Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Until Next Year

Thank you for your friendship, support, emails and comments during the year.

Have a fun evening and enjoy your celebrations.

See you in 2015.



Anonymous said...

Ronnie it is us that thank you for your blog. You and P have a fun and safe New Years eve and I will see you in 2015.

MrJ said...

Have great celebrations, and an even more - ahem - shiny next year! For this year, your blog has been a joy.

Hermione said...

What a fun picture! Happy New Year!


Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, I love that picture. I hope you have a great evening too, happy new year!



Minelle Labraun said...

Happy New Year to you both!
Nice picture....Hope yo enjoy some of the same!

morningstar said...

LOVE the picture - what a fun thing to try - except the OCD part of me thinks about the clean up LOL

Hope you have a spanking good evening... and all the best in 2015

Florida Dom said...

What a neat picture and have a Happy New Year. See you next year.


Erica said...

Love that picture! Happy, healthy 2015, Ronnie.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, I love that picture. Hope you and P. have a lovely New Year
love Jan,xx

ronnie said...

Archedone - Ah, thanks. See you next year:)

MrJ - You are very kind. Thank you. Best wishes to you and yours for 2015.

Hermione - Thank you. Happy New Year to you and Ron.

Nina - Thanks. Best wishes for a happy, healthy 2015.

Minelle - Going out and not sure if we will be back before midnight. Thank you. Enjoy the evening.

Morningstar - Thanks. That would be me as well, thinking about the mess:) Best wishes for 2015.

FD - Thanks. Enjoy the New Year.

Erica - And to you and John. Thanks.

Jan - Thank you. Hope you have a great evening and New Year.


Blondie said...

Thank you for all that you have given. Great picture. Hope you have fun tonight and hope you have an excellent 2015

Leigh Smith said...

You do the same, probably already started off the New Year is the perfect way. Love the pic.

abby said...

Thank you for all of your wonderful posts...A very happy new year to you and P.
hugs abby

Cat said...

Thank you Ronnie for your wonderful the pic! Wishing you and P a very fun and safe New Years celebration.

Hugs and Blessings...

Roz said...

Love the pic Ronnie! Wishing you and P a very Happy New Year and all the very best in 2015. I always love reading here and look forward to hearing more from you :)


ronnie said...

SG - Had a good one thank you. Happy New Year.

Abby - My pleasure. Thanks for saying. Happy New Year.

Cat - I love that you visit. Thank you. Happy New Year.

Roz - Thanks so much. Happy New Year.


DelFonte said...

Happy New Year - I love that gif!

Katie said...

I always love reading here, Ronnie! :) Thanks for all that you share.

Love this very sparkly, glittery spanking! Hope that your festivities included much of the same! Wishing you and P a very Happy New Year, and all good things in 2015! Many hugs and love,

<3 Katie

ronnie said...

DF - Me too:) Thanks. Hope 2015 is a wonderful one for you and your family.

Katie - That's lovely of you to say, thank you. Happy New Year and wishing you a better 2015 with lots of happiness.