Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A Little Nonsense and that Spanking Towel

Spotted this over at SNP's  and I do love a meme.

1: Do you like to use post-it notes?
Yes, always have. Using these in the office. 

2: Do you take shampoos/conditioner bottles from hotels?
That's stealing but yes. Don't you?

3: Have you ever stolen a street sign before?
A traffic cone - does that count?

4: Do you have freckles?
A few but I'm not telling you on what part of my body.

5: Do you always smile for pictures
No. I hate having my picture taken. I don't take a good one.

6: What's your biggest peeve?
Don't get me started. Rudeness and people who are always late get me.

7: What's your favourite food?
I'd have to say Italian though I don't like pizzas very much.

8: What movies could you watch over and over and still love?
The Notebook, Casablanca, To Kill a Mocking Bird.

9: When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
Just after Christmas. It was a letter of complaint. Always think better to send hand written when complaining. 

10: Favourite kind of sandwich?
Cold chicken on wholemeal brown bread.

11: Best thing to eat for breakfast?
For me -  I start with hot water with lemon, followed by porridge with either blueberries or banana thrown in and a cup of tea.

12: What is your usual bedtime?
I'm rarely in bed before midnight. I'm a night owl.

13: Do you sing in the shower?
Afraid so but you wouldn't want to hear me.

14: Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?
I said no straight away but then thinking about it. There are pictures of me nude(ish) on my blog (yes I know not a magazine) and one on Cane-Iac's website.

For my new readers - the story about that towel.



1manview said...

Your naughtiness just cracks me up... :)
And I would say your blog counts as for as being semi-nude...

Anonymous said...

Why on EARTH are you on the 2/5 diet.Your bottom is perfectly formed.I am now deeply depressed and such a long way to go (got piccies of bikini clad women on the fridge in a belt and braces approach !).No wonder they published it. sarah,LD,UK

AngelBrat said...

We've got that very same bed spread!

joeyred51 said...


Thanks for sharing some more interesting facts about yourself. I read the story behind the naughty towel, terrific.

My compliments, you stay very fit.


PK said...

I love a good meme too, I might do this one. Between your perfect body size and the perfect blend of fun and discipline you two have concerning TTWD it's a wonder we're such good friends. I could just spend all my time being jealous. But instead I'm just happy for you!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Do those Post-It's have pictures on each sheet? I am sure they are not 3M, but who makes them?

I had not heard of The Notebook, will give it try. Also enjoy Casablanca once a year. To Kill a Mocking Bird is also a classic.

I read the towel story and noted a comment by Carly. I miss her. I hope she is happy and fit.

Hermione said...

I enjoyed The Notebook too. Although I rarely watch movies, I'm glad I saw that one. The towel is so cute!


Bas said...

Those Post-It's will certainly help you remember things.

If PK gets too jealous about your discipline, just remind her about that cane, she got from you.

I'm a sucker for films like The Notebook.

Don't need the towel. If I found it in a hotel, I would just leave it there.

Michael M said...

Cute bum and the towel is nice. Thanks for the link to the story - I had missed that one.

SNP said...

Ahh, Ronnie. How fun! I loved reading your answers. I like your movie choices (also enjoyed your Secretary Movie post the other day). The picture is great. A written complaint is good so that you can think clearly and then also that the business has the letter to refer to and reference. Fun post.

Hannah Fields said...

Hi Ronnie,

I loved your meme. It's always fun to get to know a little bit more about other bloggers, and the naughty towel post was a fun read!


ronnie said...

1MV - That's what I thought. Maybe not post any more pics:) Thanks 1MV.

Sarah - No one likes their own bottom. I'm determined to get into my bikini this year. Yes I still wear a bikini:) Thanks Sarah.

AngelBrat - We have good taste:) Thanks AngleBrat.

Joey - Thank you Joey. That was a few years ago. Going to start on my 3 minutes x 3 days a week high intensity exercise when I can shake this damn cold off. Wont budge.

PK - Like me you can't resists a meme. That picture was taken a while back. Nothings always perfect. Thanks PK.

OBB - Yes, picture on every sheet. Not sure who makes them, we were given boxes of them a while back. The Notebook makes me cry every time. I hope Carly is happy, I do think about her. Thanks OBB.

Hermione - I like a good move. Recently watched Skyfall (James Bond) wasn't over impressed with it. Glad we didn't go to the cinema to see it. Thanks Hermione.

Bas - The post-its are a bit of fun though I did leave one in our photocopying room and got a curt message from someone to remove it:) Thanks Bas.

Michael - Not that cute now, well P still thinks so:) Thanks Michael.

SNP - I'm really glad I spotted it as I really can't resist a meme. Thanks SNP.

Hannah - That's why I like memes like this as you do get to know a little bit more about our friends. Thank you Hannah.


Terpsichore said...

Love learning more about you...the breakfast sounds delicious...and the towel story is so fun... Have a great day! Hugs, Terps

sunnygirl said...

I am always a teeny bit jealous of your relationship. It's sounds just perfect.

ronnie said...

Terps - Meme's our fun. Porridge my favourite breakfast. Thanks Terps.

SG - Not always perfect but I'm a very lucky lady.