Monday, 25 February 2013

Snapping the Damage

Does your partner take photos of your bottom after a spanking? 

I was thinking back to what my husband said as part of his New Year resolution and just wondering if others do it or is P just totally weird. When he's snapped me in the past on his nokia or whatever's been close to hand he's often said the photos would be warnings to me, reminders of what happens to my bottom when he has to spank me. But......I can never remember him sending me one of these 'reminders', so I mean what is it, some kind of kink he's got or is he going to make up an album for me as a present, or maybe blackmail me some day by threatening to put them on Facebook:) if he can't get his own way over something? Nah, on second thoughts he wouldn't do that, he'd just spank me.

Do you get snapped / or do the snapping?

Have a good week.




Bea said...

No snapping here. I'm afraid my behind isn't that photogenic anymore.

Anonymous said...

If he's weird him and Peter are kindred spirits....Peter doesn't take photos because the kids fiddle with his I Phone alot.He'd love to though. However,he has recorded me fussing and shouting mid spank and played it back to me as an immedicate reminder and then deleted. Besides, no wonder P takes photos...your bottom does you true credit ! Sarah,LD,UK

Enzo said...

I have never taken pics of the young ladies I have spanked, but have always thought about it. Out of respect for them I have not, but would love to.

Great shot by the way!
Very photogenic bottom.
(Love these rare shots of hose keeping in the warmth.)

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, Yep, hubby has taken the occasional pic with his phone. He shows it to me and immediately deletes it.


Anonymous said...

Ronnie, I hate to tell you this but if he's weird, then so is my wife, as she takes many photos of my spanked bottom, and she takes them after each implement. Then we review them together. Some of the good ones are saved for further viewing.

MrJ said...

Yes, it hekps define the relationship through showing that I can just do so, and making her realize she has no other option than trust me.
Dus that clarify anything? ;-)

Michael M said...

I would like my wife to snap me but it hasn't occurred to her and I am not in a position suggest it as she would wonder what I wanted to do with the photo.

Nice bottom by the way. Very spankable in those tights.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, Hope you don't mind me commenting, If my bottom looked like yours I wouldn't mind if hubby did take photos. I agree with Bea though, I don't think it's worth it. I have just shown him this post, I am beginning to wish I hadn't:)Love, Janxx

mrandmrsb said...

Great Pic, lovely bottom, lovely tights. Where did you get them?

Anonymous said...

I have never taken photos of a female bottom after a spanking.

On two occasions, after long sessions with a cane, I asked for photos of my bottom. I posted one on my blog.


Hermione said...

Neither of us takes pictures of my bottom. I wouldn't be in a position to do so and Ron isn't comfortable operating our camera.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Ronnie, I fear you are making the ladies envious and the men lusty. That said I vote for more tasteful pictures of you.

Yes, we have taken pictures, I wish we had more from early marriage.

Terpsichore said...

No pictures here...and I'd like to keep it that way...nobody needs to see the view of my backside, especially me. :-)

Anonymous said...

No I do not take pictures of my husband when I spank his hairy butt, I just savor the moment for me. I like the picture in your blog and wonder is that your beautiful bottom?
Rachel Widget

sunnygirl said...

A couple when we first started this, but not anymore.

ronnie said...

Bea - I bet you have a lovely bottom. Thank you Bea.

Sarah -- Gosh, P's done that and I hated having to listen to myself. P takes the pics on his nokia and transfers them to his laptop. Ever took a video of a spanking? Thanks Sarah.

Enzo - Yes can understand that. It's the tights that make the bottom attractive. Thank you Enzo.

Roz - Did you like to see the picture? Thanks Roz.

Archedone - Seems not many take pictures of their partner's bottom after a spanking. P has quite a collection:)

MrJ - I guessed you would take picture, I was right:) Thanks MrJ.

Michael - That's what P said:) Have you ever hinted to your wife about taking a picture? Thank you Michael.

Jan - It's the tights that do it. I love that you have commented, thank you Jan.

Mr&MrsB - Spotted them on Ebay:) Thank you very much Mr&MrsB.

Joey - Just wondering, at spanking parties do many bottoms ask for a photo? Cheers Joey.

Hermione - I tried to take one myself after a spanking but didn't work. Thank you Hermione.

OBB - No need for anyone to be envious as bottoms come in all shapes and sizes and our partners like them just as they are. Thanks OBB.

Terps - Maybe one day:) Thank you Terps.

Rachel - Yes, my bottom. Thanks Rachel.

SG - I wish we had some of the earlier ones. Thank SG.


1manview said...

P is like most of us Alpha males. We like trophies of our conquest.. LMBO .... We have seen your behind without the tights, it's just as lovely. By the way, why did you have on tights? Another one of your enticements Ronnie? :) Track runners butt rules... lol ..

Anonymous said...

A bum album. Something every couple needs. LOL

ronnie said...

1NV - You know me well, a little enticement:) Thanks 1MV.

Mick/Lynda - LOL. Love that a bum album. Thanks Mick/Lynda.


Anonymous said...

Never taken a video clip...but you had us chuckling....Peter says I'm always going on about the fact that women can natter for England....and that men have 'conversations' by comparing Apps on their I phones....well can you IMAGINE P (very proudly) sharing pictures of your derriere?! Sarah,LD,UK

Anonymous said...


Cameras and cell phone pictures are forbidden at spanking parties to protect the privacy of the spankos. That is also true for BDSM events.


Minelle Labraun said...

Nope never taken a picture, however he is always full of compliments regarding my bum and his handiwork!

Red said...

Ronnie: nothing weird of P wanting a reminder picture of your cute bottom,hopefully both before and after it has been spanked. A lovely souvenir for when you are older. I have taken a few of Cindy waiting to be spanked, and have asked her (and she did) take pictures of my bottom after some spankings. Just another fun idea
bottoms up

Erica said...

All the time! Since I almost never mark, it's the only memento I have. :-)

ronnie said...

Sarah - Can't we just:) Funny, P would never share my photo but I do (he does know) Thanks Sarah.

Joey - Of course, never thought of that. Thanks Joey.

Minelle - One day we want to keep a picture of his handiwork:) Thanks Minelle.

Red - It does had to the fun, doesn't it. Thanks Red.

Erica - LOL. I think we know you do:) I hardly mark. Thanks Erica.


Lea said...

Checking out my rosy rear in the mirror after a spanking is as much a part of the ritual as anything else. I've often taken pics of myself or had my partner take pics. They are all hidden away in folders on my computer. Once in a while I may share a few on my blog or Fetlife account.

ronnie said...

Lea - Right. I always check in the mirror even if P has taken a photo. I've tried taken a few of myself but never works for me.

I hope you do share but please on the blog I'm not on Fetlife:)

Thanks Lea.


Anonymous said...

Such a sexy photo! My goodness...or is it your badness?

It is a reminder of how lucky P is to have that bum to spank.

Keep on sharing.


ronnie said...

Hedone - Sorry late replying to your comment.

I do rahter like the photo but its the tights that do it:) Thanks Hedone.

April said...

We are wayyyyyy new to dd's but my Papa has taken a pic of the 'perfect handprint' he left on my thigh.. Almost seems like he was as proud of it as I was.. I can bet he will be taking more in the future ;)

ronnie said...

April - Don't think I've ever had a picture of P hand print. Rhat I would have to frame:) Thanks April.