Monday, 21 April 2014

Directoire Knickers

I bet you remember this picture of directoire knickers.

Well my pair arrived last week. Don't think they look as nice as the ones in the picture

but they will be perfect for what I have in mind

and no Red, no before picture but there may be an after one if P likes them. If he doesn't, I'll get spanked anyway for buying them.

Have a good week.


Let me know if last picture is yours.


Cat said...

Yours are pretty Ronnie and I'll bet they're like so many clothes that you see in the store...prettier on. Hope P likes them. ;)


Michael M said...

Hope you do something wicked to merit a long session.
Directoire kinicker photos were a favourite of the A5 size Janus magazine in the late 60's and 70's and contributed a lot to my teenage hobby.

Roz said...

They are very pretty Ronnie, hope P likes them ... or not? LoL


mrandmrsb said...

Where did you get them from?

Hermione said...

Ronnie, they're beautiful! I expect P will think so too.


MrJ said...

for what WHO has in mind?!? *shoc ked*

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Nice to know you can count on a spanking no matter what. P is in for a treat.

Red said...

ronnie: Disappointment!!! However, hope you have great fun being spanked while wearing them, and post a photo of how you and they look after the spanking. Asking P for a photo might just get you back being spanked as he might think your cheeks are not rosy enough for a picture... win win
Then again, you should ask for a before picture, and that will make certain of a really good, good spanking.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...


Very pretty knickers. I am sure P will love them on you. Hopefully, you have earned some cane strokes.


PK said...

I think these will look fantastic on! And yes, even I would like a picture. I hope P love them and I hope you get spanked for buying them too!

Fondles said...


They look lovely. I hope you have fun with them. In them. Well, sticking out from them. LOL

Terpsichore said...

I hope you and P both enjoy them :-) Hugs

Florida Dom said...

Tell us what it was like to be spanked in them. And I think they are very pretty.


an English Rose said...

Oh Ronnie, they are so pretty, I hope you have fun in them (and P. too)
love Jan.xx

Enzo said...

I think they look quite cute.

If you make your picture black/white or sepia I am sure they will look just as nice as the ones in the picture. ;)

Kidding aside, I am sure once you put them on they will look lovely!

A detail question; is there a button on the bottom to join the legs? or is the only source point of securing the drawstring at the waist?

Enzo said...
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Enzo said...
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ronnie said...

Cat - They feel quite funny to wear:) Thank you.

Michael - Yes I remember seeing some picture from Janus. Thanks.

Roz - I don't think I'll be too disappointed if he doesn't like them:) Thanks.

MrandMrs - From eBay. Someone makes them to whatever size you want. Thank you.

Hermione - Have to time it right to wear them. Thanks.

MrJ - A little old fashioned discipline:) Thanks.

SG - Yep, he'll eitherlove or hate them but I'll get spanked either way. Thanks.

Red - He'll only take a picture after and that's if he likes them. Thanks.

Joey - Or hate them:) Thank you.

PK - Have tried them on. Now just have to find the right time to wear them. Thanks.

Fondles - Sticking out them from them LOL. Thanks.

Terps - Will be intersting:) Thank you.

FD - May not get spanked in them if P doesn't like them. Thanks.

Jan - They feel quite strange on. Thank you.

Enzo - Good idea. My favourite photos are black and white. Just a drawstring. Thank you.


1manview said...

There you go, now you have me looking again... :)

I'm already laughing about how you will show P them...


Ami Starsong said...

They are wonderful, Ronnie. Where on earth did you find them? How did they come to get that name? Will look forward to a picture....


DelFonte said...

I love them. I've just written a spanking scene with just such a pair. Very nice :)

ronnie said...

1MV - I have to find just the right time/moment or they wont work:) Thank you.

Ami - I got them from eBay. Someone makes them to your size. Not sure where they got the name from. Some call them just bloomers. Thanks.

DelFonte - I'll have to pop over for a read:) Thanks.


Kenzie said...

I think they look very similar to the picture! :) I'll be anxious to hear how you both liked them...and how the spanking went of course! ;)

Minelle Labraun said...

Gosh I love that time period!
Beautiful pair of knickers!
Have fun!