Monday, 16 June 2014

It was about time

But I still didn't like it. Not at the time and not for some while afterwards I can tell you.

You see I got spanked very hard, now that's not so terribly unusual for me depending on the occasion, but usually there's background of sassiness, intentional disobedience, wilfulness, provocation or just plain simple fun. I sometimes wonder when I/we are going to run out of spanking ammunition after so many years but I'm pleased to say the enthusiasm isn't showing any serious sign of waning yet although there might be longer droughts than there used to be. Anyway this spanking was, what should I call it, 'real'. That sounds silly but it's not and I shall explain.

My husband (and me naturally) has discovered that if you take the sex element out of spanking completely, the effect of the spanking, regardless of intensity, is entirely different, obviously affected by state of mind. So a punishment spanking, which I don't get often enough, hurts of course and there's no sex attached or at least not with the ones I've had, not if they've been really punishment, but there is nevertheless and underlying frisson and it helps me take the spanking, it's sexy (to me) to be punished. Right so I'm kinky and that's ok. But........if you extract that kink, erase it, neutralise it (temporarily of course) then I'm like a vanilla girl just getting a good spanking with no subliminal feelings to help me out. So how to erase those feelings?

P knows and he's done it before but as part of play. I've posted about it a few times but this was different. Masturbation is the answer. Simple. Masturbate, orgasm, empty feelings, spank. Ouch. 

We'd had words the night before, silly reason a disagreement over a movie, I dug my heels in, he did the same, voices raised, son was at home and came downstairs and it trailed off. But clearly it wasn't forgotten, at least not by P although nothing more was said. Next morning in bed, I woke with P's hand between my legs, I'm not a great morning person but this type of wake-up is acceptable, I started to turn towards him but he stopped me, told me he was going to make me come, he said he was going to make me come a lot, in my knickers right there in the bed. I felt myself moisten. He said after I'd orgasmed, and after he'd made sure there were no more waiting in the wings, he wanted to have a word with me. His fingers must have been wet now as my knickers definitely were, he insisted I kept them on by the way, he wouldn't say what the word was about and I was reaching the point of not caring. He told me he could feel my little nub getting hard and he liked it, he said he liked making it sore, he said he liked parting my lips, especially when his tongue was down there, he asked me if I'd like his tongue down there right now, he said he bet I would, I didn't need to answer or say anything he just carried on and I just moaned and eventually I felt it coming, no little surges just one big overpowering orgasm which made me thrust myself against him and cling to him so hard I'm sure I must have left marks where my fingers and nails dug in. I lay there panting, getting my breath back, basking in the afterglow, relishing my man. 

After a few minutes he prised himself away from me and slithered under the duvet, his tongue found the wetness between my legs and started to lick. I let him because it felt nice but I didn't have anything left and told him so, he'd taken all I'd got. "Good," he said, "because now I'm going to spank you."

He sat up with his back against the headboard and pulled me across his knees. He told me it was for being so contrary last night, so adamant that I was right, defiant in the face of the obvious fact that he'd been right, making him raise his voice etc etc, he goes on a bit. He said because he'd 'drained' me I'd be getting a real spanking, it was about time I felt one, a spanking like naughty girls got when they didn't have any kinky little thoughts tucked away deep inside to help them out. He said I was just going to get my bottom spanked good and hard and that I wouldn't like it but would do me good and restore a bit of respect blah blah blah. And then he started, his hand at first over my knickers then he dragged my knickers down and reached a paddle from under his pillow (so he'd obviously planned this) and told me this was going to hurt very much and make my botttom sore and swollen for the rest of the day. And he was right and I didn't want it and I kept thinking as he was doing it, 'I'm a naughty girl.... getting my bottom spanked hard by my man... and it won't stop.... until I'm in tears..' and such like things, hoping to elicit sexy little kinky thoughts from deep down to come and rescue me. But they didn't, I couldn't find any, I just got well and truly spanked and when he'd finished me I didn't even want to give him a blow job, just get off his lap and into another room where he couldn't see the tears welling up in my eyes. 

I didn't see my husband for a couple of hours after that, not until I arrived at the office. He was cheery enough, I was polite. I told him he'd bruised my bottom. He said good. He said that was the way he was going to spank me when I was out of line from now on, I didn't think he could possibly mean it because he often says things and doesn't follow them through but I thought about it on and off for the rest of the day.

Maybe it was about time I got to feel how it must be for a vanilla to get spanked. I'm hoping he doesn't do it again because I'd like to keep it in my mind exactly as it was. And I think if he repeated it I think my corrupt mind would probably try to find ways to convert it into something sexy, even desirable, and knowing me it would probably work.


I deleted my post by mistake but luckily I kept a copy. Sorry to anyone who left a comment. they were deleted as well.


Kenzie said...

All I can say is .. WOW!

Sounds like a very effective way to make sure it's a real punishment spanking. Part of me wants Colin to try that sometime, and part of me never ever ever does, lol.

Good for you for being able to take it. :)

Red said...

Ronnie: An interesting progression in your relationship, spanking as punishment, not as foreplay. Any possible relationship to your "evil" method of P climaxing recently? I wonder if P has done a little research into making a spanking effective as punishment, but admittedly, this is a easy one to figure out. We have used spankings without sex, but never an orgasm first and then a spanking, which would be true punishment.
I think you would take some of the sting out of the spanking if you thanked P for the spanking verbally and orally with your lips, afterwards. The going off almost seems like sulking! (Who was correct in the argument anyways?
bottoms up

abby said...

WOW..your man know you well. Orgasm before spanking would take all of the 'sexy feelings' away.....and a hard paddling at that. We have punishment spankings, altho they have become very rare...during punishment spankings no O's allowed.
hugs abby

abby said...

WOW..your man know you well. Orgasm before spanking would take all of the 'sexy feelings' away.....and a hard paddling at that. We have punishment spankings, altho they have become very rare...during punishment spankings no O's allowed.
hugs abby

Eva said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing this. Love this post!


Blondie said...

Welcome to my world. Punishment spankings, when you are a spanko, are really tough to differentiate. Having the fun stuff first is one way to make a punishment a punishment but if every time I get a punishment spanking, I got to have an orgasm first, I think I would risk it. For me it is the mind set. But even the punishment spankings end with me being wet, I really don't understand that at all. Unfortunately, a punishment means that nothing is going to be done about my very wet lips. Hope this doesn't happen again for you for a very long time

Anonymous said...

Spanking are suppose to hurt, but to "run and hide" not in this household. We have play spankings for sexual pleasure, but when my girlfriend acts childish or does something foolish, a punishment spanking happens. She can pout and everything she wants, but facing the wall follows, time determine by how she acts. Her last punishment spanking was one she will remember and her best friend. They had a girl night out, came home late, drunk and loud. That next afternoon after they got up, my girlfriend knew what was to come. Her friend watched in shock, once I was done with her, her bottom a very nice shade of red, I surprised her friend, she too was properly spanked, bare bottom like my girlfriend. She tried to run to the bathroom afterwards only to find a few more sound spanks and facing the wall was next. The sight was great, but they learned there lesson.

Cat said...

Oh goodness Ronnie...hope you behave so you don't get any more true punishment spankings...ouch!

Hugs and Blessings...

Michael M said...

Tough love I guess.Still it sounds as though it was merited. Once you start with domestic spanking you never know where it might end up. Hope the next spanking is a fun one. What happened in those Directoire knickers?

grace said...

Wow! This is so fascinating! Amazing how different spankings can be and how we feel about them.


ronnie said...

PK - I think he may do it but don't think it would be quite the same. Thanks.

Eva - Thanks. Good to see you.

Hermione - Let us know if you do. Thanks.

Roz - Exactly, not at the time. No way. Thank you.

OBB - LOL. no, not me at all. Thank you.

SG - Never say never, could happen. Thank you.

Minelle Yes, different, hurts more and definitely more real. Thanks.

Wilma - It is different and you have to try it to know how different. Thanks.

Sorry your comments were deleted when I deleted the post by mistake.

Kenzie - It's totally different. Thank you.

Red - He didn't say it was anything to do with me being "evil" I was right, of course:) Thanks.

Abby - He know's me too well. I've been punished before of course with no sex afterwards but having the O and then spanked is totally a different feeling.

Eva - Thank you.

Blondie - Same. I find punishments spankings sexy even though I know I'm not going to get anything after. It's that underlying frisson there. Thanks.

Anonymous - Hello. If I had come home home late, drunk and loud, I certainly would have being spanked next morning. What on earth did your girlfriend's friend say after? I take is she had never been spanked before. Thank you.

Cat - Punishment I might but hopefully not before an O. Thanks.

Michael - No actual DD for us. In a round about way I mentioned directoire knickers and I didn't get a favourable answer so I wont be bringing them out jut yet:) Thanks.

Grace - Hi. A spanking after an O is very different. Thanks.


MrJ said...

Insightful and interesting post!
I think it is indeed context and tone that do the thing. As well as, in our case, me using instruments reserved for (and experienced as) punishment only.

ronnie said...

MrJ - And the frame of mind. Thanks.


Jackie Berlant said...

Hmmm may not have been exciting for you but I enjoyed reading it.

I can get get whipped hard. I cry. I don't feel turned on but a finger in my private and I'm so wet I could wring myself out. I am just hard wired that way.