Friday, 9 March 2012

"Couldn't have done it without YOU"

Am I an un-thinking person? I mean those of you who know me well, do you think I am? And those who pop in occasionally, do I give that kind of impression?

No, I don't think I am un-thinking. But I got spanked for being just that and it was all because my husband spotted the title I used for my 500,000th post. He doesn't often visit my blog unless I ask him for help with something which I did (I'm supposed to update my stories which I haven't done for ages but I couldn't remember how to do it.) He spotted my aforementioned post and told me I'd forgotten something, or someone actually. I said 'Oh really P and who would that be', I genuinely didn't know what was in his head and he told me I'd forgotten him, he said I couldn't have done it without him. I told him I appreciated his help from time to time but really, come on, it's not that often P.

"No", he said, "you misunderstand what I'm saying. Come here."

Well I was in the middle of ironing, but I put it down and went to walk over to him, obedient wife that I am.

"Turn the iron off," he said.

I did and went across to the sofa where he was sitting. My husband pulled me down onto the sofa and across his lap, his left hand reached under my tummy for the stud and zipper to my jeans and in a flash they were down to my thighs, followed swiftly my knickers. This all happened in the space of just a few minutes, I mean there was no spanking foreplay or teasing of any sort, no warm up either, I wasn't sure whether it was fun or serious, he didn't say anything just started spanking me.

When you don't know what it's about or how long it's going to be and your partner is playing the strong silent type, you don't know how to take things do you? I mean should you be meek, saucy, provocative, or what?

I didn't think it was sexual because I couldn't feel him hard and I didn't feel sexy anyway, who would in the middle or ironing. Anyway after a minute or so of my husband's strong hand pounding down on my bare backside.

I started protesting and then struggling when he took no notice, then swearing at him to let me up, he didn't, instead he wrapped his leg across my thighs to hold me still and increased the cadence, swapping hands after a while presumably because his right hand was stinging, imagine how my bottom was feeling. Thankfully he stopped after another minute or so and slid me to the floor. I moved away from him, I was really quite angry he still hadn't said why, I just sat there on the floor looking sorry for myself, I wanted to pull my knickers and jeans up but I didn't want him to watch me do it, ridiculous isn't it. I might even have cried if the silence had gone on much longer but it didn't, his calm voice broke it.

"What have I just done?" He asked me. I looked up at him he was smiling, the bastard.

"Spanked me," I answered after a pause.

"Exactly," said my husband. "And how many hundreds or thousands of times have I had the pleasure of doing that over all these years, you don't need to answer that, just think about it. And would you have had the inspiration to set up a blog and keep it going without all those spankings? You don't need to answer that either, just think about it......oh and well done, by the way."

I got up on my knees and kissed him, he was quite right.

So.......thanks P, I couldn't have done it without you either!

(I might add that my ironing was postponed for an hour or two)

Enjoy your weekend.



Molded By Him said...

Goodness. Just been spanked myself but I am not settled. I'm sad. Really sad. I don't think it was deserved. And he spanked me HARD. I just want curl up and cry.

It's good to read that you and P are happy and in a good place. 'Love, Isabella

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing a terrific story. Have a great weekend.


PK said...

No, I would never have thought of you as unthinking, but P made an excellent point. Shame on you! He is such a good reminder. I hope you've learned your lesson and that he won't have to repeat this more than a couple of times a week.


Hermione said...

He was quite right. Without a generous supply of spankings to tell us about, what would the state of your blog be?

Such a kind, considerate man:)


Anonymous said...

You know, when he's right, he's right. I often lament how us spankers are so unappreciated ;).

It's a thankless job, but somehow we press on....

sunnygirl said...

It definitely takes two. He felt left out and enjoyed delivering the reminder. I bet you won't forget him again, or maybe you will on purpose so he can apply another reminder.

Anonymous said...

P is such a thoughtful man, reminding you like that;)!



ronnie said...

Isabella - Sorry to hear that but hope your feeling better now. Have you spoken with him? Thank you.

Joey - Thank you.. Enjoyed your story enormoulsy. Have a good one yourself.

PK - Shame on me indeed. I should know better by now:) Thanks PK.

Hermione - I really should have thought and yes he certainly is considereate. Thanks Hermione.

Mick - And he often thinks he's right but normally he is. I wouldn't like the job:) Thanks Mick.

SG - Oh he certainly enjoyed reminding me:) Thanks SG.

Kitty - He likes to remind me about things and this was a real reminder LOL. Thanks Kitty.


Anonymous said...

Great story, and I can understand his feelings.

Thanking everyone but the most important person is never good for ones rear!!!


P.S. Congrats on the milestone.

Dee said...

Hahaha!! You've got to admire HIS thinking haven't you :)
Have a great weekend.

Dee x

Erica said...

Whatta guy. We do love our toppy men, don't we. :-) Have a wonderful weekend, Ronnie.

Anonymous said...

Priceless ! We may be out in the sticks, up a fellside...but surely to goodness you can hear me roaring with laughter up here ?! Quite frankly I would have abandoned the ironing entirely.Sarah,LD,UK

Spankedhortic II said...

This just sounds like one big excuse for getting out of doing the ironing!
OK I can relate to that ;)


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Considering how many women feel they aren't getting as many psankings as they want, you are truly fortunate that he keeps you well spanked and gives you material for your blog. How nice for both of you.


ronnie said...

James - And I should know better:) Thanks James, appreciate you stopping by.

Dee - But he was right. Thanks Dee.

Erica - And he certainly takes his job seriously:) Thanks Erica. Have a good one yourself.

Sarah - I wasn't laughing:) Enjoy the outdoors. Thanks Sarah.

Prefectdt - LOL not me I actually like ironing, calming. Thanks Pref.

FD - LOL exactly what he said. Thanks FD.


sarah thorne said...

Well, now, some people just simply must learn by example!!! :)


Daisychain said...

He was absolutely right...he was the first person you should have thanked, lol! xxxxxxx

Riley said...

Oh he does make a good point, he was the inspiration! :) And so very nice of him to show you that. By the way, I see he has you kiss him from your knees after you're very much works the same way between Cael and I. It is a nice little "you're done being spanked, but don't you forget your place" sort of thing. I find it very helpful.

Nice post!

ronnie said...

Sarah - LOL and I did. Thanks Sarah.

Daisy - Don't I know it. Thanks Daisy.

Riley - He made the point alright:) Thanks Riley.


kiwigirliegirl said...

the man has a point really LOL...
love kiwi xx

ronnie said...

Kiwi - He does and he made it:) Thanks. Hope you have a good week.


Galwaygiirl said...

Great story! and he was so right! lol, I really enjoyed reading about it. Galway

1manview said...

There's a song that says, "there is no me, without you". So, there is no blog, without P. Exclamation point...

Have a great week..

ronnie said...

Galway - He is normally right but don't tell him I said so:) Thanks.

1MV - Don't know that song, will have to Google it. Thanks.


Red said...

As usual, P is spot on.... without being spanked regularly, you would be a very unhappy woman. Seems P sensed you were not as accepting of being spanked, so made it longer. Wonderful, eventually... And what a treat of a FEW HOURS away from the ironing. :) wink wink nudge nudge you know what i mean , you know what i mean.
happy spankings..