Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Spanking

Hope our friends across the pond are safe. Please let us know.


Shout up if the picture is yours so I can credit.


Anonymous said...


Love the cartoon.


MrJ said...

You make me smile.
Best wishes to east-coasters!

PK said...

Look at that picture - EVERYONE is into spanking!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Death, damage and destruction are not funny, but newscasters reporting about storm damage wall-to-wall is.

We are in the south where hurricanes are common. We almost giggled at the coverage this one got because it hit where they are not at all common. Wow, sand and water in the streets. Yawn. A pier damaged. A boat on land. Yawn.

Hermione said...

Yes, we are safe and sound. Death and destruction is not something we get used to, even if it is more common in some areas than others. Thankfully, we only got a mild hint of a very terrible storm.


SNP said...

Happy Halloween Ronnie. Glad to read the other comments, too. Cute Pic.

ronnie said...

Joey - Thanks Joey.

MrJ - I like to make people smile. Thanks MrJ.

PK - Yep even the ghouls:) Thanks PK.

OBB - I saw pictures of NW subways. Will take them ages to clear.

Hermione - We moan all the time about our weather in the UK. We don't know how lucky we are compared to some. I've heard Sandy is heading for Canada, is that right?

SNP - I hope our other friends are OK. Thanks SNP.


sunnygirl said...

Thanks for the Halloween treat Ronnie.

Glad to get the updates from others regarding the well being after the storm. It is scary whether you are used to it or not.

Good wishes to all.

Bas said...

I hope that spanking girls' name is not Sandy.
Sandy is too much of a bitch.

Minelle Labraun said...

We even had high winds in the Midwest. I hope everyone stays safe.

Love the ghost tights!

Red said...

love the mummy spanking mummy,or rather f/f ghost spankings... all is well here...
bottoms up

1manview said...

Hi Ronnie,
I'm far away from the devastation, but yesterday the cold blast and high winds from the storm hit our state. Can you imagine getting a warning in Wisconsin to stay away from the lake because of high waves on Lake Michigan, cause by a storm that was over 700 miles away. And of course we had some "fool" wind surfing in the high tides and below freezing water temperature. The coast guard had to make him get off the lake before they had to go look for his frozen body. I just don't understand people some times... :)

Happy Halloween to you and yours..
May peace and love forever hunt your heart,

1manview said...

PS... Sexy Halloween pic ... (Big Smile)

ronnie said...

SG - Were very lucky in the UK. Thanks SG.

Bas - Definitely not a Sandy. Thanks Bas.

Minelle - I want a pair of those tights for next year:) Thanks Minelle.

Red - Happy to hear that. Thanks Red.

1ManView - There's always one. Good to hear your safe. I thought you'd like the picture. Thanks 1MV.


Lea said...

A belated Happy Halloween to you! I'm nowhere near the storm but have a lot of friends in the NYC area. Fortunately everyone I know is physically fine and accounted for. Biggest problem is still no power in many areas. Could be another week or so without it, which I can't imagine.

ronnie said...

Lea - Happy to hear your safe and your friends. So many have had their home destroyed. My heart goes out to them. Thanks Lea.