Monday, 14 January 2013

London Tanners Ruler

Well I asked my husband for his opinion on the LT Ruler Strap, this was two days after he'd used it on my backside and he said "What Ruler Strap, I don't remember using one?"

"Ha Ha, P, very funny. Be serious please, I want to share your expert opinion with my friends," said I. 

He didn't exactly review it as I'd hoped he might, from the Top's point of view, or at least he didn't describe the sorts of things I hoped  he might - like flexibility, balance, comfort to grip, weight, that sort of thing. Instead he told me the best way he could assess it was by weighing up the reactions it caused from me and, to that end, he stated the following:-

Your skin reddened quite quickly and the edges caused little lines to appear even when applied lightly, the splat it made against the plumpest part of your bottom was nice, sharp, I noticed the splats also elicited little yelps from you, perhaps in appreciation. When applied more forcefully the strap indented your flesh and I think the tip curled a bit leaving its sting and mark disproportionately, 

I could see that happening and tried to compensate for it, not by reducing the pain from the tip of course but by 
raising the pain from the rest of the strap to match. 

Your bottom wiggled quite a lot under the strap's attention which was irritating so I held you firmer and spanked harder but it only temporarily slowed the wiggling. I noticed that when I paused after a spank your bottom rose as if to find out what was going on, I took it as sauciness and brought the strap down particularly harshly on those occasions and from your gasps I think you knew it, though it didn't stop your bottom raising. When I used the strap with fast successive beats it held its rigidity reasonably well, not as good as a paddle or ruler but good enough to have you squirming vigorously left and right and up and down against my thighs not knowing which way to turn to escape the sting and, in so doing, making quite a lewd spectacle of yourself which, of course, I tried to quell with faster and sharper strokes. 

Eventually I'm afraid all that whimpering and gasping and struggling ripening flesh got the better of me and my manly urges took over against my professional intentions and I had to abort the strapping to fuck you urgently. 

So to sum up I suppose I'd have to say the strap was a failure because on its first outing it didn't stay the course. Perhaps next time..' 

They may not be his exact words but they're close (I asked him to repeat parts later.) I wouldn't call it a failure, P, and I'll look forward to next time.

Have a good week



Anonymous said...


I'd agree with was a success!


blitzweed said...

Amazingly erotic!

kiwigirliegirl said...

sounds like a resounding success to me. Ive been tempted to purchase a leather strap....even more so now
hugs kiwi xxx

Roz said...

Great review Ronnie. I don't think it was the strap that didn't stay the course *wink*.

I'd have to agree that is was a success :)


PK said...

LOL! If that was a failure your successes must truly be spectacular! Yep, I think it deserves another try.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I had to abort the strapping to fuck you urgently.

That would be a win/win in this part of the world. Bacall gets quite turned on when I can not resist her any longer.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the review. I always try an implement first before using it. Only once, I made the mistake of using it without having a female top use it on me. NEVER AGAIN.

I raise my bottom to help process the pain.

I am uncomfortable that the edges left marks. I like the edges of my straps to be smooth. Fortunately, I can order exactly what I want from a local maker of implements.

I would say that it was a success for you! Spanked with a little extra. Well done.


sunnygirl said...

Failure, I think not. It's a definite success. I'm sure he will use it again.

ronnie said...

Rachael - I may have to leave it out again. Thank you Rachel.

Blitzweed - Hello and thank you.

Kiwi - You wont be disappointed if you do. Thanks Kiwi.

Roz - Have to thank P. Thanks Roz.

PK I'm ready and waiting:) Thanks PK.

OBB - You men do get carried away:) Thanks OBB.

Joey - You're very lucky to have someone local make your implements. P will be checking the edges before use again. Thanks Joey.

SG - He did indicate he would:) Thanks SG.


Hermione said...

I love the idea of a review from the spanker. I doubt that Ron would be quite as eloquent, though. Maybe I could give him a questionnaire to complete, with ratings of 1-5.


June said...

LOL, that gave me quite a giggle. They can be comedians when they want...but I can see that that is how he really evaluated it...I think Ward has used some similar descriptives.

Blondie said...

I appreciated the review. Usually I like the leather better than anything but when it is difficult to get an even swat and the end curls, that is really hard to take and bruises.
I hope you do some more reviews. And if I were you, I would say that the strap was a success.

Lea said...

Nice review, P!

ronnie said...

Hermione - I have a post ready to go regarding tops and implements Thanks Hermione.

June - Yes, that was his evaluation of it. Thank you June.

Blondie - We've never used a strap like this before so I think we need a re-run. Thanks Blondie.

Thanks Lea.


Red said...

A definite win win for everyone concerned. A wonderfully well spanked and fucked woman. When it is consensual, what more can a married couple want.
bottoms up