Wednesday, 15 January 2014

If I have to come after you...

.....I'll spank you publicly in the car park.

Strong words, eh? I was shopping, well hardly 'shopping' as I know it, just picking some steaks and seafood from Waitrose counter and P was doing the picking not me. In fact I prefer to stand away from him when he's doing that because he actually asks to see both sides of a piece of meat before he lets them cut it and he makes them rattle live shellfish around so that he can see the shells close. I prefer to be not 'with' him.

Anyway he got what he wanted, joined me, paid at the checkout and we were about to leave the store when he noticed another shopper with some sirloin steaks in her basket, with marked down prices (Waitrose do that and often by hand so it stands out) and he asked her where she'd got them from (she did look at him strangely) I thought bloody hell here we go. Apparently there were several with short sell dates marked down in their offers section, so P said 'come on we'll go see if they've got some left'

I was mortified, we'd already paid, I was embarrassed because I thought I knew the woman's face but couldn't place from where and I just wanted to get out. I said we couldn't swap them it wouldn't be right, P said we bloody well could, I started walking through the doors and in an instant P was at my side and he said (not exactly in a whisper either) that if I didn't come back with him right that minute he'd follow me into the car park and give me a public spanking. 

God I felt my face go red and hot and I almost went light headed, it was too ridiculous yet he sounded serious. 

My lips said 'don't be so ridiculous' but my heart thumped 'do it then if you dare' but I turned and went back with him, forcing a smile so that everyone would know there was nothing wrong. As if they gave a monkeys anyway, it just felt as if they were all looking at us. Mind you I bet a crowd would soon have developed if he really had carried out his threat:)

Anyway I was pleased to say they didn't have any of the cut price steaks left when we got to their bargain shelf and my husband agreed not to go and ask the butchery dept if the they had any more short dates to bring out as I pointed out the time and he had things to do.

Phew! Perhaps if we'd been in strange town...



bobbsroom said...

I have always wanted to try that but you have to be quite a hard nosed person to carry it out. Then some do gooder is bound to set in and perform a citizens arrest for assault so they would have to have some as well. Ummm, Could get very messy :):)

Enjoy the rest of the week


1manview said...

I'm curious, did you ever ask him if he was serious?
Darn, all so close. hehehehe ....

peace and love

Michael M said...

A close call. Maybe Waitrose should have a time-out room in addition to free coffee.

Anonymous said...

I've never been spanked in "public" and the thought of it is very embarrassing. However we love walking in the woods, usually state parks. On more than one occasion I've found that R had a hair brush or paddle in her back pack and told me to drop them and bend over. At times like that I'm thinking what if someone comes along. I voiced that to R a few times and she just says then they will get a good view of you being spanked and keeps right on spanking me.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

We shall have to get Bacall to relate her restaurant parking lot spanking sometime.

PK said...

Oh boy, I almost got up and went back in with him. Love the idea of a public spanking - but like you, probably not in real life and in my home town. You do need to ask him if he was serious, I'd like to know his answer.

Ami Starsong said...

Oh Ronnie, this brought to mind my near miss last spring in London when Dan threatened to take me into the nearest public toilets and spank the heck out of me. I don't think I shall ever forget it. It's that feeling that you don't think they would really do it, but you aren't willing to push them over the brink just in case they do. Did you get spanked when you got home, I wonder? I know I did, with a vengeance!


Hermione said...

Ronnie, I assumed that he didn't really mean it, or wouldn't really have gone through with it. But maybe next time you might take it one step further and see...?


abby said...

Hmmm...that would he??? moment is quite exciting. Maybe you should take him to buy groceries in a town where you do not know anyone??
hugs abby

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, oh my goodness, I would have been embarrassed too! Hmm, to take the chance or not. Will he won't he?

I too would love to know if he was serious.


sixofthebest said...

I sure would have liked to see your husband spank your voluptuous bare bottom, in a public place. Especially if he pulled your knickers down. Wow? Well maybe he just postponed it for another time.

sixofthebest said...

I sure would have liked to see your husband spank your voluptuous naked rear end, in a public place. Especially with your knickers down. I am sure you would have been blushing with embarrassment from your face, plus your bare bottom. Wow!.

Terpsichore said...

the fantasy of that could have gotten me going but the thank-you...I will stick to the spankings in the privacy of our own home... :-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

Whew! My heart was racing for you! Glad he didn't spank you there.

an English Rose said...

Oh Ronnie, aren't men embarrassing? Mine made a scene in a diy store today. I wanted to spank him! You had a lucky escape
love Jan.xx

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Oh my. Why are men not embarrased by these things? Anyone, it would be exciting but I'm with you, in a place where no one knew me.

MrJ said...

I trust there will b an opportunity for shopping in another time really soon. ;-)

ronnie said...

BOB - Yes, best not to go there. Thanks.

1MV - No, I doubt he was. Maybe if we had been in another town. Thank you.

Michael - LOL. A Waitrose shopper, perhaps? Thanks.

Archedone - The thought of a public spanking excites me but in reality, no thanks. Lucky you. I would like to have a real outdoor spanking. Next time we go for a walk in the woods I'll have to pack something:) Thank you,.

OBB - Yes, definitely ask Bacall to share that spanking with us please. Thanks.

PK - He'll say of course I meant it but he wouldn't have spanked me in public, well I don't think so. Maybe I will ask him:) Thanks.

Ami - The public toilets:) Didn't get one straight away but later I did. Thank you.

Hermione - He meant it but no, wouldn't have gone through with it, not in Waitrose cark. Thanks.

Abby - If there was a wood near by:) Thank you.

Roz - I'll have to ask him. Thanks.

SOTB - Postponed for ever, well a public spanking:) Thanks.

Terps - Deep down I wished he had but in reality, no. Thanks.

QS - So was I, in a way. Thank you.

Jan - P certainly is. I think I did. Thanks.

SG - I've no idea why. Exciting to think it could have happend but really glad it didn't:) Thanks.

MrJ - We have planned to go away for a few days so you never know:) Thanks.



Janey said...

Oh my goodness. Yes a huge fantasy but to be avoided in real life even if it's not your home town I think!
Always a better class of shopper at Waitrose though - more tolerant maybe?

kiwigirliegirl said...

I wonder if he would have? Funny how we think they wouldn't but then we don't press it just in case

ronnie said...

Janey - I agree, avoided even in another town. Thanks.

KG - Hello. LOL. Right there. Thanks.


Michael said...

Ronnie, what an exciting, embarrassing, fearful and delightful experience all rolled into one. I wanted it to happen and I didn't want it to happen. I bet you felt the same way.

ronnie said...

Michael - But glad it didn't:) Thanks.