Friday, 19 September 2014

Bucket Lists

I have two bucket lists; a vanilla one which has simple things that I hope to do or see plus a few way out things which I know probably won't happen unless I win the lottery:)

The second one is my spanking bucket list.  So far three on this one...

1. Attending a spanking party though I don't think I would like to be spanked with people watching or by someone else. Can you just attend and not participate?

2. To be spanked on a beach (we haven't found a secluded/deserted one yet)

3. A bare bottom spanking in the woods. 

We have woods by us but they are very well used.  I remember one time when we were walking there, P took my hand and guided me through the bushes completely off track and over to where a large diameter tree had been cut down by Forestry and made a good seat. Now if he'd just gone ahead and put me across his knee or over the tree and spanked me it would have worked out just fine, me apprehensive about being caught yet turned on by the prospect.

But that didn't happen. P got out his Swiss army knife, must have planned this, very romantic, not, went over and cut a branch, trimmed it, came and took his place on the tree trunk and motioned me to get across his lap. I did but three strokes into my backside the branch broke, so up I was ordered while P went to cut another branch, he came over with a thicker one, supple with tiny green buds which he quickly trimmed off, this looked promising, the sting of the broken branch even through my jeans had a nice feel, we hadn't been arrested by Forest Rangers, my confidence was growing, I could imagine what the branch would feel like bare-bum 
but we were disturbed by the sound of people with dogs, obviously didn't go deep enough into the woods.

Do you have a spanking bucket list?

Have a fun weekend.



Erica said...

To answer your first question, yes, you are more than welcome to be at a spanking party, even if you don't want to play publicly. A great deal of the fun is simply socializing with other spankos.

I need to add some items to my spanko bucket list. I fulfilled a lot of them over the past 18 years!

MrJ said...

May be you best look for a wood that is not BOTH well used AND close to your home.

sixofthebest said...

Yes, Ronnie, even though I am 81 years YOUNG, I still have one wish on my SPANKING BUCKET LIST. To spank every naughty WOMEN in this great big wide world of ours. You must admit I can dream? Can't I.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Yes, you can just socialize. Many first-timers say that is what they will do. That lasts for a hour or so. Now do you wish to watch others spanked, but not reciprocate? The parties we have attended most all spankings were private affairs.

We know of just the beach AND there is an equally secluded beach behind the dunes, so it would be a two-fer. Mid October and April are idea months in this locale.

Hermione said...

I'd like to attend a spanking party too, but not sure if I would join in or not.

I love this topic. I just might borrow it for a brunch topic, if you don't mind.


Roz said...

Great topic Ronnie and I love your list! Not sure if I would want to participate at a spanking party either.


Leigh Smith said...

Just getting spanked on a regular basis is high on my bucket list.

ronnie said...

Erica - Thanks for answering. I can't image what you would have left to put on your spanko list:)

MrJ - Think we would have to go far afield - not close to home. Thank you.

SOTB - A lovely dream. Thank you.

OBB - Think I would feel a littel awkward watching others being spanked. Not sure. That beach sounds perfect for what I'd like. Thanks.

Hermione - Maybe a spanking in private. Borrow away, be intersting to read if other have a spano list and what's on them.

Roz - Be nice if ones that want to attend but don't want to participate could all go together. Thanks.

SG - :) Thinkw e all would like to be spanked more. Thanks.


Autumn said...

They say everything is better outdoors, and I have to agree wholeheartedly, being an avid outdoors woman myself. I would also love to be spanked outdoors.

It seems your spanking bucket list will probably be easier to fulfill than your regular one. Don't need much to make a spanking happen!

Ami Starsong said...

Dan once ended up chasing some man along some dunes who took some photos of me topless (near Gibraltar Point). But I had never heard of spanking in those days. I'm not sure if I'd want to get any sand in my little bits.

Being spanked in a forest might be easier where we live. But I reckon by the time Dan found his Swiss army knife and defoliated some twigs and found a suitable tree trunk for me to gingerly bend over, we would have lost the plot somewhat. Liked your picture though! But doesn't look like she is enjoying it much. Golly, it makes me hot just to think about it!

Spanking parties? Oh no. I wouldn't want anyone to see my naked bottom apart from Dan. I would need to spend a month or so at a spa having every treatment under the sun before even considering such a thing. How funny!

I do like the idea of a spanking bucket list though. Would it be like a having sex list? On every surface in every room in the house etc. Spanked on a train, spanked on a cruise liner, spanked in a taxi, spanked up the Eiffel Tower. Great food for thought.

Many hugs

ronnie said...

Autumn - Od yes my spanko list easier to fulfill than my vanilla one. Thanks.

Ami - Mmmm a sex bucket list, interesting. I've always wanted to have sex on a plane or being spanked on the Great Wall of China. Been there but didn't happen. Thanks.


Cat said...

LOL Ronnie...your description of your adventure in the forest had me laughing. I have wooded areas on my property so it you two are ever in my neighborhood, you can use my woods. ;)

Hugs and Blessings...

ronnie said...

CAT - How cool that would be. I'll remember. Thanks for your kind offer.


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, I have been swatted in a nearby wood, I quite liked the whole will be caught thing. Now we live near a lovely beach and I am sure there are times it is deserted so come visit....Do we have spanking parties in England? if so where?
love Jan,xx

Sir Wendel Jones said...

The outdoors was a great place to get spanked. It was a few miles into a hiking trail so there wasn’t much chance of someone stumbling across us. The misses and myself each took turns whipping each other with the switches we found along the trail. It was quite enjoyable although the hike back was a bit uncomfortable.
I’ve never been interested in going to a spanking party.

ronnie said...

Jan - You lucky devil. I think there must be spanking parties in the UK but not sure where. Thanks.

Sir WJ - Think we need to go hiking further afield. I'd like to experience spanking party just once. Thanks.


Terpsichore said...

getting spanked more than every few months??? :-)
woods are intriguing to me until I think of the bugs and wildlife... :-)
Hope you get to check the items off your list... Hugs

ronnie said...

Terps - Never thought of the bugs:) Thanks.


Jenn said...

I recently fulfilled one item on my spanking bucket list - a very severe spanking for a transgression from years ago. It was awful - a hard spanking of about 60 strokes of the belt - and I screamed into the bedspread for most of the spanking. I had some negative feelings later that night, which surprised me, but all in all, I'm glad I did it. Future spankings will be lighter.

What's left on my list? It would be to have a spanking relationship with a lover. I've had trouble finding a man that I liked who wants to have a domestic discipline relationship.

If I can't have that, I'd like to have someone nearby who I would trust to spank me regularly as discipline.

I'd also like to attend a Dd meetup or a spanking party.

Red said...

What a wonderful attempt at spanking outdoors, and the thoughtfulness of P to try and plan it. Do try again, somewhere else. Lots of woods in so many parts of the world. (come visit us and we will find you a quiet place)
I have not thought of a bucket list for spanking.
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Jenn - Thank you for letting us know what else is on your bucket list I hope you will be able to tick them off.

Red - I've found some woods so just need to lure P there:) Have a think about a spanko bucket list. Thanks.