Friday, 4 April 2014

Directoire Knickers

Still haven't found a pair yet...

but I'm working on it.

Have a fun weekend.



Autumn said...

Ooh, I want a pair too!

Cat said...

Goodness Ronnie...definitely looks like she's waiting for her spanking! ;) Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

Hugs and Blessings...

1manview said...

Yes-Yes_Yes! ... :)


Anonymous said...

Maybe you'll get lucky this weekend and find them. Have a great weekend.

an English Rose said...

oh bless you, perhaps this is a niche in the market that a seamstress amongst us could capitalise on. Not me , can't sew for toffee
love Jan.xx

Roz said...

Oh yes Ronnie. Agree with Jan, though it wouldn't be me either! Have a wonderful weekend.


mrandmrsb said...

Seem some advertised on EBay and Amazon. Whether they open at the appropriate place we've not investigated yet.
Good luck x

PK said...

If anyone out here knows how to sew - not me - I believe they could make some folding money from us spankos - these are lovely and I know several people who would buy a pair.

abby said...

Well, my first thought was should not be too hard for someone who knows how to sew...sadly that is not me. But sure sounds like there are ready buyers...including me.
hugs abby

Wilma Rubble said...

Hold that thought Ronnie...I think we MAY be able to help you out there. If you don't mind international shipping. No guarantee of course. I'll email you if it works out

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Gives a whole new meaning to "Present Yourself"

ronnie said...

Autumn - I'll pass on the link if I find any. Thanks.

Cat - That will be me once I get a pair:) Thanks, have a good one yourself.

1ManView - LOL. I'll let you know when I got some. Thank you.

Archedone - None in the shops, will have to be on line. Have a good weekend yourself. Thanks.

Jan - I think someone could make some pocket money with these. I can't sew to save my life. Thanks.

Roz - Can't sew either. Enjoy your weekend. Thanks.

Mr&MrsB - I've checked Ebay out some, poor quality and don't open in the right region:) Thanks.

PK - From Willies comment, we may have some news.. Thanks.

Abby - Let you know if all goes well with them. Thank you.

Willie - I'm holding the page and hoping for an email. Thank you.

SG - LOL. Thanks.


Ami Starsong said...

All I can tell you, Ronnie, is that they use these for endoscopies! But they are made out of paper and not nearly so pretty!


Red said...

Ronnie: when you find them, we would love a photo of you displaying them exactly as in the picture... what a delightful thought, maybe even a before the spanking, and then with your red bottom.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

As usual, my tastes run contrary to popular taste. I would cover my eyes and run away if I saw anyone in them.

Minelle Labraun said...

Omg I am laughing at Ami!!!!
I love the pic and would love some bloomers!

ronnie said...

Ami- LOL. I never knew that. Thanks.

Red - Don't know about a before and after but maybe. Thanks.

OBB - Everyone different. I hate thongs. Thanks.

Minelle - She's right:) Let you know if I find any. Thanks.


Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

I think you might be able to find a pair of long-legged knickers, then just open up the seam.

I suspect eBay might be a good place to look.


Baxter said...

that picture is very erotic. one of submission to a pending spanking. Nothing like a bare bottom in that position.

Pecan nutjob said...

We've for long had fantasies about historical scenes, but so far have not had much occasion (we're no historians so we'd be probably be quite off from reality, the costumes are hard to find, and the props even more).

Possible costumes would include skirt/dress with underskirt but no closed undergarments (as far as I know, there were times in which women did not wear anything down there, unless on their period), or bloomers or "directoire knickers". Implements could include a birch... or a clyster syringe and a porcelain chamber pot.

Dee said...

I love bloomers and I actually have a pair that I got from Etsy. Although I'm sure I've come across them online that are similar in the UK.

Dee x

ronnie said...

Hermione - I have seen some on eBay but not with the opening in the right region:) Thanks.

Baxter - That will be me once I get a pair:) Thanks.

Pecan - Hello. I've seen some Victorian costumes on Ebay and directoire but not the kind I'm looking for. Thank you.

Dee - The one I've see from UK are either far too expensive or poor quality. Thanks.