Friday, 23 March 2012

Effulgence of pleasure

I'll admit I had to check the word effulgence, I hadn't seen it used in the context in which Anais Nin used it, some words just evoke feelings, some authors know how to use them brilliantly.

I tried Nin's work a while back, started reading 'O' but for some reason couldn't get on with it. Then recently someone kindly reader sent me some extracts from her work which contained references to riding, whips, tight jodhpurs etc, they had noticed my..ahem..passion for riding.

I've pasted a couple of paragraphs below, I know they're two girls but that didn't bother me one iota, the writing is just so erotic:-

.....Horseback riding becomes you," she said.
Her hand held a whip with regal assurance. Her gloves fitted her long fingers tightly. She wore a man's shirt and cuff
links. Her riding habit showed the shapeliness of her waist and
breast and buttocks. Bijou filled her clothes more abundantly.
Her breasts were high and pointed provocatively upwards. Her
hair hung loose in the wind.
But oh, the warmth across her buttocks and between the
legs—feeling as if she had been rubbed with alcohol, or with
wine, and slightly patted by an experienced masseuse. Each time
she rose and fell in the saddle she felt a delicious tingling. Leila
liked to ride behind her and watch her figure as it moved on the
horse. Not fully trained, Bijou leaned forwards in the saddle and
showed her buttocks, round and tight in the jodhpurs, and her
shapely legs.....

.........Before Bijou had finished pulling on her trousers, Leila stopped her to kiss her clitoris; but what Bijou felt was her
burning buttocks, and she begged Leila to put an end to her
Leila caressed her buttocks and then used the whip again, used it hard, and Bijou contracted under the blows. Leila spread
the buttocks with one hand so that the whip would fall between
the buttocks, there in the sensitive opening, and Bijou cried out. Leila struck her there again and again until Bijou was convulsed.
Then Bijou turned and struck Leila hard, angry that she was so aroused and yet unsatisfied, burning and unable to put
an end to the sensation. Each time she struck she felt herself
palpitating between the legs, as if she were taking Leila,
trating her. After they were both whipped to redness and fury
they fell on each other with hands and tongues until they reached
the full effulgence of their pleasure.

God I wish I could write like her, sadly I can't but I'm definitely going to be downloading a book or two of hers. Recommendations anyone?

Have a fun weekend.



Hermione said...

Congratulations on being Chrossed for this. I remember that passage from a book of hers that I read years ago. Not much spanking in the book, so it stood out.


Anonymous said...


I enjoy your spanking stories better ronnie. I am not trying to flatter you, I am just stating my opinion.

Have a great weekend.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

In re your facination with riding. If only... a chip in another's brain that could "read" your thoughts and carry them out exactly as you desire.

sunnygirl said...

You have a wonderful writing style. If everyone's style was the same it would be so boring.

Thanks for sharing.

overherlap said...

I love reading what you write Ronnie! I remember reading the story of "O" many years ago, and could not believe there was such book out there. It was probably the first really erotic book including spanking that I ever read. But to me in a lot of ways it is really "out there" in her imagination. I much prefer to read what you write, much more practical and closer to reality, at least in my life. So just be yourself and keep up the good work!

ronnie said...

Hermione - Really, thanks for letting me know Hermione. Not sure which book it is. Thanks Hermione.

Joey - Your making me blush. What a compliment. Thank you so much Joey.

OBB - Need to fins someone with a stable:) Thanks OBB.


ronnie said...

SG - And so have you. I'm really enjoying your stories over at PK's. Thanks SunnyGirl.

Dave - You are so very kind. Thank you. I'm not sure why I couldn't get on with "O" but don't think I'll go back to it.


Anonymous said...

Whipping an anus? That's not what spanking is about for me at all. Anaïs Nin may write beautifully, but I find her fantasies rather off-putting.

A spanking is to be given OTK, with the hand, over panties or a bare bottom. It is mock punishment for "naughty" (i.e. seductive, foxy and sensuous) women.

I don't associate spanking with S&M at all. I wouldn't like to the "master" of a "slave". My dream lady is an independent, strong, intelligent, seductive and sensuous woman who is willing to play the "naughty girl" role as part of the love game.

A woman who is willing to take lashes on her anus is precisely the opposite of what I'd find exciting.

Of course, I'm not criticizing anyone. Whatever rocks your boat is OK. I'm just offering an opinion based on tastes I cannot more control than my preference for beans over chickpeas.

Dave Wolfe said...

Now, that's purple prose done correctly! Very sexy! Thanks for sharing this tidbit, Ronnie!

ronnie said...

Anon - Hello. I know your not criticizing anyone and I appreciate you stopping by leaving a comment. Personally, I'm with you on the anus whipping, that dosen't float by boat either but I quite like the flow of her writing. She had a true talent for this type of story. Haven't read anything else of hers except "O" which I said couldn't get into and not sure why. I'm probably in a minority who didn't finish the story. Thank you.

Dave - My pleasure. Thank you. Hope you had a wonderful birthday.


Anonymous said...

Fab post Ronnie. I hadn't read that extract before either, so that was lovely.

I agree with joeyred51 - while I admire and love all sorts of authors and long for their abilities, we can only ever write in our own 'voice' and also rarely appreciate it ourselves.

Personally - I really enjoy your writing.. this i my fan moment to you! *vbg*

:) TMT

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: I enjoy your stories. And I hope you keep writing them.

And did you see the movie Henry and June about Anais Nin? In the U.S., it was on Cinemax just last week.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: I enjoy your stories. And I hope you keep writing them.

And did you see the movie Henry and June about Anais Nin? In the U.S., it was on Cinemax just last week.


ronnie said...

TMT - I thought it quite lovely. Thank you so much a real compliment from you as I love how you write.

FD - Your a real sweetie. No didn't see it, was it good? Thank you.


sarah thorne said...

That is one HOT passage!