bit of practice I would be although I doubt I'll be getting the practice any time soon.

You see it was hedge trimming weekend, we have quite tall back garden hedges and trim them twice a year. We used to have a gardener do it because P had a dodgy back for quite a while, but when his back improved after some brilliant advice and therapy organised by an Aussie practitioner, he bought appropriate equipment and decided we'd do it ourselves, which meant him doing the trimming and me the clearing up. Well his phone was going persistently on the weekend, every time the trimmer stopped I could hear it ringing, it was obviously someone who didn't want to leave a message they just kept ringing intermittently. P went to answer it and was gone for what seemed like ages so I clambered onto the platform, pulled his trimmer from the top of the hedge where he'd left it and started trimming, or trying to. I didn't realise they were so heavy or that they kind of pull you along with them or that they snag on thick bits, anyway I thought I was doing OK until I moved along the platform and it wobbled and I thought it was going to fall and I instinctively grabbed the rail and, in so doing let the trimmer drop to the ground.

P had gone inside but he must have seen what happened from the window because he was out like a shot, I was still on the platform which hadn't collapsed at all, in fact it would be almost impossible to, as was explained to me. He helped me down, made sure I was all right then examined his toy and the power cord before switching it on to test it. It sounded like it had done before I dropped it so I assumed no harm done. Then he powered off and took me inside, he didn't tell me off or anything, which was good of him I suppose with neighbours possibly within earshot, but he did when we got inside. I think he read the Health and Safety Act to me as he took me over to the sofa and stood me next to it as he sat down. I knew what was coming.

My shorts and knickers were pulled down and I was given a sound no holding back spanking, it hurt like hell and I supposed I deserved it, I was begging him to please stop and telling him I was sorry really I was, and I meant it too. I realised I could have hurt myself and I knew he cared and that was what this was for and I felt like crying as he told me off for taking such a silly risk and never to do it again and if I really wanted to use the damned thing to do it when he was out there with me and definitely not up on the platform. Did I understand? he asked me. Silence. Did I? he insisted raising his voice. Yes, I snivelled miserably. He let me up, I felt like a kid in disgrace, he stood and raised my face up to him, kissed me on the cheek, I just wanted to bury my head into his shoulder and hold on to him, he told me to pull my knickers and shorts up and we'd go finish the job, but no trimming for me, it wasn't woman's work. Now you know why I didn't say anything:)

Anyway the job got done and neat it looks, and I was all over my husband for the rest of the day.

Have a fun weekend.



PK said...

That's what I'm looking for! P is a special fellow and I'm so glad he takes such good care of you.

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, I just love how P took care of you. I can relate to wanting to being all over him the rest of the day. You have a wonderful, loving and attentive husband :)


Ella said...

Exactly right, Ronnie! P should get the HOH award for the week. Absolutely great post.


Minelle Labraun said...

Ronnie, he just loves the heck out of you!
I don't mind when my guy tells me I am not to do 'certain' jobs!

Hermione said...

Last week was trimming day for us, but luckily no platforms involved. I stood back and instructed Ron where to cut, and he did the actual trimming. We both cleared up.


Hermione said...

Last week was trimming day for us, but luckily no platforms involved. I stood back and instructed Ron where to cut, and he did the actual trimming. We both cleared up.


Leigh Smith said...

As I've said many times before, you are such a lucky girl.

Hope you're having a wonderful time in the sun.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Is this a version of a woman must know her place?
I plan to trim the bushes today. Bacall will be pressure washing the drive.

DelFonte said...

I do the trimming quite a bit in our garden, this might be to do with the fact P once cut through the cable. He didn't get spanked. I thought about offering him a proxy butt.
Your husband was spot on with his response, very quick of him!

an English Rose said...

Crikey, you are braver than me, I wouldn't have dared use the hedge trimmer. I would have been hopeless and he would have spanked me for certain!!
Bless you
love Jan,xx

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, I am so with you on women's work, however I think that P wants you to be safe is lovely, and it has something very romantic to it.



Cat said...

Hey Ronnie...So happy you weren't hurt in the trimmer mishap. it touches my heart to read how much P loves you.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

lindy thomas said...

Yay for the Aussie practitioner giving P the right advice. P certainly takes care of you and cares about you Ronnie. Sounds like the day turned out well.
Hugs Lindy

Katie said...

Awww, Ronnie!!! :) You have such a loving spanky fella there caring for you! That is so wonderful! Sorry you got that spanking though...

I'm SO glad that you didn't get hurt with that thing! We have some hedges here to trim, and I was going to ask Rob to help. After reading here, I am going to pass on that one I think...

I always love coming by and reading about the pair of you! Many hugs and love,

<3 Katie

Aswathi Sinha said...
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Anonymous said...

A definite lack of common sense young lady! I totally agree with P . Discipline spankings are effective I think in helping a person think before attempting anything NEW with a power tool.
Bottoms up

ronnie said...

PK - He is special. Thanks.

Roz - He does have his moments:) Thanks.

Ella - I'll tell him:) Thanks.

Minelle - I don't like it when P tells me not to do certain jobs even though I know he's right:) Thank you.

Hermione - Smart lady. Thanks.

SG - Sometimes I don't realise how lucky. Thanks.

OBB - I hate washing the car so I tell P that's not women's work LOL. Thank you.

DF - That's always my fear when I mow the lawn that I cut through a cable. Happy your hubby wasn't hurt. Thanks.

Jan - I wont be using it again. Thanks.

Nina - It was silly of me and I want be doing it again. Thanks.

Cat - He is sweet. Well most of the time:) Thanks

Lindy - :) The Aussie guy is really very good or at least we think so. Much better than some of ours. Thanks

Katie - I think you should do what Hermione does - tell Rob where to trim and then clear up together:) Thank you.

Red - You are right there Red. I wont be doing it again. Thank you.