Friday, 17 October 2014

Amaretti ... thank you

I got spanked last week and it was all because of an amaretti biscuit, or I should say the lack of one.

My husband took me for a meal, I hadn't expected it, no particular reason, just spur of the moment as far as I was concerned. We went to a little bistro in our local town, it's got warped walls, uneven floor and genuine old beams, we hadn't been there for months, P must have pre-booked early in the day or even the previous day thinking about it, because they were expecting us and we wouldn't have got a table otherwise as they were busy.

So nice surprise for me and a very nice meal and then, at the end while I tucked into a dessert, P had an espresso, coffee arrives at the table without an amaretti biscuit. He called the girl back and asked her where the biscuit was, she didn't know what he was talking about so he explained that they always served espresso with a amaretti biscuit. He was going by previous occasions but hey, things can change. Anyway he asked her to get him one and she went and asked the kitchen but came back saying no amarettis, they'd stopped doing them. P wasn't happy and said if he'd known he wouldn't have ordered the coffee, I interjected and said it wasn't worth making a fuss about and told the waitress it was OK my husband would be a big boy and drink his espresso without the biscuit. Well the girl went away relieved that I'd piped in, she had other tables to tend. We finished off, paid the bill, I made sure P left a proper tip because really it was lovely, and we went home. Nothing more was said about the amaretti until we were in the house.

"You embarrassed me," said my husband, "you shouldn't have taken their side over the amaretti biscuit."

"What, I thought that was all done and dusted, don't be silly, if anything you embarrassed yourself you didn't need me to help."

That was it. He took me by the upper arm across to the sofa and undid my belt, pulling my jeans down to my knees, they're quite tight fitting and I could hardly move without falling over, he told me he didn't like my attitude, he'd taken me for a nice surprise meal and that was how I behaved. He sat and pulled me with him so I landed across his knee, he told me I shouldn't show him up like that, I told him I hadn't fucking shown him up (I purposely used the unnecessary language), he told me I deserved a good spanking as he pulled my knickers down to join my jeans, I told him I didn't need a good spanking I just needed a husband with some commonsense and he better not dare spank me (god I wish I could have seen his face) Needless to say he did dare spank me, he spanked me very hard, long too and I loved it. I made a big false hoo-ha about it at first, exaggerating my resistance, but then when the spanking got harder and he clamped his leg over mine to subdue my wriggling, my moans and squeals turned to real and eventually I was apologising and begging him to stop which, thank goodness, he didn't do until he was good and ready.

When the spanking stopped he pushed me onto the sofa next to him, I moved to pull up my knickers and jeans but he told me leave them down, I thought he was going to spank me some more when he took hold of my shoulders but he didn't. He pulled me down so that my head was on his lap and I was sitting at a tilt on the seat next to him, his hand clamped down on my right buttock, it hurt but it was nice, and he told me to undo his fly and apologise for my behaviour. I whimpered, slut that I am, and fumbled with his zip trying not to make it too obvious that I couldn't get it open fast enough, it seemed like ages since he'd made me do that and I loved it and as I took his cock in my mouth he moved his hand between my legs and started masturbating me, I know I was soaking wet and didn't think it would take me long to come and then suddenly his cock started to spasm and I knew I'd get a lovely load any second and it tipped me over the edge and as his first spurt hit the roof of my mouth I started to orgasm. It was a perfect finish to the evening.

Thanks to a certain bistro for stopping their amarettis:)

Were back but off again later as we have a family wedding the weekend. Catch up with you all next week.

Have a fun one.



bobbsroom said...

Ahh Ronnie, I just love your spankings.

Have a great weekend


Cat said...

LOL little stinker. Happy you both got what you wanted...with the exception of the Amaretti biscuit. LOL Hope you have a lovely time at the wedding.

Hugs and Blessings...

Roz said...

Sounds like a great evening Ronnie, a lovely surprise dinner out and a perfect ending! Poor ap missing ou on his biscuit :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a lovely time at the wedding.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to end a wonderful diner. You sure know how to push his buttons to get your pretty bottom spanked and it worked. And what a wonderful way for you both to climax. I'm jealous LOL. Have a great time at the wedding Ronnie.

DelFonte said...

How awful, atrocious - no biscuits. I'm glad P took issue with this and dwelt with it appropriately ;-)
sounds like a great evening for both of you.

MrJ said...

Quite an effective action, Ronnie - of whoever.

PK said...

I feel like you probably made up for the missing biscuit and then some. What a wonderful evening! Hope you all enjoy the wedding.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, with my penchant for biscuits I am with P! Mind you I think you more than made it up to him. Hope you enjoy the wedding
love Jan,xx

Our Bottoms Burn said...

....eventually I was apologising and begging him to stop which, thank goodness, he didn't do until he was good and ready.

That is a "talent" you women have. No, no means Yes, yes.

Ami Starsong said...

I like Amaretti with any type of coffee! I so love how you describe your spankings - you minx!

Have a great weekend!


Leigh Smith said...

You two are so cute - love the post. Hope you enjoyed your quick holiday and the wedding and then off again.

abby said...

Hmm....what a perfect evening...except for no cookie. Oh wait, that made it even more perfect:)...
hugs abby

ronnie said...

BOB - So do I, most of the time:) Thank you.

Cat - How rude calling me a stinker LOL. Thanks.

Roz - I'll treat him to a packet of them at Christmas. Thanks.

Archedone - A girl has to do what a girl has to do to get spanked:) Thank you.

DF - He certainly dealt with it appropriately LOL. Thanks.

MrJ - I have my moments:) Thank you.

PK - I think I more than made up for it. Thanks.

Jan - Glad you agree. Thanks.

OBB - Yes, yes that's what we mean most of the time but not always:) Thank you.

Ami - Haven't had someone call me a minx in while:) Thanks.

SG - Cute:) Thanks.

Abby - LOL. It did. Thanks.


Florida Dom said...

It worked out great that they didn't have the biscuit.


Hermione said...

P was really very inconsiderate, made a fuss over a tiny biscuit. Aren't you glad you jumped in to save the day!

Enjoy your break!


Enzo said...

Another great spanking adventure. Thanks for sharing!

Baxter said...

what a great story. it is amazing what can end with a spanko bare assed over a kneed getting spanked.

ronnie said...

FD - It's now my favourite restaurant:) Thank you.

Hermione - Saved the day indeed:) Thanks.

Enzo - Thanks for stopping by.

Baxter - :) Thank you.