Monday, 18 June 2012

Spanked on Father's Day

I got spanked on Fathers Day and I neither expected it nor asked for it. Nor appreciated the way it was done because there was no passion in it, if that makes sense. It was cursory, that's the best word I can think of for it, and I'm going to tell you about it but not at length because well frankly it just wasn't all that good but you can't mail a spanking back to sender with the reason 'unsatisfactory' or 'not as expected', can you.

So P had one card and a small gift to open, which he did first thing in the morning. The giver of the gift had gone to work (our son has a new job which includes some Sundays in his induction period), P took a walk down to the paper shop as usual, I got up a bit later as I treat myself to a (little) lie-in on Sundays, everything running as per normal until, towards lunchtime, my husband decided he was going to spank me and that we were going to eat lunch out.

"Why? What have I done?"

"Nothing, but it's Fathers Day isn't it?"................."Yes, P, it is."

"OK then I get to decide what goes on, I mean it's my day, correct or not?"........."I've already said it is, P, so what's the plan?"

"The plan is that I spank your backside till you can't sit down then we go and have a couple of beers and a snack down at the Bulls' Head, you can drive."

"But that will involve sitting, P, as will having a snack at the Bull's."

"Exactly," said my husband as he cleared the Sunday papers off the sofa, dragged me across his lap and proceeded to spank my bottom

Now my husband is quite a good spanker of bottoms, hopefully only mine I might add, but as I've already said, this particular one was lacklustre, it was a painting-by-numbers spanking, it didn't impress. We went to the pub, I sat easily in the car and easily in the nice comfy bosun's chair in the dining area. I decided to let my husband know how easily I was sitting, far too easily in fact, and if a job's worth doing it's worth doing properly and other such comments to get my point across.

"I see," said my husband, "well then you'd better consider that just a down payment on the humdinger of a spanking you're going to get just as soon as we get home."

Just hearing the threat in his deepening tone made me squeeze my legs together under the table and I'm sure by bottom became less comfortable in my seat. Unfortunately his phone went off two minutes later, his mother's hot water system had stopped working and she didn't know how to fix it. Well she wouldn't would she, ah well, I got dropped off back at the house and my husband went off to fix his mom's plumbing.

I've still got a 'humdinger' to come, please don't you forget P, I'll be dropping hints until it's done.

Girls day out today, lunch, shopping and dinner so catch up with you tomorrow.



Michael M said...

It sounds as though you did not have much fun during the day but might have had some later on.
Enjoy the girl's day out. No work?

ronnie said...

Michael - Lunch was good:) No work just play. Thanks Michael.


Dee said...

Girls day out sounds perfect....... I know one thing that would top it all off though....... Hope you get your humdinger later :)

Dee x

Gracie Malling said...

Ooh 'humdinger of a spanking' sounds fun! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sara once told me "Not every spanking is a stellar event." I know you'll be glad when he can make good on his promise.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you have a fun day today and maybe a finish to yesterday's spanking.


Emen said...

Meh, well, no harm no foul, on to the next one... look at that, my homiletic little brain just dried up. I'm sure he'll make good. :)

PK said...

Enjoy your girls day. When you're pretty sure it is going to happen then always fun to have something to anticipate.


Sara said...

Well Mick beat me to the punch by quoting me! here's another..."Dud spankings happen!" Good thing there are always "redo's"! Hope it happens soon Ronnie! Sara

SNP said...

All sounds good, Ronnie.
Girl's day, shopping, eating, and then a promised spanking!

Anonymous said...

Hope you get your promised spanking very soon and can't wait to hear about it!


sunnygirl said...

Oh, the disappointment of anticipation - hope you don't have to wait too long.

dancingbarez said...

I hope you had a great lunch, I'm confident you will get that humdinger....can't wait to hear about it.

Hermione said...

Well, they can't all be special, but the thought was there. And he was right, it was his day to decide what to do and who to do it with.


Daisychain said...

I know this sounds awfully ungrateful, but there is nothing worse than a spanking which falls short of expectations! (Except one that is expected but fails to materialise at all!!)
Hope your unfinished business is finished to your satisfaction!! (Knowing P, it will be....) xxx

reneerose~closetgirl said...

Here's to promises fulfilled!

ronnie said...

Dee - Yes that would have topped the day off very nicely but didn't get back until late. Thanks Dee.

Grace - I wouldn't say P's humdingers are fun but I like them:) Thanks Grace.

Mick - And she would be right. Thanks Mick.

Joey - The day was lovely, always good to catch up on some girlie gossip. Thanks Joey.

Emen - P's like an elephant he never forgets but I will do a little gentle reminding:) Thanks Emen.

PK - Your right there. Day out was lovely, thanks PK.

Sara - Oh yes I'm glad there is always redo's:) Thanks Sara.

SNP - Two out of three, I can't compalin:) Thanks SNP

Kitty - P wont forget but I'll be reminding him in any case. Thanks Kitty.

SG - Can't see if happening before the weekend:( Thanks SG.

DB - Lunch was lovely, dinner even better. Thanks DB.

Hermione - Your right on both accounts:) Thanks Hermione.

Daisy - "One that is expected but fails to materialise at all" is the worse one for me. Thanks Daisy.

Reneerose - And a promise I think willbe fullfilled or at least I hope:) Thanks Renerose.


Anonymous said...

After reading your comments above i came to the conclusion your husband P runs what is commonly referred to as a tight ship. He would have fitted the part perfectly played by Russel Crowe in the both Epic and Excellent maritime film, *Master and Commander far side of the World* I believe you are in very safe hands dear lady very safe indeed: and i hope your evening was enjoyed by both.

Correction Man.

Ana said...

"you can't mail a spanking back to sender with the reason 'unsatisfactory' or 'not as expected', can you."

LOL!!! Wonderful line. :)

1manview said...

I had to chuckle, a proper spanking or nothing, that's our Ronnie,,, :)

ronnie said...

CM - LOL. Russel Crowe, how did you know I liked that film. Yes P would fit the part perfectly. Thanks CM.

Ana - True though:) Thanks Ana

1MV - LOL you know me too well. Thanks 1MV.