Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bottoms Up

My weekly review of a least favourite implement, as expressed by readers.

This week - The Cane.

PK writes.....

When Ronnie said I could give my review of the cane my first thought was that Ronnie was too much of a lady to post what I think of it.  Ronnie is a good friend; I sent her a dogging bat – an absolutely lovely implement. In return she sent to me and, Nick two small canes. Let me say, I love Ronnie, hate the damn canes.

In my opinion the stupid cane is not a deterrent; it's an evil entity. Yes I want to avoid it, but in my case it does not provide a time of reflection and willingness to be more submissive or more compliant to what he’s asked me to do.  About all that is in my mind when the cane comes out is "Shit, not that again. I hate that stupid mother f**ker! It just HURTS and I want to stop." Seriously, I think spankings should last long enough for the mind to go to a more compliant place, you should be thinking about what you did wrong or what you should have done right.  For me my only thought is – I. Hate. That. Damn. Cane.

All that being said – and it’s all the gospel truth, that line of fire it leaves on the butt is kinda nice for later. I enjoy seeing the stripes left behind, but this doesn’t change my feelings one bit.  Those two things are simply the only slightly good things about that horrible cane. It should come with a warning stating that if it has to be used, it should only be used over clothing! 

Thanks PK.  Every bottom should try the cane at least once. Well that's my personal opinion. I'm sure some wouldn't agree:)

Don't forget, if any bottoms, male or female who would like to do a review of their LEAST favourite implement (you don't have to have a blog) and why, please email me at I'll keep it secret if it's just for me but if it's OK for me to post it please say so. Pictures are always good.

See you next week for another Bottoms Up.



Picture from Britishspankingmagazines.


bobbsroom said...

Good morning Ronnie

As a top I do love the cane, I don’t know, there is just something about applying it. In my limited experience PK’s liking of the line of fire for later and seeing the strips left behind has the same reaction in a lot of submissive’s.
They all seem too make for the mirror as soon as they can.

Very nice review PK

Hope you are well Ronnie


Anonymous said...

Wowee, could feel the tide of emotions in that one, PK.

Sadly. my husband adores the cane.
I think he's got to the stage that he realises it has to come with a darn good warm up.

That said it is not just reserved for punishment only.

It is very sexy, though, don't you think and hugely erotic.

Yep, mixed feelings here xx


Michael M said...

As a bottom I get all excited at the word cane and caning. I love the sting and the afterglow. The shivers in my back and legs as the tip scrolls across the skin are fantastic and then there is the whoosh, whap as it delivers the line of fire which PK describes so well.

Anonymous said...

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Ami Starsong said...

The only memories I have of the cane are across my open palm at school - I don't know which was worse, the cane or the ruler (which was used across my knuckles). The nuns would punish us with these implements for silly offences like getting ink blots in our exercise books and it has caused memories that refuse to face even with time.

Yet the cane holds a fascination for me in the same way as a mongoose will regard a snake. I don't feel I'm ready yet for such an implement as I feel even the wooden salad server and the wooden bath brush excruciatingly painful especially when the same spot is repeatedly spanked.

However, I can identify with the 'afterglow' and the buzz; and sadly I am one of those who gazes wonderingly in the full length mirror afterwards.

PS What the heck is a 'dogging bat'?!!!!



Hermione said...

I agree, canes are very ouchy, but in the right hands, they do have a certain appeal.


Anonymous said...

Thank you PK for a very spirited review of the cane. Every bottom should experience a couple of good strokes to understand the allure of the implement.

Well done PK! And, thank you Ronnie.


Roz said...

Thanks Ronnie and PK. Great review! My husband is very fond of the cane too, I unfortunately am not. I have to agree about the afterglow and stripes though.


Katie said...

Thanks Ronnie and PK too! :)
People seem to love it! Some the idea of it before, some during and many after. I'm just not sure that I could ever go there. I guess never say never. :). And I am with Ami- what is a dogging bat? Hugs!

<3 Katie

Minelle Labraun said...

I am afraid of the cane. However is it more of a silent implement? I could see its appeal that way.
PK a dogging bat???

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Some American's call them pig slappers. Google dogging bat. Here is one.

ronnie said...

Bob - Hello and yes well. Thank you for asking. I make for the mirror after most of my spankings:)

Sarah - I don't think she likes it:) Yes, the cane can be highly erotic. P has an OTK cane, I love it when he uses it. Thanks Sarah.

Michael - Makes my legs go wobbly and my hands reach for my bottom when P says he's fetching the cane. Cheers Michael.

Ami - I can only imagine having the cane used on my knuckles and would feel the same had I had it used like that. See the link from OBB re dobbing bat. Thanks Ami.

Hermione - Takes a lot of practice to use the cane correctly. Thanks Hermione.

Joey - I totally agree about bottoms experiencing a couple of strokes of the cane. Cheers Joey.

Roz - A lot of tops are very fond of the cane. I thought at one time that I would never ask for the cane but that has changed. Thanks Roz.

Katie - Never say never:) See link re dogging bat. I love the sound it makes when it hits bare flesh:) Thanks Katie.

Minelle - I can understand fearing the cane, I did once. The more P uses it the more I want it. See OBB's link to a picture of a dogging bat. Thanks Minelle.

OBB - Pig slappers yes. Thanks for the link. Better picture than the one we have. Thanks OBB.


Simon said...

I love the cane. I love the sound it makes as it swishes through the air on its way to my bottom. I love the harsh sting as it impacts and I love the welts it leaves behind. For me no punishment session is complete without a caning. Years ago when I started receiving punishment I could only bear 12 or so strokes. Nowadays since either my bottom is less sensitive or my endurance is better I usually receive 50+ strokes from my Mistress. Don't get me wrong it still hurts in fact it hurts a lot and the pain increases with each stroke but I enjoy every moment of it. Of all the implements that have been used on my bottom the cane is my favourite.

PK said...

Good discussion folks. I don't think I will ever, ever like the darn thing. Yes google the dogging bat if you don't know what it is and get one right away. It's great for light play, but can pack quite a wallop when applied harder. I guess had I grown up where canes were used I might have fantasied about them - here it was the paddle, hairbrush and belt. Although switches were pretty close!

Thanks for the chance to express my feeling!


Renee Rose said...

I've been too scared to even want to try the cane!!!

ronnie said...

Simon - I still have a love hate relationship with the cane. Like you I can now take more strokes. I love our OTK cane P has. Thanks Simon.

PK - Thanks for the excellent review, I love the sound the dogging bat makes when it fits naked flesh:)

Renee - I can understand that, I was once but so glad P introduced it. Thanks Renee.


Terpsichore said...

thank-you for the review! :-)

ronnie said...

Terps - A super review. Thanks for stopping by.