Monday, 24 August 2015

Cheapskate or Cheapsteak?

I guess both and I hadn't really thought about it until our son said I was a cheapskate last Monday when we took him and his girlfriend to dinner. He was only joking of course and I said 'well, you know your father', but P, quick as lightning, retorted with a smile 'not at all, just a cheap steak, wait and see.' Well we did and it wasn't just a cheap steak but a cheap meal, ridiculously cheap and the thing is it was good. To make matters even better, my husband was in such a good mood after eating well and having a good chat and then picking up a bill for FOUR with wine for under eighty quid, he decided I needed a spanking when we got home.

First I'll tell you about the ridiculous meal deal, I'm not on commission or anything, I'm not mentioning the name, but some who already know our home town, probably know it. The deal is this - you get a choice of any starter OR dessert, any main course and a full bottle of their house wine per person for GBP 18.50. Yep that is true and it's too cheap, suspiciously so I think you'd agree. But here's the silly part ......a sirloin steak on its own from the menu costs that much! And it is absolutely second to none in quality, P knows his steaks we've had restaurants of our own and he says it's the best steak in town...any town! And the starter (P for instance had gambas al pil pil) and bottle of wine are in for FREE. So 4 bottles of wine for our table. Crazy, we took some home.

I guess you can see why my husband, who has an appreciation for value for money was delighted by it, this isn't the first time we've taken advantage of the offer by the way, but we eat there other nights too (at normal price - stupid as P says), especially if with friends, because Monday night isn't popular.

So with my husband in such a good mood, why did I get spanked? Well I asked him, it seemed like the right thing to do even though I had no intention of putting up resistance, and he said, as he put me across his knee, that it was because I'd sided with my son about him being a cheapskate. I said 'but it's true you are' and he said 'right that's double', and down came my knickers. I could feel P's cock hard in his jeans as he was spanking me and knew what must was coming afterwards, yummy. I got spanked well enough, not sure if it was double I'd have been cheekier if I'd know he was going to be in this sort of mood, and then he told me he was going to fuck some respect into me. I'd been wet from the spanking and anticipation of sucking him off but this was a bonus and I think I uttered an audible yippee as he bent me over our bed and taught me some respect. 

God sometimes it's so nice when things just happen so fast and unexpected.

Have a good week.



Michael M said...

Bet you said that just to be told to "assume the position."

an English Rose said...

Oh that's a great deal Ronnie. I don't think we have one of those round here
:(. Lucky you , a great dinner and then a great sex
love Jan,xx

Anonymous said...

P is too good to you Ronnie. first a fantastic diner with company, followed by a great OTK spanking to get you wet followed by super sex. Such a lucky girl.

Roz said...

Wow Ronnie, what a great deal, and an awesome night. Dinner, spanking and sex...perfect :) "I'd have been cheekier if I'd known he was going to be in this sort of mood", you crack me up.


lindy thomas said...

What a great night Ronnie. Good combination with cheap meal, spanking and good sex to follow. sounds perfect.
Lindy x

abby said...

You hit the trifecta...good meal....with wine....great spanking...and good sex....what more could a women want??
hugs abby

Ella said...

Wow, Ronnie! All this on a Monday night. The dinner deal sounds delicious, but so does the rest of the evening. Thanks for sharing.

Ella Ever After

DelFonte said...

Sounds delicious...and the meal too ;-) we're more into kids eat for free deals. So cheap skates also.

Hermione said...

What a great bargain meal! I don't know if we would be allowed to take wine away from a restaurant here. Rules about alcohol are very strict. We might have been spanked for trying it.


ronnie said...

Michael - You got it. Thank you.

Jan - Definitely a good meal deal. No, they haven't any down your way. Thanks.

Archedone - Lucky that night:) Thank you.

Roz - I would have. Thank you.

Lindy - It was the cheap meal that put P in a good mood. Thanks.

Abby - More of the same:) Thank you.

Ella - It was a good start to my week but sadly the week went downhill from there:) Thanks.

DG - Different when you have kids to consider. Been there:) Thanks.

Hermione - We have laws about drinking on the street (unless of course outside a pub/restaurant). The bottles taken from the restaurant are supposed to be unopened but people open them drink a little, put the cap back on a take it home as two bottled is far too much to drink at one time. Thanks.


Leigh Smith said...

Lucky girl - dinner with your kids, good food and wine, a spanking and sex. What more could you want?

Enzo said...

Wow! Im envious of P.
A great meal (at a great price) followed by teaching a girl some respect with a spanking and more!
Sounds perfect.


Blondie said...

Sounds like a perfect night. Still need to learn all the different types of money there is across the ocean though.

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, wow, this sounds like a fantastic evening! The cheapskate excuse for the spanking made me giggle, but I am glad that you got such a wonderful lesson in respect.



PK said...

I'm sure you know that P is a wonderful husband!

Cat said...

What a lovely evening you had Ronnie. Wish we had a restaurant with those kind of prices/quality around here but don't think we're allowed to take alcohol out of the restaurant, except in New Orleans. You totally crack me up with the 'I would have been cheekier...' comment. ;) Hope you have a great week.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Cat said...
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Minelle Labraun said...

I'd say more but everyone beat me to it! You had a wonderful night! What more could a girl ask for! ;-)

ronnie said...

SG - I sometimes forget how lucky. Thanks.

Enzo - Was a perfect evening. Thank you.

Blondie - Thanks. I think that would be about $30.

Nina - I love a lesson in respect:) Thanks.

PK - He is that. Thanks.

Cat - Cheap but good quality. Thanks.

Minelle - Just a repeat:) Thanks.


smuccatelli said...

My, you DO have an active social/sexual life don't you? ;-) Props to P for his ability to suss out a good deal (and for his ability to "teach you some respect").

May you live as long as you want to and want to as long as you live...

sixofthebest said...

With a thank, you got a good spank. And with good luck, you got a good fuck, and suck. Heaven's galore, You want more, to score. So don't bemoan Hermione. So with glee, the poetry is free, so don't mind me.

ronnie said...

Smuccatelli - P likes to find a deal. Thanks.

SOTB - LOL. Thanks.


Kenzie said...

Sounds like a good deal!! And an even better deal once you got home! ;)

Red said...

Ronnie: what a wonderful evening. Delightful to read.
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Kenzie - A good deal all round:) Thanks.

Red - Delightful. Thank you.