Monday, 8 July 2013

Spanking Positions

I think this must be one of the most painful spanking positions. No wriggle room or foot kicking.   

What's the most unusual position you've been spanked in? 

I hope everyone has a good week.

Our thoughts are with Lisa and family.



Let me know if pictures are yours.


sunnygirl said...

All of them look terrible uncomfortable. Worse than the spanking, I think.

cutiebootie said...

I have always wanted to be spanked over my guy's shoulder. I am tall, and both my guy and I do not have sturdy backs. So, we have to stick to more back-friendly spanking positions. =)

Anonymous said...

I don't think any positions I've been spanked in are unusual. For me the most painful would be on knees and elbows bottom arched high. Again no way to kick or really wiggle. Also the bottom is tight so more sting is felt. I do love the pictures though.
thanks Ronnie.

DelFonte said...

We're terribly conventional :) I think the first picture looks more like a workout than a spanking position. I wonder how tempted she is to give his bottom a smack in return ;-)

Roz said...

Oh my Ronnie, very interesting positions. As Sunny said, all look terribly uncomfortable. Well, I guess a spanking isn't meant to be comfortable LoL

LoL at DF's comment .. I think I would be tempted. Tempted maybe, but not stupid LoL

I'm with archedone, elbows and knees would be the most painful position for me too.


kiwigirliegirl said...

Whose and knew IS very painful. Its one of sirs favourite positions. I'm lucky he is not THAT strict wirh me in that regard as I find it hard to hold that position. Great pics ronnie the last one just looks painful as it is with no spanking.

kiwigirliegirl said...

I hate my phone. I meant elbows and knees!! That will teach me for breaking the no phone at bedtime rule huh. But ssssh I won't tell if you don't.

Hermione said...

I would hate any of those positions. Very hard on other parts of the body besides the bottom!


Anonymous said...

I was spanked while kneeling on a metal folding chair once. I was very uncomfortable.

I really like the OTK position.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

We choose our positions I choose elbows and knees on a couch just the other day. I like the feeling of surrender it gives me.

an English Rose said...

omg all of these look awful, I'll stick to otb thanks very much
love Jan.xx

ronnie said...

SG - I agree with you. Thanks.

Cutiebootie - Think that position would be a hard one. I wonder if its a scene from a film. Thanks.

Archedone - I haven't been spanked in any unusual positions either. Don't mind knees and elbows if I'm on the bed but not on the floor.

DelFonte - LOL. I know I would be tempted. Thanks.

Roz - You know me, tempted yes and I probably wouldn't be able to resist giving him a few taps:) Thanks.

KG - Wouldn't like any of positions and my lips are sealed:)

Hermione - For me it would be OTK but I very rarely get to choose position. Thanks.

Joey -,Like the girl in the second picture. Yes I can image very uncomfortable. Cheers.

OBB - What position does Bacall go for or does it change? Cheers.

Jan - Me too:) Thanks.


Ami Starsong said...

That first position looked very exciting but I think I would put Starman's back out! I couldn't quite see what was meant to be happening in the second one, and the third one, well!!!! I think it would possibly break my neck! Elbows and knees on the bed is a comfortable position but hard on the butt and thighs! I still prefer OTK as even leant across the bottom of our bed it feels like my ribs are breaking from the hard wooden footboard! PS - that rose paddle is absolutely wicked and I still have dark purple paddle shaped bruises after three days! Did Starman spank too hard - or is it meant to be like that?! Arnica will be going out of business at this rate!



Fondles said...

Hahahah. Trust you to think of that!!

Red said...

Those positions are very interesting. The second would be frightful, as no ability to react to lessen the pain, the third and first would kill my back... best to stick to OTK as the norm..
bottoms up

Minelle Labraun said...

I think I prefer OTK or OTB! Been over a shoulder but not smacked. I do not think it would be comfy. The others do not look pleasant!

Anonymous said...

As a male, the diaper position was the worse. My wife had enough of my attitude and caught me by surprise, just out of the shower and sitting on the bed. Caught me by surprise, and talk about hurting, it last long, long after the spanking, in fact my wife put a pillow on the chair for dinner and breakfast the next morning.

ronnie said...

Ami - She seems to have a smile on her face in the second picture so maybe not so bad but I'd pass on that position:) Everyone I've spoken to about the rose paddle have a different reaction. Some bruise more easily with it than other implements, not sure why. Thank.

Fondles - Thanks:)

Red - I think the OTK is much safer but I find bending over a table not too bad. Cheers.

Minelle - The first one made me laugh when I saw it. I wonder if anyone really does spank in that position. Thanks.

Anon - Hello. Yes I agree with you about the diaper position, not a nice. Thanks.


Michael M said...

Is that Andy Murray on Championship night in Photo #1 ?

The hardest position for me to keep is bent over holding my ankles.

The most innovative position that my wife got me to adopt (on a holiday) was chest down on a pillow,on bent knees and with my hands pushed back through my legs gripping a stick that was jammed into the crook of my knees. She kept me like that for an age whilst slowly caning and paddling me.

Jacqueline has some good material on Spanking Positions over at

Julia said...

They all look really uncomfortable. :(
I really don't like standing and touching my feet.

ronnie said...

Michael - You can bend and touch your ankles:) Thanks for the link, will take a look when I have a little more time. Hope all's well with you.

Julia - Hello. All fails:) Thanks.


Michael M said...

I certainly will bend and hold my ankles.
In the meantime you might like this difficult position on Mariposa's blog

In fact you might like Mariposa's blog full stop.
Best wishes