Friday, 12 April 2013

Less Spankings As You Get Older

Do you get less spankings as you get older?

I don't know, I've been wondering. if you do then I'm cancelling getting older. I suppose if I kept records and put some facts and figures into a spread sheet I could get some pretty little charts and graphs to tell me about frequency, times of year, times of day, coinciding factors such as business stress, family matters, with sex, without sex, all sorts of stuff. And it would obviously show a decline in spankings against an advance in years, if that was the case.

I'm not a spreadsheet and charts type so I won't be doing all that (although it might be interesting) but I was talking with P the other night and asked him the question and, if so, why.

"Yes I'd say spankings probably do get less for some and for lots of logical reasons," was his reply.

"Like what?" I asked, eager to hear his words of wisdom in the hope I might glean some useful insight into how the trend, if ever true, could be reversed.

"Well if I sat down and thought about it I could probably give you a whole list of reasons but off the top of my head I'd say:-

Familiarity - they say it breeds contempt. I wouldn't say that's necessarily applicable, and certainly not for us, but it probably breeds some indifference.
Physical effort - as you get older you seek less physical effort, and spankings, if done properly, do require a fair amount of physical effort.
Sexual drive -  it diminishes with age and let's face it lots of spankings, maybe most depending on the participants, are fundamentally sex driven.

There would be lots of qualifications to everything I've just said and probably loads more things to add but, basically, I'd say those are the main reasons."

I thought about what he'd said for a while and then started asking him questions, probably silly ones (not all) like if indifference equalled boring and if familiarity included knowing each others habits and likes and dislikes too well, that sort of thing. Then before he'd even answered me I asked him if he thought I was getting less physical and did he think I should take up jogging again. He was a bit irritated because there was an interview with Mark Knopfler on TV and he'd been listening to it, he said why didn't I put my questions on a txt or email and send them to him and he'd do his best to answer them. Bloody cheek.

I sat twiddling with my phone for about 10 minutes then sent a txt, it wasn't a long one, just two words 'Miserable Bastard'. His phone pinged but he didn't get it. After the interview finished he poured us each a glass of wine and went and retrieved his phone, I'm sure he was expecting a long and thoughtful list of questions. He laughed out loud when he opened the message.

He came and sat next to me and put his hand on my thigh, he said that was a perfect example of familiarity, he knew me well enough to know I didn't mean it and I knew him well enough to know it wouldn't offend him. Well he was wrong there, I would have liked it to offend him sufficiently to cause him to give me a good spanking....after which of course he would be immediately unoffended and I would be duly sorry and with a sore bottom. That didn't happen and I couldn't help wondering if it might have happened a few years ago.   

Hmm. I made a mental note to unfamiliarise some of our cosy ways and to increase my activity levels, I haven't quite decided exactly how. As for sexual drive, well I would honestly say mine has probably never been stronger, I better not query his, unless perhaps by email, in a round about sort of way:)

Have a fun weekend.


Picture from Au Fil des Jours.


Country Spanker said...

I think you get more peaks and troughs as the years pass. I also think P should not be disturbed while the genius that is Mark Knopfler is on the TV x

1manview said...

You miss your cue by not turning the TV off. The spanking would have been a lot harder then you wanted, but being predictable and familiarity would have been blown out the window.. :)

peace and love

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, I better not get any older then because there's not that many spankings here to begin with:(. My hubby would have laughed at the text too. Have a good weekend
love Jan.xx

MrJ said...

Clearly, you're growing younger over time.

bobbsroom said...

Hi Ronnie

After being in the spanking wilderness for a fair number of years I find my drive for spanking ramping up. I could probably spank all day every day at the moment and as long as my right arm remains strong that’s how it is going to stay :):)

Have a good spanking weekend


kiwigirliegirl said...

funnily enough, we have talked about this too - needless to say Sir has every intention of spanking me well in to my old thankfully ive a while to go yet :)

DelFonte said...

I've decided to buck the trend. Set a new one. Anyone care to join me?

morningstar said...

i am gonna comment on this one..... (cheeky grin) especially since I definitely fit the criteria of "getting older"

For the past 8 months we have lived miles and miles apart (waiting for me to retire and join him) AND dealt with my cancer scare - so there has been very little spanking going on.

However in just 3 months I will (should) be joining him. Familiarity is definitely a problem - he admits it! HOWEVER - when we are under the same roof - 24/7 I am sure the familiarity won't be so familiar - and I am sure the spankings will return.

If not - well I can be one cheeky subbie if the need arises (cheekier grin)

Our Bottoms Burn said...

You crack me up. That text sent to me would have resulted in a fine bottom warming even tho I would have been smiling the whole time.

Anonymous said...

I entered the spanking scene so I am not a good example. Many of my friends, who are mature like me, are insatiable spankos. Age has perhaps increased their craving.

Having multiple platonic play partners also helps.


Anonymous said...
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bob said...

I will have tokeepBobbie from reading this post I got her convinced that it is normal for her to get spanked at least 4 times a week :)


Roz said...

I sure hope it isn't true! I'm with DF, we will have to make sure we buck the trend :)


Anonymous said...

An older lady I see, friends and sometimes more, well she finds ways to get spanked. I enjoy warming her bottom and watching her squirm, her spanking dance is really something. But she does not like the corner time afterwards, but to me that is the best part, admiring how red her pretty bottom is.

Minelle Labraun said...

Well when we are together we buck the trend...but work gets in the way.

I'm with you however..try to up the activity.

Anonymous said...

The spankings may decrease for all the valid reasons P lists...but our creativity and initiative goes up, along with our sex drive.Hurray for that ! Sarah,LD,UK

sunnygirl said...

I hope not. We got started late and I also hope to buck the trend.

Anonymous said...

Boy I hope that's not true! I agree should have turned off the tv.....would have bettered your chances. Lol. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

ronnie said...

CS - LOL. Knopfler is rather good. Thanks CS.

1MV - I've been know to turn the TV off before and got a very red bottom for it:) Cheers 1MV.

Jan - But I didn't want him to laugh at the text:) Thanks Jan.

MrJ - I am that:) Thanks MrJ.

Bob - I hope your arm stays strong for many years:) Cheers Bob.

KG - Hopefully I'll be sitting on a sore bottom when I get that telegram from the Queen. Thanks KG.

DF - Count me in. Thanks DF.

Morningstar - That's me, I can be cheeky if I need to. Great to hear you'll be together soon. Best wishes to you both.

OBB - I think the Knopfler interview put him off his stride:) Cheers OBB. Happy travelling.

Joey - The more I get the more I want:) Thanks Joey.

Bob - Only four times a week:) I agree, don't let her read here. Cheers Bob.

Roz - Bucking the trend, with you on that. Thanks Roz.

Anon - We don't do corner time, have in the past. I know a lot hate that part of the spanking. Thanks Anon.

Minelle - Will be fun upping the activity:) Thanks Minelle.

Sarah - I certainly can be creative where spankings are concerned and the sex drive, better than ever. Thanks Sarah.

SG - You got many years of spanking ahead:) Thanks SG.

Isabella - Lovely name. I have some plans in place:) Thanks Isabella.


Michael M said...

Yup, they sure do.
Enjoy yours if you get one this weekend.

Daisychain said...

:( I am thinking that physical problems as you get older, eg arthritis, rheumatism, slipped discs and just decreased mobility and flexibility will interfere with a spanking lifestyle.... :(


Dawn b said...

'Miserable Bastard'

Literally made me laugh out loud. Sounds like something I would do.

And I sure hope not cuz I'm not getting any younger!

Hermione said...

A very insightful post. I liked that you got P to respond in a meaningful way, even though his attention was clearly elsewhere.


Ami Starsong said...

I sincerely hope that spankings don't get less as you get older! I don't intend to let it happen! Bring it on I say!



ronnie said...

Michael - Thanks.

Daisy - Yes, I was thinking the more physical side. Thanks Daisy.

Dawn - Getting older myself so got me thinking on that subject. Thanks Dawn.

Hermione - Thanks Hermione.

Ami - Bring it on indeed. Thanks Ami.


Lea said...

That's an interesting question and P's response makes sense. Saying it breeds familiarity is nicer than saying it gets boring. But for some people it probably does. One more reason to dread getting older. :-/

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie, taking P's reasoning further... depends surely if spanking is always linked to sex or whether it can be purely discipline related. I will always have a disobedient streak no matter how old I am. just a thought that might offer some reassurance....also, do you watch Corrie? Eileen. A woman destined for time OTK if ever there was one. Rara x

Terpsichore said...

must learn how to stop time...if I am only getting one or two spankings enough now which is far to few than I hate to think what will happen in a few I think I am going to have to stop aging or prove this theory wrong! :-) Hugs, Terps

ronnie said...

Lea - A work colleague has just divorsed his wife, apparently she ways always taking him for granted (obviously must have been more to it than that) and he had enough. Thanks Lea.

Sara - Same with me, I will always have a cheeky/naughty streak. No, don't watch Corrie. Thanks Sarah.

Terps - Lets all prove the theory wrong:) Thanks Terps.