Friday, 26 June 2015

Caned in boy shorts

I got caned last Saturday and it was stingy as hell and the boy shorts I was wearing seemed to keep the heat in for ages especially as I was made to cycle after it.

I will explain, you see since our son has vacated his bedroom, whilst still kept available for him, I've moved our exerciser into it because there's a lot of space in there and it's very light which is nice, I can also see into the street through the louvres without being seen so I can keep one eye on the neighbourhood one on a tv screen, music blasting and stay fit all at the same time. I have jogging sports wear which I sometimes put on, I don't know why really it just kind of makes me work harder, other times I just wear beach shorts or knickers especially when it's hot. On Saturday morning I had on a pair of my husband's boy pants, they're MandS some kind of micro fibre really light and stretchy, I bought a pack of them as a stocking filler for him because I thought they'd make his cock bulge nicely, which they do, but he's hardly ever worn them I don't know why. Anyway they look a bit like lycra that cyclists wear, I've snapped myself in them so you can see what I mean though I think they make my bum look huge:)

Now, during my exercise session my husband came home, I didn't hear him because of the music but I saw the car was back, I carried on sweating. After a few minutes there was a great Thump! from behind me, loud enough for me to hear over the music and I stopped pedalling to see what it was, a large hardback book had fallen onto the floor and my husband must have heard it from downstairs because he came bounding upstairs to see what it was. He came into the room, I'd already resumed pedalling, he asked me what had happened but I couldn't hear him for the music. He gesticulated, I just pointed behind me, he would put two and two together it wasn't hard. But he didn't, instead he switched my music off and told me to answer him when he was speaking to me, he'd been worried I might have hurt myself. Well that was touching but unlikely, I told him, and could I please have my music back. I was still pedalling, I think that probably pissed him a bit.

Anyway he saw I was wearing his underwear, it's a signal between us although I don't do it much these days. He told me the least I could do was stop pedalling, he wouldn't bother rushing up next time he heard an almighty bump, then he asked me why I'd got his underwear on and I said because I was riding and it was available. I was a bit put out that my session had been disrupted, once I start I like to keep up momentum. "Well it won't be available if I take it off you and give you a good spanking you ungrateful bitch!" Oh god was being good to me, I thought, window of opportunity, get bitchier, take the spanking, exercise any old time but get spankings whenever you can! So I said a few things about him coming back early, wouldn't have known if he hadn't, didn't need watching over, wasn't a child etc etc., I kept it light but a bit hoity because I know that irritates him and sure enough he left the room returning moments later with his OTK cane.

He came and fetched me off the machine and over to the bed, put me across his knee, pulled my borrowed underwear down and caned me about thirty or more times, I hadn't been caned over our son's bed before, it's very near the floor and my knees were rubbing against the carpet as I writhed and wriggled. It hurt and I made a noise and when he let me up I was rubbing my bottom and pouting. He told me to pull the pants back up, they suited me, and to finish off my exercise with a sore bottom and not to be so ungrateful in future when someone showed concern for me. I finished it after he left the room, my bottom was hot and the saddle was rubbing between my legs, it was as much as I could do to keep my concentration on the job at hand:)

Have a fun weekend.



Cat said...

"Oh god was being good to me, I thought, window of opportunity, get bitchier, take the spanking, exercise any old time but get spankings whenever you can!" ROFLMBO are too funny. Happy you enjoyed it. Oh and BTW...your bum looks very good...I can only wish mine looked that good!

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Michael M said...

Does the cane really hurt that much when you are "over the knee" or is it just a "stingle" ? Cute bum in the boy shorts. Enjoy the sun if we get any this weekend.

PK said...

Now that could even get me exercising! Of course I'd want to replace the cane with something else entirely.

Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, glad the bitchy got you some attention :)


Florida Dom said...

How nice that he took advantage of the fact you were in boy shorts and gave you a good caning to keep you focused.


Hermione said...

What fun! My husband would also not approve of my wearing his undies. Hmmm... That might be something I'll try to liven up the weekend.


Minelle Labraun said...

I love your Ingenuity! Take a spanking when it's there in front of you!
Yes, your bum is quite fit! It must be the cane!
I also get really snarky if anyone interrupts my exercise. Of course I haven't really tried exercising in a while! Hmmmm.....light bulb moment!

Leigh Smith said...

I love that you never miss an opportunity to spur P on.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, well I suppose all that exercising was worth it in the end!!
love Jan,xx

Enzo said...

Love everything about this story! Perhaps because it has so many of my favorite things, boy-shorts/cycling shorts, exercise/cycling, and of course spanking. I think I share P's tone and similar quote had I been in a comparable situation. Thanks for sharing Ronnie and especially the picture.

ronnie said...

Cat - Gotta take every opportunity when it presents itself. Thanks for saying but I think those short make my bum really large:)

Michael - A little more than a stingle:) Boys short are quite comfortable, Well we will have Saturday with sun and then rain on Sunday but I heard that the UK will be getting a heatwave by midweek. Thank you.

PK - Bet you'd choose the belt. Thanks.

Roz - It certainly did. Thanks.

FD - I must say boys shorts are quite comfortable. I may have to take to wearing them more often. Thank you.

Hermione - I dare you to try it. Thanks.

Minelle Don't know about fit, more on the large size but thank you:)

SG - A girl has to do what she has to get that spanking. Thanks.

Jan - Certainly was. Thanks.

Enzo - My pleasure and happy you enjoyed it:) Thank you.


MrJ said...

Very good. Things properly put in place.

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, this sounds like a great time. You got the exercise you wanted and a caning which must have been just right. Thank you for sharing, wishing you a great weekend.



Meredith Malloy said...

Simply delicious
Nothing like a good spanking.

Baxter said...

Great picture. Wow, a spontaneous spanking - good for you


ronnie said...

Mr J - They certainly were. Thank you.

Nina - Can't beat a spanking and some exercise. Thanks.

Meredith - Delicious it was. Thanks.

Baxter - Thank you. Sometimes those ones are the best.


Ami Starsong said...

Ronnie, you are such a hoot! Lycra?!!! Horrors! I tried to imagine my husband in lycra and nearly had a dicky fit. But your bum is nice and pert so obviously all that sweaty cycling does the job. How the heck did you do a 'bum' selfie? I don't think my arm would be long enough. You are very brave. As for the cane? Nah. Still standing on the brink as far as that is concerned. I'll leave canes to the experts.

Many hugs

Terpsichore said...

"...get spankings whenever you can..." I love it! Now that must have been motivating...not necessarily for exercising...but... :-)

ronnie said...

Ami - They are a bit like lyrca and do make his bulge look rather nice:) I balanced my camera, took a few takes. I think every girl should try the cane at least once. Think about it. Thanks.

Terps - LOL. Gotta grab the opportunity when you can. Thanks.