Friday, 29 August 2014

Saddle fixation

Those who come here from time to time will know I have a kink mild weakness for things equestrian. Even though I'm not a rider. Or even a mucker-outer.

Anyway my husband knows it too, naturally, and has taken advantage of the fact many times over the years. He doesn't particularly share the fascination, I mean he doesn't turn his head when we pass riders on the road or on the chase (unless they're fit looking girls) and he doesn't linger at riding gear displays in stores or any of that sort of thing. But he has taken advantage the rub-on effect such stuff has on me, I won't go into all the detail as this is a short post.

So a couple of days ago he took advantage of it again and surprised even me. You see he made me come while I was across his knee getting spanked and he did it just by talking to me about saddles, 

yes I know it sounds ridiculous and I'm considering seeking medical help because my mind paths must be so muddled, trouble is I liked it. In brief I can't even remember why I was getting spanked but anyway I was, and P had told me I wouldn't be getting any pleasure from it (he sometimes says that intentionally knowing the effect will be the opposite).

When I started wriggling about and trying to position myself to feel his thighs against me or better still his knee, he stopped the spanking and took some velcro from his pocket and tied my legs together tightly just above the knees. Then resumed the spanking and struggle as I may, I couldn't get the friction I wanted. My knickers were still on at this stage, P was enjoying seeing my dilemma I'm sure. Then he started goading me telling me how much more he enjoyed spanking me when he knew I couldn't convert any of it to pleasure..STRUGGLE STRUGGLE....and that he'd spank me harder if I carried on making such a display....WIGGLE  WIGGLE   MOAN......and if I broke his velcro he'd really give it me hard...EXTRA HARD STRUGGLE... and that I really was a naughty girl I didn't deserve to get any pleasure from a spanking, just a very sore bottom, that would be my only pleasure and if I didn't stop making silly noises he'd have to gag me too......MMMM.. EYES POPPING OUT..NNGRRR...STRUGGLE.....then he hit me with it (metaphorically), the equestrian bit.

"I can just imagine your bottom now, upturned over one of those nice leather saddles you fantasise about, and me or perhaps the Master of the Hunt with a nice long whippy riding crop welting your buttocks for not doing your job properly or perhaps being cheeky to some of the clients. I bet that shiny saddle would be getting wet under you wouldn't it, you naughty girl, as you wiggled and writhed under the crop...."

"Oh P stop I'm going to... I need to...."

STRUGGLE...STRAIN....BUCK...URRGGGGHH..."I'm  going to come if you keep saying things..!"

"I won't have you coming over my lap while I'm spanking you, you naughty girl, I'm taking your knickers down..." 

And he did. And I came before I'd received even one spank on the bare, it was strong too. 

God help me if I ever actually get a saddle.

Have a fun weekend.


Picture from Sunnygirl.


Cat said...

WOW Ronnie! You really do have a thing for saddles don't ya. You should find an antique saddle and find a way to mount it at the correct height. You could then display it as an objet d'art...just make sure to clean it well after use. :D Have a great weekend.

Hugs and Blessings...

Michael M said...

Whoa there girl. Hot stuff.

an English Rose said...

Oh Ronnie, you do make me laugh, it's about time P. bought you a saddle, put it on your christmas list
love Jan,xx

DelFonte said...

Tally ho ☺

Ami Starsong said...

Ronnie, you are a one!

I can just tell you, from years of experience, that riding a horse bareback is the MOST interesting of all experiences! Talk about the big O! LOL!


PK Corey said...

I have no idea why P hasn't packed up and moved you two to a nice stable! That man does know you well.

Roz said...

Wow Ronnie, P does know you so well! Can only imagine if you actually had a saddle! LoL


Anonymous said...


Thank you for a terrific account of a fun spanking.

Your fascination with spanking and saddles is shared by many. I have been spanked many times over a saddle. It is very comfortable and puts you in a good spanking position to be cropped. Yes. I love the sting of a good crop, not a toy one, a real one.

I hope your fantasy is realized someday.


Florida Dom said...

the perfect Christmas present for the woman who has everything -- a saddle.


abby said...

WOW....He knows you well, and comes prepared with velco. It that does not convince him to get you a saddle nothing will.
hugs abby

Terpsichore said...

so fun! yes, I think a saddle must be added to the Christmas wish list... :-) Hugs

Hermione said...

Oh my, P really must buy you a saddle. Or at least a girth, and threaten you with it.


sixofthebest said...

Ronnie, you must admit that your husband's conversation while spanking your bare bottom, made a lot of 'horse sense, while he was talking about saddles, and riding gear.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I would like to ask P how often he has velcro in his pockets.

Saddle, English, of course, is in the mail.

We were on a trail the other day, when three women on chestnut mares came on us. The lead one exclaimed what a beautiful morning it was for this. They paused just ahead of us on a side trail and my mind wondered how they would look bent over in the jodhpurs.

Jackie Berlant said...

My fantasy is motorcycles. Not that I've ever been on one except in the old Hellfire club and it didn't move. Terrified of horses but definitely get the saddle concept. Sounds like a very fun time.

Minelle Labraun said...

So if your brain is muddled... I'm thinking the results are the only thing that matters!!
My guy will come home today and you have me thinking!! Lol

Leigh Smith said...

Sounds wonderful, I'm really jealous.

ronnie said...

Cat I just wouldn't know how to explain a saddle sat in my living or bedroom. Have a good one yourself. Thanks.

Michael - :) Thanks.

Jan - I think I'd have to buy it mysself. Thanks.

DF - :) Did you know Tally Ho was first heard in the States. Thanks.

Ami - Wished I'd know you earlier when you had your saddles as I could have borrowed one:) Thanks.

PK - Neither do I:) Thanks.

Roz - I wonder if would lose its attraction once used - doubt it. Thanks.

Joey - I remember you wrote about a scene in a stable, loved it. Thank you.

FD - Love it. Will add it to my Christmas list and put exactly that. Thank you.

Abby - Maybe if we lived din the country I could persuade him. Thanks.

Terps - I can add it but I don't think FC wil bring me one. Thanks.

Hermione - Or tie me up with it:) Thanks.

SOTB - Just does things to me. Thank you.

OBB - Funny how our minds think:) Thank you.

Jackie - I can get the motorcycle fantasy. If you ever get the opportunity to have a ride, do it, so exhilirating. Thanks.

Minelle - You have to tell us what you are thinking, go on. Thanks.

SG - Its me who is jealous - you've experienced it. Thanks.


MrJ said...

Something tells me you will have a saddle pretty soon.

Autumn said...

Oh my. I think I may have a place in my erotic repertoire for saddles now, too.

1ManView said...

lol... And I thought you were the nattiest one in your house...

Have a delightful weekend

ronnie said...

MrJ - Only if I buy it myself. Thank you.

Autumn - :):) Thanks.

1MW - I am:) Thanks.


Anonymous said...

My goodness Ronnie you know how to receive and tell us about an erotic spanking. stuff!


ronnie said...

Jake - Hello. Thank you:)