Friday, 30 January 2015

What a Waste

Look like someone's been having fun.

I showed it to my husband and asked him if he would like to do that to me, you know, mark his territory and all that (I did manage to make it happen once)

He said no, absolutely NO, what the hell would he want to waste it like that for, why not unload it somewhere pleasurable. I told him that it might be pleasurable to me, I might like it but he wasn't convinced, then he asked how he could do it anyway, he'd have to masturbate wouldn't he? I said no, I could reach back and do it for him, well so I thought. 
He still wasn't convinced. 

Funny when you get a certain thing in your mind.

Have a fun weekend.



Christina said...

I had to open the link before I could see what the masturbation talk was about. At first all I saw was the handprint... LOL. Enjoy your weekend as well! ;-)

1ManView said...

I understand what P means. For some men the pleasure is coming inside a tight orfice, because when you ejaculate, you want to feel that tight pull on your shaft to the end. Pulling out and spewing on her is less pleaurable for them. Then there's the men who love to see their white junk all over her. And they are usually men who are very much into masterbating, and have a hard ejacualtion. More men then you know only dribble when they come. Which make it hard for him to mark his territory. But..
Most of us remember being young and dumb and having sex without pertection. The pertection was pulling out of her at the last second, which marked your horny territory... :)
I'm also sure you will hear from some women who love the feel of hot sperm spewing on them. And those who do not. Sounds like a good question for you to ask your peers... :)


Michael M said...

This used to take place slightly differently in our household.

I would have the red marked caned bottom and she would allow me on top of her delightfully soft rear, without penetration but with plenty of KY.
I adored rubbing myself between her cheeks until the inevitable occurred and then I would clean up with a tissue, before placing a gentle thank you kiss on each soft cheek and bidding her goodnight.

an English Rose said...

The things you think about Ronnie!lol
love Jan,xx

Roz said...

Wow at the pic! I'm with Jan lol. Have a wonderful weekend Ronnie :)


PK said...

Research is the key! And I have confidence in you - you will let us know won't you?

abby said...

I was so fixated on the hand print I had to go back and look at the picture. I think it might be a fairly common fantasy...still a fantasy for me too.
hugs abby

sub hub in phx said...

That's the difference between a sub husband and Dominant husband. For me, it's an absolute thrill to be able to ejaculate at all and when I am allowed, doing it like that is especially fun.

Hermione said...

I love the handprint. It needs a companion on the other side, you know, to even things out.


Anonymous said...

Well, you'll never know how to make it happen if you don't give it a good try!

Wax popped into my mind when I saw the picture. Maybe you can try both ;)

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I am with your husband on this what a waste to my traditional way of thinking. However, I am sure your mind can figure a way to make it fun for him.

Leigh Smith said...

I'm with PK. I know you are going to figure a way to make this happen.

mostly mouse said...

Oh wow...

Honestly, you've touched upon Ronnie something that mouse has a love/hate thing with.

It might have to do with the times where Omega does do that, he's showing displeasure. Not all the time, but often enough...

Then there's the whole mouse really does enjoy sucking him...

We can't overlook that??

Still, other times, it's very erotic.


ronnie said...

Christian - To be honest it was the handprint that attracted me to the photo but then it got me thinking. Thanks.

1MV - I agree. Personally I wouldn't want it any other place than over my bum and only after I've been spanked. Thanks.

Michael - That's different. Thank you.

Jan - I can't helpt it:) Thanks.

Roz - These things pop into my mind. Thanks.

PK - I'll be working on it. Thanks.

Abby - Ah someone else:) Thanks.

Subhub - Yes I can see that for you. Thanks.

Hermione - It certainly does. Thanks.

Clara - Oh. not sure about the wax but you never know.:) Thank you.

OBB - I'm not sure who I could make it fun for P but hey, I'm game for anything. Thanks.

SG - I'm sure I will but I may get spanked for doing it:) Thanks.

Mouse - Yes, I can image it could be erotic. I just have to try it now:) Thank you.


Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, I am with PK too. Research is the key. I do see what happened, but I am not sure about what happened first. Sounds like a lot of research!



Erica said...

It's never a waste! :-) I've been the recipient of this particular decoration a time or two...

Minelle Labraun said...

I only noticed the handprint at first! I think P prefers his idea.

ronnie said...

Nina - I don't mind doing research. Thanks.

Erica - I'll have to see if I can change P's mind. Never say never. Thanks.

Minelle - I know he does. Thanks.


Enzo said...

Not a waste at all!
Truth be told I rather enjoy this and been meaning to actually write a post about it.

As far as instructing P on how to do it; no he would not have to masturbate. Sharing my preferred method: spank till red, deliver a good pounding, pull out and aim. I get a rush from marking her spanked cheeks. It is just pleasurable in a different kind of way.

sixothebest said...

I think the MIND of mankind THINKS TWICE as much about SEX, as DOING IT IN ACCTUALLITY.

ronnie said...

Enzo - Maybe we should try it. Thanks.

SOTB - I think you are right there. Thank you.