Monday, 21 May 2012

Spanked in Jodhpurs

I got one of my periodic emails from Equestrian Clearance the other day,

they've got a sale on jodhpurs and breeches (they also do excellent riding crops by the way and for a fraction of what sex shops charge). I have a little thing about riding, tight fitting jodhpurs, ahem whips and things.... pause for blush..... and the email rekindled it.

I decided to order another pair and I decided I needed to be spanked in a pair. Urgently.

Well first things first, so I browsed the range on offer, sidetracked over to the whips and crops where there didn't seem to be anything new (I suppose there's only so much you can update with those things I mean they've been serving their purpose for centuries, perhaps that's one of the reasons I like them), went back to the jodhpurs ummed and arred a bit and then settled on a stone coloured pair which I ordered.

I told P later that I'd ordered a new pair, perhaps I expected him to share my excitement, I shouldn't have, I know my husband.

"You've already got some, you don't need more," was his comment.

"I can send them back if you don't like them." I was a little deflated by his disinterest and I had no intention of sending back anyway but wanted to draw further comment.

"What's to like, I don't wear them you do, and then not very often and when you do it's only to get your arse spanked." Ooh P what brutal honesty, I thought, lovely.

"Well there are different types you know, and colours and fabrics, they've got two-tone, chequered, all sorts, they do them for men too." I quite fancy a D'Arcy type thrashing me masterfully, I didn't tell him that of course.

"When I take up horse riding I'll refer to you for advice then," he said. "Meanwhile the only consideration I have for jodhpurs would be that for the purpose to which you put them, the construction is all wrong. The seated inset in them is too thick, I assume it's to withstand the friction wear better against the saddle, but in your case it would be much better if the seat was fact very thin." And off he went, I hadn't exactly stirred his passion but at least I knew he was on the same wavelength about the jodhpurs' use or misuse.

A good point about the seat too, P, but goodness, surely if it was thinner it would sting more:)



Anonymous said...

You would be in your element up here then...the Lowther Horse Trials are about to swing into action.Because it is the hoy poloy they wear the finest cut jodhpurs.Why don't you start riding?A rising trot is a fabulous bottom/thigh work out ! Sarah,LD,UK

bobbsroom said...

Hi Ronnie

First of all I would like to say sorry for making you blush I am afraid I just say things as I see them. Nice little story there although i am looking forward to the end of it when P finally puts his hand and aforementioned crop to good use.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Hermione, Dee, Lea, Ana, Emen and MarQe for making me most welcome in blogsville. Along with Erica’s, my bottom smarts and Barley Pink’s blog I am trying to catch up on all the past posts and I am rapidly realising what an eloquent, imaginative and intelligent lot you are. Not being a particularly good writer I think I have my work cut out but I have very much enjoyed my first few weeks and long may it continue.

Have a good week everyone

Take Care


PK said...

I'm sure you're a little disappointed about his response. Maybe you should tell him you figured a big, strong man like him with a crop or a cane could overcome a tiny bit of padding.


Dee said...

Why thank you Bob. If I wasn't already a follower of your blog, I would go follow now just because you used the words, eloquent, intelligent and imaginative and Dee in the same paragraph :)

Dee said...

Ronnie, I do believe you may be rousing my interest in all things equestrian :)

Dee x

Anonymous said...


I have fond memories of running through Hyde Park and watching the ladies in their Jodhpurs and leather boots bouncing up and down on their saddles.

And, they even brought their own spanking implements with them, riding crops.

My friend Maire/Jane has worn them to parties; I think you have just inspired another scene. :D

I hope you are able to convince P to spend the money.


Hermione said...

I really must get a pair too. It seems to me that the only place my old breeches were reinforced was at the inner knee, where the legs came in contact with the saddle. Mine didn't have a reinforced seat. My white show pair were quite thin, in act.

What fun if P were to wear them too. Mr Darcy indeed!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

The many of The Across The Pond Ronnie in Jodhpurs Fan Club eagerly await seeing you bent over in them.

SNP said...

We've got to get P on board with shopping more! He was not happy about the designer purse either:)
Those pants do beg for the person wearing them to be spanked. I am sure you will share once your order arrives.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture and hope you enjoy your spanking!


sunnygirl said...

He knows you so well. Enjoy the jodphurs and all that they bring with them. We all await the results. LOL

sunnygirl said...

He knows you so well. Enjoy the jodphurs and all that they bring with them. We all await the results. LOL

overherlap said...

Don't be too disappointed in P's response, we men folk are visual creatures, I am sure when he sees you in a nice tight pair, thin material over the seat he will respond appropriately.


ronnie said...

Sarah - I certainly would:) Really wished I had taken it up but with moving around just didn't. Thanks Sarah.

Bob - We really are a friendly bunch and love meeting new friends. Thanks Bob, appreciate your lovely comment to everyone.

PK - LOL. I tell him you said so. Thanks PK.

Dee - Bob's lovely and certainly has a way with words:) Thanks Dee.

Joey - I've already ordered them:) Look forward to reading about that scene. Thanks Joey.

Hermione - I bet you would look good in a pair of jodhpurs. The old one I have don't have any reinforcement around just the knees. Not sure now if the new ones I've ordered have, will have to wait and see. I can see it now P in breeches striding across whip in hand mmmmmm. Thanks Hermione.

OBB - I'll see if P will take a picture:) Thanks OBB.

SNP - I hate to admit it but I suppose P's right about the jodphurs, I do already have a pair and don't use them that much. I wouldn't have the nerve to go out in them. Thanks SNP.

Kitty - I'm sure I will, thanks Great to see you back blogging Kitty.

Sunnygirl - You so right on that one. He knows be better than I know myself:) Thanks SG.

Dave - I certainly hope so:) Thanks Dave and thank yo for your lovely comment over at OBBs.


Michael M said...

Thanks for a great start to a Monday.
Nothing like curvy shapes in jodphurs to get the adrenalin going.

I am sure you look deliciously spankable in yours and I think hubby should relish you buying a new pair.

Perhaps you should take the day off and go to a polo match to enjoy men in jodhpurs. Entry does not cost that much if you take a picnic and stay away from the champagne VIP tents. Google has the answer.

faerie said...

LOL Ronnie, sounds like my guys reaction to shopping. At least he knows what to do when you are wearing them :)

Emen said...

You are most welcome here Bob. I like the way you write. Show me more :)

Emen said...

My husband's first response to anything I say is "we don't need that" including I'm sure, if I said "Honey your hair's on fire, should I get some water?"

Are you kidding? Buy them, wear them, work them. He'll catch up. :)

Anonymous said...

lol cool post - though i wasnt sure i should read it at first - im not very anamoured of anything equestrian at the moment - thanks to my horse riding accident 4 weeks ago!. But it was a cool post. I dont have jodpurs but Sir certainly wants a crop! humph! hehe
hugs KIWI xxxx

Lea said...

Must he be so logical? Lol. Now you have me browsing equestrian websites for riding crops...

ronnie said...

Michael - My pleasure and thank you. Now excuse me while I Google men in jodphurs and polo:)

Faerie - Are all our men like that I wonder:) Thanks Faerie.

Emen - LOL. Jodhpurs already ordered and hopefully on the way very soon. Thanks Emen.

Kiwi - Of course, I'd forgotten about your fall, how is your arm? Hope it's better. I think you should invest in a pair of jodhpurs to go with the crop:) Thanks Kiwi.

Lea - He drives me barmy sometimes. Crops are definitely cheaper and better quality at Equestrian shops:) Thanks Lea.


MrJ said...

Please let me know in due time how you eventually solved the seat problem. ;-)

ronnie said...

Mr. J. Thanks. I can't remember if the jodhpurs I ordered have a reinforced seat or not. Will let you know.


Riley said...

Equestrian wear is intriguing, no? I ride horses, so I haven't decided if I'd feel odd turning it into a scene, but I kind of want to, especially after your post! Although I do agree, the pants are kinda thick and all. ;)

sixofthebest said...

Yes, Ronnie you would find it a unique experience, plus it would make a lot of 'horse sense', if your husband would take your jodhpurs down, plus your knicker's, to bare your bottom, and use the riding crop on that luscious derriere of yours. Try it you might like it.

Daisychain said...


But yes, I agree the riding crop is a magnificent spanking tool!
Davey had one but the little tab on the end came unraveled, we need a new one!
And, you are right, they are much cheaper when you get them from a riding shop. xxxxxx

Red said...

Seems to me that although you would fabulous in them, they would PROTECT your bottom too much... and really, what would be the point of being spanked if you don't feel it...
P sounds perfectly reasonable to me... Too bad you hadn't seen and ordered the item just before P called you to his office... I am certain then you would not have reacted like a sack of potatoes... :)
bottoms pu

ronnie said...

Riley - Maybe get a pair of jodhpurs and a riding crop and wear them when Cael is around and see what happens, could be fun:) Thanks Riley.

SOTB - Don't often wear knickers under my jodhpurs. Oops, was that too much information:) Thanks.

Daisy - If you remember - you were the one who alerted me to Tesco's selling them:) Hope alls well with you both.

Red - I just like the though of being taken and cropped/caned or spanked in a pair. Your right, certainly wouldn't have been like a sack of potatoes:) Thanks Red.


Anonymous said...

the double thickness on a saddle patch is often thought of making them more hard waring, but truthfully it is done for fashion. It would be poor jods or breeches that needed a double layer.

A properly-cut pattern will have only one layer of fabric there as the the extra thickness can detract from sensing the horses movements, especially in more advanced disciplines such as dressage.

You can do what I do then, simply cut the inside layer of fabric away. Where the outside patch is sewn on makes for a perfectly good seam and a more sensitive seat.

ronnie said...

Anon - Hello. Thanks for the info. Will try it.


ronnie said...

Anon - Hello. Thanks for the info. Will try it.


Anonymous said...

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