Monday, 3 November 2014

Cannon Fodder

Not really, just a tourist with a penchant for big powerful sexy things, and in particular getting spanked over them or near them or by them. Not by a cannon of course:)

I suppose the shape helps fire my weird brain in this case too. Remember I told you I got spanked over a cannon on my recent trip, well this isn't the actual cannon but it is identical and in the same fortress and the girl standing next to it is me, 

not with a hygiene mask but one of my expert blobs to hide my identity. The actual cannon was several storeys higher up, looking out to sea, and I got spanked over it because I'd joked about getting spanked over this one on the way up and, when we got to the very top, P told me to get over the beast that was pointing out to sea. I refused and said we couldn't but P said we could and I better get over it sharpish, he said there was only one way up to where we were, it was a long climb up an external stone stairway and he could see there were no other tourists anywhere in sight. So get over it.

I didn't even think about how cold cannons were, I mean why would you, but even in the sunshine the cast iron was cold through my clothes. P asked me if I'd like to be tied over it and thrashed, he said they used to do that to cadet sailors on the old sailing vessels, I don't know if they really did but the thought appealed to me. Anyway I got a dozen or so good meaty spanks before my husband allowed me to get up. If it had been wood, and if I'd been a vandal, and if my husband had had his little Swiss army knife with him, I would have liked to gouge 'Ronnie was spanked over this cannon 2014' into it, my little place in history. 

P took a few pictures over the town and harbour from our vantage point, didn't take one of me over the cannon unfortunately, but he could have, it was several minutes before other tourists came panting up the stairway so we wouldn't have got caught!

Have a good week.



MrJ said...

I once dis suggest to have that saddle in the bedroom. By now you ARE complicating matters, ronnie.

Roz said...

Souds wonderful Ronnie. There's definitely something about being spanked outdoors, the chance of being discovered ... and over a Cannon, wow! :)


Anonymous said...

P has some really cool ideas on where to spank you. We used to live near a fort and I'm glad R never thought of spanking me over a cannon. You said P had his camera with. Has he ever taken pictures of your spanked bottom? My wife used to do that to me. Hold your position honey while I snap a few.

Ami Starsong said...

I don't think many could beat that! What a thought!


PK said...

Outside spankings of any type are wonderful and one over a cannon, looking out to sea - makes me tingle thinking of it.

Hermione said...

What fun! For you, I mean, not the soldiers of old. It was called "Kissing the Gunner's Daughter" and was not at all sexy.


Leigh Smith said...

You always have such great adventures.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, you do have such fun with your spanking adventures, I am quite jealous
love Jan,xx

Red said...

What a lovely adventure... too bad P did not make you bare your bottom. Give P my hearty approval for giving you an outdoor spanking.
PS: you look fabulous in the photo. Keep enjoying life
bottoms up

ronnie said...

MrJ - I could explain a cannon in the bedroom better than I could a saddle:) Thank you.

Roz - Never thought of being spanked over a cannon until I saw one that day. Thanks.

Archedone Yes P has many a picture of my spanked bottom. I've even shared some on there. Thank you.

Ami - In the right spot at the right time:) Wished he'd taken a picture though. Thanks.

PK - It was rather a nice spot for a spanking LOL. Thank you.

Hermione - Thank you. I didn't know that so I've learnt something new today.

SG - I didn't think P would do it. Thanks.

Jan - We have our moments:) Thanks.

Red - That's sweet of you. Thank you.


Cat said...

Goodness sure do get spanked in a lot of different places don't you...and like every one. ;)

Hugs and Blessings...

Minelle Labraun said...

I would have been scared at being discovered too!
That P is very clever!

ronnie said...

Cat - I've been lucky and yes liked every one of them, well most of them:) Thanks.

Minelle - He said he had a clear view and knew no one was near. Thanks.


Florida Dom said...

Never know when you find a good spot for a spanking.


Florida Dom said...

Never know when you find a good spot for a spanking.


Blondie said...

A good place to spank but I would be to chicken that someone may hear. The cane thingy is starting to appeal to me

Saoirse said...


ronnie said...

FD - Certainly not over a cannon:) Thanks.

Blondie - Try it. I think everyone women should try the can at least once. Thanks.

Saoirse - Thanks.


Terpsichore said...

You have such fun spanking adventures :-) thanks for sharing