Friday, 22 June 2012

She got what she wanted...

Isobel had been planning it for days.

She'd done plenty of little things to annoy her lover, Charles. None of them big enough to cause a serious rift but now, she was sure, a sound spanking would ensue. And that's exactly what she wanted.

She wanted to look appealing, she wanted him to notice she'd taken the trouble to look good, she wanted to be attractive to him but she didn't want to be so attractive that he might overlook her misdeeds and ravish her instead. She wanted to be spanked.

Before she dressed a final look in the mirror to make sure her stockings were straight and to admire her new panties, she'd bought them especially, they were full fitting and her ample bottom filled them nicely.

She didn't think they'd be staying on very long but first impressions were so important, Isobel thought.

When Charles arrived they had words.

Not heated words because Charles didn't do those. Calm precise words, softly spoken questions from Charles, a little nervously answered by Isobel. It always built up this way and Isobel loved and loathed it, she could feel dampness between her legs as her lover approached the point at which he would announce that what she'd done simply wasn't acceptable and that under the circumstances he was going to spank her. His demeanour would change, hers would too.

Charles was a very good spanker.

Firm, resolute, polite but insistent. And very, very patient. He didn't believe in rushing, he didn't take shortcuts, he allowed time for struggling, pleading, repositioning, scolding, tears, tissues......Charles believed that for a spanking to be truly effective the two most important elements were firstly that it should hurt and secondly that it should always be carried out fully no matter what excuses were dreamed up by the transgressor. There was just no point in a spanking that didn't leave the recipient feeling well and truly 'spanked' and to Charles's mind that included contrite, humbled and with a very sore bottom. Charles gave a very sore bottom indeed to Isobel, he took his time and didn't stop until her cheeks were fiery red and considerably warmed.

Then he gave her some time to adjust her composure and dress and took her to dinner, over which they discussed, amongst other things, the infractions she'd been guilty of and how much better it was to have cleared the air. That was when she dropped the bombshell she'd been holding back....she hadn't told Charles the whole truth about all her little infractions.

In fact some of her infractions, especially those related to her spending account, were considerably worse that she'd had her lover believe. Charles absorbed the details stoically, remaining clam and polite as ever, he even ordered the dessert menu for Isobel and a cognac for himself. Then he announced that in view of what she'd told him, and most particularly in view of the fact that she'd been dishonest in withholding information, he would have to take the cane to her when they returned to her apartment. Isobel's stomach flipped but she felt the wetness between her legs again..

Charles was also a very good caner, he applied the same principles as he did for a hand spanking but, of course, with somewhat more dramatic results both physical and vocal. Isobel was caned very firmly and went to bed that evening, aside her lover with a stripped bottom and tears in her eyes.

She got what she wanted and..... the morning she'd make it up to Charles.

Just a little fiction fun.

Have a great weekend.


Last picture from Kitty's blog. Please let me know if any of the others are yours so I can credit.


bobbsroom said...

Thank you Ronnie

A nice little morning read


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "pick me up" to start the day.

I am wondering whether P will read it, and have you been naughty too?????

Dee said...

Hmmm. Are you perhaps sending out a little smoke signal or two Ronnie? :)
Have a great weekend :)

Dee x

Anonymous said...


I really enjoyed your story. Have a wonderful weekend, I hope your story becomes a non-fiction account this weekend. :)


Hermione said...

What a lovely vignette of an obviously happy couple. You're so good at fiction!


SNP said...

Thanks, Ronnie. Really great writing and post and as usual..wonderful pics, too!

PK said...

I love your fiction fun! He sound like a wonderful dom! Keep'em coming!


Ana said...

Nice story!

Anonymous said...

You are a great writer! I loved the story.

sunnygirl said...

Great way to start the day. I loved the story. Thanks - you should write more often.

Emen said...

Delightful. Thank you!

ronnie said...

Bob - No, thank you stopping by, appreciate it.

Longbean - Hello. No P wont read unless I ask him to. Me naughty I don't know what you mean:) Thanks LB.

Dee - You should know me better than that Dee:) Thanks.

Joey - Glad you enjoyed it Joey. No, no chance of it becoming a non-fiction story this weekend. Cheers Joey.

Hermione - Lovely of you to say so Hermione. Thank you.

SNP - Thank you so much SNP. Glad you enjoyed it and the pics.

PK - As you know I find it hard so don't do it much. Thanks. Hope your enjoying the beach you lucky devil.

Ana - Thank you.

Minelle - That's a real compliment as I think you writing is excellent. Thank you.

SG - Thank you and kind of you to say. I find fiction hard to write.

Emen - Thank you.


Anonymous said...

When i was reading the first few lines which stated she had taken plenty of time to insure she looked perfectly alluring ,i thought it was to fill his senses with desire and so escape a spanking. To which i was going to reply NOT A CHANCE business and pleasure do not mix unfortunately. Then on closer looking i see she actualy wanted a spanking , must be the excellent accompanying pictures playing havoc on my aging eyes lol

Correcton Man.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add you and yours also have a splendid weekend. C M.

ronnie said...

CM - I tried to find the right pictures to go with it, not totally happy with them but thank you for saying they went well. I hope the weekend weather it better where you are than here. Have a good one CM. Thanks.


Season said...

Yummy story!

Jenna said...

Lovely story. <3

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ronnie.Just what I needed.Makes me realise me wanting and loathing it all at the same time does not mean I have completely lost my marbles. Rather that I'm striving to maintain a good relationship.And as simple as that. Sarah, LD,UK

reneerose~closetgirl said...

Loved it! thank you!

ronnie said...

Season - Kind of you to say, thanks.

Jenna - Hello and thank you.

Sarah - LOL. No you haven't lost your marbles. Thanks Sarah.

Reneerose - My pleasure. Glad you liked it. Thank you.


sixofthebest said...

For me, any naughty lady that wears suspender-belt and and stockings, before being spanked, a pure delight to see. And when those cane stripes appear on her naked rear end, makes the spanking scene even more of a delight.

1manview said...

You caught me off guard with the friction story. Hopefully you will catch me off guard more often. :)
And the pics were very good, but like me, never good enough right? ... lol... I tease kitty about this, (sweet surrender}. Why does he get to spank the butt, then is rewarded with a bJ? Maybe I should start spanking...
Nah... I'm not quick enough to get away from ML deadly left hook.. LMBO ... :)

ronnie said...

SOTB - Stocking, suspenders, cane aand a girl bent over the perfect scene for you:) Thanks SOTB.

1MV - Yep your right never good enough:) He doesn't always get a BJ after he's spanked me. Thanks 1MV.