Monday, 25 March 2013


Q. If you had your time again on this planet would you cater to your spanko needs differently and from an earlier age?
A. Well if I could have my time over again, knowing what I know now of course, the answer is yes I think I would indulge my spanking interest differently in as much that I would probably do more of it and I think I would have made an effort to find out what it's like the other side of the fence, from a Top's perspective, although I don't think that would change my basic preference, it might make a pleasurable change from time to time. As for starting at an earlier age, I think it would have been harder then, without the Internet and access to so much liberal information, but certainly I would have liked to experiment earlier had the opportunity presented itself:)


Q. Prior to a spanking, is the spanking usually your idea or P's?
A. Hmm....I think it used to be mostly P's years ago, then it stayed at 50/50 for several years, nowadays I'd say on balance it's probably me more than P that causes spankings although only by a small margin maybe 65/45.


Q. You have a terrific marriage with P. What are the key ingredients of your relationship?
A. Thank you Joey. Mutual respect, trust, commitment, communication and plenty of laughter, down to individual character really I suppose.


Q. What's your favourite colour?
A.  I love Blue. Bet you thought I'd say red:)


Q. How did you deal with spanking when your son was little?
It was easier in some ways because he had school, early bed times and sleepovers and there were always slots for spankings. He was also innocent and its not too hard to hoodwink kids.

Q. If you could have dinner with a famous person, living or dead, who would it be? What would P prepare for dinner? 

A. If it was me choosing, probably Nelson Mandela - if it was P well I asked him and he said Genghis Khan, then Adolf Hitler, then changed his mind and said Leonardo da Vinci, then he thought again and mentioned language difficulties and changed his mind again to Warren Buffet. would be Mandela or Buffet, P said the menu would be easy for Buffet - Steak, fries and Coke. For Mandela he wasn't so sure, he said a braai would be nice but he wasn't sure.  


Q. How did you folks come to introduce spanking in your relationship?
A. Gradually with playful swats, probably like it does with most couples. Then much later I read some throwaway paperback on holiday, I think a Jackie Collins, in which there was a brief account of a girl getting spanked and I told P about it, I remember him reading the extract and telling me so and saying it seemed to have done her some good. I think that was probably the first time P ever mentioned it, I mean the actual determined act of spanking, and told him I agreed.

Later the same day P spanked me, we'd been out to some barbecue place where there was dancing and free flowing wine, we were both a bit tipsy or at least I thought we were, and I know I was acting seductively, P noticed it of course and so did other men according to him. Anyway to cut it short when we got back to our chalet I got spanked for the first time ever, it was fairly hard, or I thought so, and it was followed by ridiculously satisfying hot summer night sweaty sex. Next morning I woke late, P was already up I could hear him swimming in the pool, when I came out of the shower he'd done breakfast for us on the terrace, I told him he'd spanked me last night as if I expected some explanation but he just patted my bottom and said he knew and it didn't do me any harm did it? Well he was right.


Q. One for P: When are you going to take your wonderful Ronnie on a trip to Sunny Spain?
A. I asked P and he said - high on his priority and hopefully by late summer (of 2013:)) 
To be honest he has an ageing parent situation to resolve first, the wheels are in motion, they don't turn all that quickly in the UK.


Q.What's your favorite Spring flower?
A. I love Daffodils at this time of the year. So cheery and refreshing after the dark days of winter. I always have a least 3 vases full of them.

Thank you Michael, Anon, Joey, Anon, Hermione, MrJ, SunnyGirl and Anon for the great questions.

Come back Thursday for more Q and A's.

If anyone else has a question for me or P, email or leave a comment.

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MrJ said...

Thanks Ronnie, for sharing. There are so many recognizable things.

Roz said...

Wonderful answers Ronnie. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed learning a bit more about you.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Ronnie for answering our questions.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I think barbecue is found all over the world so I should not be surprised to read that BBQ is to be had in England. But, I was surprised. I have never been to England and I think I have the impression that all the food there is pudding and fish and chips and such. Heck even Teatley tea is different across the pond. Why did I write this???

Could not resist mentioning I have never been to Spain (England), the 3DN number as covered by Joe Cocker.
Hum it and have a great day.

Spanking Theatre said...

Here's a question, one close to my heart:

What ingredients do you think make a great spanking story?

sunnygirl said...

Thanks Ronnie for the great answers.

1manview said...

Enjoyed reading this Ronnie. I know I haven't been around as much as I like too, but life gets busy.

Peace and love

ronnie said...

MrJ. Thanks for the question.

Roz - I've enjoyed sharing. Thanks Roz.

Joey - Thank you for your question.

OBB - We don't have that many BBQ's in the Uk because of our damn weather. Summer starts 31st March, a week away and were still having zero temperatures overnight:( Thanks OBB.

Spanking Theatre - Thanks for the question. Will answer in my Thursday Q and A post

SG - Thanks for posting your question.

1ManView - I know what you mean. Thanks for stopping by.


Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

I read the questions and found the answers so interesting I totally forgot to ask my own question: what is braai?


ronnie said...

Hermione - A Braai is Afrikaans for a BBQ:) Thanks Hermione.


Terpsichore said...

so wonderful to learn more about you! :-)

ronnie said...

Thanks Terps.