Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Colds and Hard-ons

I know that's a peculiar heading for a post but it's the best I could think of and it's true and true things are often peculiar. I suppose I could have added 'Men' and 'Spanking' and whatever but it would have been too long then and I wanted it simple.

P's got a cold you see, I've had one for nearly two weeks and you'd hardly know it but P's got one now (my fault no doubt) and he says it's getting worse 

(P's not really that bad when he has a cold:)) 

and he knew he had one developing because the last few days his morning hard-on hasn't been there. I burst out laughing but he said it was true, it was like a barometer but more reliable, I'm never quite sure when my husband is joking, then he asked me for some Lemsip tablets and off he went. When I joined him later he was snuffly and told me the Lemsips must be out of date but they weren't, he'd just taken the wrong quantity. I set him right and he was in fine form by the afternoon. Boring boring, I know, we all know what men are like.

But the interesting bit was next morning, not sure what time but the alarm hadn't gone yet, I heard him stirring and I remembered what he'd said about his morning hard-ons and I just gently crept my fingers across and lo and behold there was something distinctly hard in the front of my husband's briefs. I asked him if he was awake and he murmured, I said he must be getting better from the feel of his barometer, he said he didn't think so and threw in a snuffle for effect, I said ok then I'd leave him to doze till the alarm went.

"No don't waste it," he said and his hand grabbed my wrist. So I didn't, I slithered under the duvet and P said better not that way because of his cold, but I carried on anyway 

because I'd already got the cold so I didn't see how I could catch what I'd already got. P was still saying I shouldn't, right up to when his thighs stiffened and his balls tightened and then he said he'd spank me if I carried on and I just closed my lips around his shaft and worked my tongue against his glans as he spurted into my throat.

Then the alarm went, I turned over and snuggled, another ten minutes while he showered. I thought I'd make sure he took the proper dose of medication later I wanted him feeling perky, I mean he had threatened a spanking hadn't he, and I'd done my part.



1manview said...

Smart lady, looks like you are playing two for one. A spanking and his attention for a BJ ... lol ...

There's a cold like virus running through the US. Mild cold that can last a month. Hope you don't have that one. I did, and I Just would get a little stuffy and had a chill now and then. More a pain in the butt then anything...

Peace and love

Michael M said...

Cold relief blow job. Sounds like a decent remedy. At least it would take your mind off his snuffles because you couldn't her anything under the duvet.

Yes, I reckon you will get your spanking.

MrJ said...

Yes, indeed, this shirt title is more proper - no undue generalizations, though I am ready to participate in wider testing of this particular cure.

Dee said...

Hahaha, a great cure :) Hope you get your promised 'medicine' too :)

Dee x

Anonymous said...


You are a very caring wife. I hope you receive the spanking that you earned.


PK said...

How naughty, you deserve a sound thrashing with your most severe cane!! Ronnie, I want to be you when I grow up.


PK said...

How naughty, you deserve a sound thrashing with your most severe cane!! Ronnie, I want to be you when I grow up.


Hermione said...

I haven't heard of Lemsip and thought maybe it was a brand of Viagara. Obviously it helped P to feel better.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Life with Ronnie is never dull.

Anonymous said...

You are the Florence Nightingale of the Spanking Community.

dancingbarez said...

Hope P gets better quickly and you get what you've got coming.


Anonymous said...

''No, don't waste it ''....blimey, Ronnie you do make me laugh.

Maybe care homes would have a new lease of life if medicine was prescribed on this basis.I'm sure it can be fitted under the title of occupational therapy. Hey, maybe it could even be made available in day care

I'm all better now...Peter was great but as you very well know he starts to panic about the little things if I'm out of it for more than 24 hours... Sarah,LD,UK

sunnygirl said...

I have one man's view cold, coming up to four weeks this Thursday so I can look forward to the the stoppage of the Mucus Manufacturing Facility then. Fingers crossed.

Your story is much better. Hopeyou get your spanking and P feels better.

ronnie said...

1MView - I'd rather have a pain in my butt than this cold:) Thanks 1MV.

Michael - P's like an elephant, never forgets, so yes I probably will get that spanking. Cheers Michael.

MrJ - P said it works well:) Thank you MrJ.

Dee - I like that sort of medicine:) Thank you Dee.

Joey - So do I. Thanks Joey.

PK - But I like the cane, well most of the time:) Don't grow up. Thanks PK.

Hermione - LOL viagra. I'm actually drinking a lemsip now. Thanks Hermione.

OBB - Lifes too short not to have some fun. Thanks OBB.

Mick/Lynda - LOL. Sometimes you wouldn't think so.Thanks M&L.

DB - Sooner the better:) Thanks DB.

Sarah - LOL occcupational therapy. Gawd no, don't. Happy to hear you're feeling better. Thanks Sarah.

SG - I said I couldn't catch what I already had but I'm wondering now, my colds much worse today. About time there was a cure for the common cold. Hope you can kick yours off soon. Thanks SG.


Lea said...

That's quite a way to wake up! The pic of the woman cold vs man cold made me laugh. SO true. Most men I know act like the world is ending.

Terpsichore said...

Hope you got your spanking :-)