Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Tops Spot

Thanks for joining me for another of my Tops Spot.

This week we have one from Will. 

Will also kindly sent me a picture of his favourite and the damage it can do:)

I have a metal ping pong paddle that I use frequently.  

It has a hole in the handle that allows a two finger hold for those light playful spanks.  Merely place forefinger and thumb together with the paddle in the middle.  The weight of the paddle allows ample strikes to the bottom by only swinging the arm slightly.  If a heavier strike is needed then grasp the handle and apply.

I use the metal sides to not only supply heat to the skin 

but then flip to the other side and lay the "cold" metal to the hot ass.  I caress the reddened skin with the metal and it gives the butt time to relax and enjoy the two extremes,  Heat and Cold with the same implement.

My second favorite tool is the standard cow hide belt.  I have one that is a nice brown leather with a basketweave pattern.  The tongue end of the belt is smooth and the basketweave begins later.  This gives me the option for either pattern to be placed on the skin.  By folding the belt in half weight is added for additional heft.

I'm glad we don't have our ping pong bat any more and the belt, noooo thank you.

Thank you Will.

If any tops, male or female (haven't had one from a female top yet) who would like to do a review of an implement they own or tell me about a favourite they have, and why, please email me. I'll keep it secret if it's just for me but if it's OK for me to post it please say so

Don't forget to come back next Wednesday for another Tops Spot.


First two pictures property of Will.
Let me know if the last picture is yours so I can credit or remove.


Michael M said...

That paddle looks as though it can delivers a serious message. My wife finds a belt too hard to control and a ping pong paddle too light. Maybe I should get a metal one for her to try out.

bobbsroom said...

Hi Ronnie

I am not too sure about metal implements myself, I do not think I would like the feel of them to use. That is a lovely pick of what looks like Samantha Woodley taking the belt though.

Looking forward to next week.

BOB B :) x

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing your favorite implements.

I have never seen a metal ping pong paddle and would run if it was in the hand of a top.


Anonymous said...

METAL !! Yikes....but equally a standard ping pong racket is too gentle.What to do !?

Peter is pretty good aim with the belt but it can hit one one side abit much.

Still, can't be too fussy.


Hermione said...

I've found the regular ping pong paddle to be quite hard enough; I wouldn't try a metal one. We've also found that it's hard to control a leather belt.


Minelle Labraun said...

The idea of the cold rub sounds good, but the sting of a metal smack..... Ow!

Terpsichore said...

thanks for sharing your favorites :-)

sunnygirl said...

A metal ping pong paddle. Wow that has to smart. The leather belt is a challenge to hubby and we've tried many ties but he finds is too hard to control and it is a most uneven spanking - one side always gets more than the other.

dancingbarez said...

That bottom looks a lovely shade of red. The metal is enticing to me; which is crazy because its not fun when daddy turns the belt around and spanks with the buckle.

Did Will say where he found this one?

ronnie said...

Michael - I'd rather the cane than the belt. Thanks Michael.

Bob - Never tried anything metal so can't compare though, I have to say her bottom is a lovely shade of red so maybe not so fierce or probably a very good top, takes care. I wonder if it is Samantha Woodley. See you next week. Thanks Bob.

Joey - Not sure if I would like metal but looking at the picture of her bottom I would say he's a skilled top. Thanks Joey.

Sarah - Belt, no, cane yes, tawse definitely. We have two tawses, one is small heavy duty that can be used OTK. Thanks Sarah.

Hermione - I thought the same about the ping pong bay but then it was used early on in our spanking and not had one used since. Thanks Hermione.

Minelle I love something cool on my bottom after so yes the cold rub sounds lovely. Thanks Minelle. Been thinking about you both.

Terps - I'm glad Will was kind enough to share. Never heard of a metal ping pong bat. Thanks Terps

SG - A cane can be like that if not used properly. Don't like the belt too much. Thanks SG.

DB - No, didn't say where he picked it up but I'll ask him for you. Thanks DB.


Blondie said...

I like the belt but it tends to leave bruises and that bothers my husband. Thanks to you and Will for introducing all of us to a new implement, the metal ping pong paddle.

SNP said...

Very Interesting hearing from another top. Great feature. Thanks Will and Ronnie.

ronnie said...

Blondie - I much prefer the tawse to the belt. Thanks for stopping by Blondie.

SNP - Thank you SNP. I've been lucky that tops have shared.


ronnie said...

Dancingbarez - Couldn't see an email address for you on your bog.

Will has had his metil ping pong bat since the 80's so I don't think you'd be able to find one now.