Wednesday, 13 August 2014

1,000 Spanks

This is my 1,000 post.

A big thank to all who stop by and for your support - without you I wouldn't still be here.

This was my first post after Bonnie linked me.

Spanked with Roses...

Yes, your truly, it is me, and one of the very rare occasions I'm likely to share a shot of my derriere with the world (I have shown it a few times since:)) but it was a memorable and totally unexpected event. My birthday actually (yes I know another birthday spanking story but I got caught short after Bonnie linked me, wont be all about birthday spankings but this one is nice) and I got roses, two bunches in fact, one of which went into a vase and the other was used for my birthday spanking.

Now let me explain. This was out of the blue to me but P had obviously thought it out, the roses were the ones without thorns so no worries there and the stems were long and supple. Stripped of a few leaves (to cut wind resistance P said) and held by the petals end they made a birch-like spanking implement, still wet from their wrapping, formidable I can assure you with hindsight; though being roses and my favourite flower, they did not appear so at the time, prior to use and I had a whole new regard for roses after.

In fairness P gave me the choice - hand on bare bum OTK or Roses on bare bum OT leather sofa arm. I love OTK but couldn't resist the roses. A minute later I was wishing I hadn't, an hour later I was glad I had. No idea how many strokes I got but those stems hurt they really did, and then P stopped and turned them round and started spanking with the petals end, which was bushier but with lots of tiny little stems which stung. Now, having no history of roses spankings to compare with I'd had no idea how effective they would be, or that some of the stems would break, or that my bum would be stinging so wickedly evenly all over, or that I would end up covered in rose petals, which P said looked lovely and snapped on his phone to show me later, hence the photo.

So what about the birthday sex that followed? Well it didn't. What followed was me clearing up loads of petals from the sofa especially down the back of the cushions, and both of us going back to the office to finish some work which had to be out by the end of the afternoon. And an hour or so later, sitting on my swivel chair with a bum still radiating heat, I thought how nice it felt and wondered if it would last till we went out to eat later. I hoped so. If not, well there was always that second bunch in the vase.BTW - his photo doesn't tell the truth, my bum was MUCH redder than that, I think the light affected it.



First picture from Au Fil des Jours


Autumn said...

I remember this post, it's hard to forget a spanking with roses. ;) Congrats on the 1,000th post! I love reading your blog and look forward to more in the future.


1ManView said...

Congratulations Ronnie, I thought I was doing OK when I saw I was about to hit the 500 mark. You have one year of blogging on me, but 500 more post. That's saying a lot. Keep them coming, and it would be nice to see some erotica from you. (when you have the time) I do enjoy yours very much... :)


Michael M said...

Good job and well done for posting from the heart for so long.
Nice bottom by the way and well suited to receiving those 1000 spanks. Look forward to seeing the results.

Erica said...

Wow, what a milestone! Congratulations, Ronnie. :-)

Roz said...

Wow Ronnie, congratulations on 1000 posts! That is a wonderful milestone. I love reading here and look forward to many more posts.


Anonymous said...

What an accomplishment! I have always enjoyed reading here a look forward to reading many more!

Anonymous said...

Ronnie, you have a great blog and I read you daily. I admire what you and P have, much like my life style except she does the spanking. Congrats on 1,0000 now lets get to 2,000.
P.S. Love the rose spanking.

an English Rose said...

Congratulation s Ronnie, that is a lot of posts! lovely roses too
love Jan,xx

PK said...

Oh to have such a beautiful butt! Congratulation on your 1000 post. I'm looking forward to the next 1000!

abby said...

Congrats on 1,000!! What a unique spanking
hugs abby

ronnie said...

Autumn - Thank you. Haven't had another rose spanking but then it just wouldn't be the same as the first one.

1ManView - To be honest I thought I'd written more:) Nothing erotic to write about at the mo. Thank you.

Michael - Thank you for the compliment.

Erica - Thank you so much. Thanks.

Roz - Make me happy that I am included in your reading list. Thanks.

Amyee - Thank you for stopping by.

Archedone - Lovely of you. Took me all of 5 years to get to 1,00 post. Thanks.

Jan - And a ot of petals to clear up:) Thank you.

PK - No so now, that was taken a fe2w years back remember. Thanks.

Abby - Was definitely different. Thanks.


Jay said...

Congratulations, Ronnie! I never would have thought roses could be used as an implement. :-)

Hermione said...

Bravo, Ronnie! Keep them coming!


Wilma Rubble said...

WOW 1000 posts I can't even fathom it! Your rose spanking sounds very unique and interesting. And posting your bum, how brave- although 'tis a lovely looking one!

Congrats on your milestone and I hope for many, many more.

Leigh Smith said...

Congratulations Ronnie on your 1000th post. Quite an achievement.

BTW, nice butt - makes me jealous :-)

Meredith Malloy said...

One thousand posts is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations.

Minelle Labraun said...

Congratulations!! I'm glad you've been around for that many posts and hope just as many more....and more!
I agree with everyone nice butt! Lol
I am not so brave, I'll stick to drawing!

sixofthebest said...

Congratulations Ronnie on your 1000 thousand posts. And may your bare bottom receive that many more spanks, were petals now fall.

George K said...

Ronnie, congratulations on 1000 posts, that is awesome! Rose ingenious!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

A 1,000 posts is no big deal. 1,000 quality posts is a really big deal. Thank you for sharing with us. It's what you write and how you write it, that keeps us coming back for more. Cheers, B&B

ronnie said...

Jay - The petals were nice but not the stems:) Thank you.

Willie - Hello. I've posted my bum a few times since:) Thank you for your kind words.

SG - That picture was a few years ago. Thank you.

Meredith - Not as many as some of our bloggers. Thank you.

Minelle - Your drawings are lovely. Do more please. Thanks.

SOTB - Thanks so much.

George - Hi. A very different spanking. Thank you.

OBB - Thank you both. I do try to please.


DelFonte said...

Congratulations! hope there are many more to come.
hugs DF

*Bonnie* said...

Wow! 1,000 posts congrats Ronnie. I don't comment often but I always read here. I love your blog and I hope we get 1,000 more.


ps. What a lovely, spankable bottom you have. ;-)

Katie said...

Many Many Congrats on your 1000th post, Ronnie!! How wonderful!!!

I had never read your one about the first spanking. Thank you for sharing that and the pic. How very creative and pretty. And those roses must have smelled lovely too!

I always enjoy reading here! Thanks so much and I hope that we get 1000 more too! :) Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Autumn said...

I think you SHOULD do it again, a commemorative event in honor of your blog! I'm sure that P can find a way to keep it special, but also different than the first... ;)


ronnie said...

DF - Hello and thank you. I hope to be around for a few years.

Bonnie - Always lovely to see you. I'm happy that P thinks its spankable:) Thank you.

Katie - It was an unusual implement to use for a spanking. Thanks for stopping by.

Autumn - Maybe he will for my next blogiversary. Thanks.


Cat said...

Congratulations on 1,000 posts Ronnie! Looking forward to the next 1,000! I always seem to read 'firsts' here...this is the first time I've ever even heard about someone getting spanked with any type of flower. LOL

Hugs and Blessings...

ronnie said...

Cat - I thought that the other day. Not sure what time it is on your side. Well it took me 5 years + to get to this number so we'll see but I hope so. Thank you.


bobbsroom said...

Well done Ronnie

1000 Post and all very enjoyable. At the rate i have been posting i will be 226 when i reach my 1000th

Have a good weekend


ronnie said...

Bob - LOL. I really thought I'd written more. Great to see you. Thanks for stopping by.


MrJ said...

Many congrats, Rose! And thanks for a unique contribution to the community!

MrJ said...

Rose?!? Did not have that much wine for dinner, Ronnie - sorry

Enzo said...

WOW! Impressive accomplishment!

Your blog is one of the very first I discovered and one that I still return to every week.

Thanks for your efforts!

ronnie said...

MrJ - A easy mistake with the title spanked with roses. I forgive you:) Thanks

Enzo - Thank you. I appreciate you stopping by. Have you read every pot:)


Red said...

Congratulations Ronnie, on 1000 posts of true enjoyment for your readers. Apologies for missing this post, as we were away and I dare not touch the spanking internet with friends about. What a lovely birthday spanking, but sad about no birthday love-making.
Looking forward to the next 1000.
bottoms up