Friday, 3 February 2012

His Lordship's Rules

Depending on what time your reading my post, I could be sitting in a Ryanair workhorse en route to Spain or already in Girona, Barcelona or somewhere in between.

Here's a small picture post from my 'reserves.' I was going to post the final part of the Riding School Story, where Miss Robbins goes back to the Riding School for her lesson, but as my scheduled posts don't always seem to work I thought safer to leave that one until I get back. Of course if this scheduled post doesn't work, sorry. But then again if it hasn't worked, I'm talking to myself anyway. Does that make sense? Well when I get a wifi connection I'll know.

In any case hope you have a wonderful weekend, I think we will and I hope I shall be able to report a spanking or two.

His Lordship's Rules.....

The kindly Butler and his wife seemed so nice that Mary accepted the job in spite of the unusual uniform requirements.

The boys wore buttockless trousers and the girls wore buttockless dresses if they were hostessing and butockless tights with short skirts if they were carrying out domestic chores.

His Lordship's rules. And his Lordship was a stickler for rules.

Her first evening, an art review, was being held in the ballroom for 500 hoity toity guests and Mary felt very nervous about serving drinks with her bare bottom on display.

She'd never been patted and pinched so much in all her life but the tips were very good and everyone seemed most kind.

But she was shocked later to discover that His Lordship's penchant for well displayed bottoms extended to practical matters of a disciplinary nature.. When she passed the drawing room on her way to bed she saw through the part open door 3 of her colleagues and one of them was being held over a large desk receiving what looked like a caning.

Mary hurried to her room.

See you Tuesday.



Anonymous said...

You have to endure that Ryan Air bit, don't you...similar to the Trans Pennine Express trains which feel like they are held together by rubber bands ! Cue stress relief spanking as soon as you get to the hotel, I say.But hope P gives you time to get your coat off ! S,LD,UK

Daisychain said...

Have a great and a well deserved break, Ronnie, safe journey and look forward to hearing all about it when you get back! xxxxxxxx

Dee said...

Have a great time away Ronnie, and don't worry too much about the wi-fi, hopefully you'll be too busy :)

Dee x

Spanky said...

Have a good vacation! I liked the story too.

MrJ said...

Have a great weekend!

I guess, two spankings in one romantic weekend is an achievable ambition. In case of any doubt, you may wish to wear a buttockless dress, of course.

Florida Dom said...

Thanks for sharing the story and enjoy your vacation. Can't wait to hear about it when you get back. Was a spanking or two included in the good times?

sunnygirl said...

Safe journey. Have fun. Loved the post it reminded me of me talking to myself.
Happy Spankings.

overherlap said...

Enjoy your vacation, hope it is very relaxing for you.

Great story, I really like the idea of the students wearing buttockless dresses and trousers. That way their bottoms are immediately available to the trainers for whatever discipline necessary, but their private parts are still covered. It also allows other trainers and students to see what and how much discipline has been applied. The cane or paddle would probably be the instrument of choice, however for minor offenses a hand spanking would also work.

Again, great story, I like the way you think :)

Hermione said...

Great pictures, Ronnie, and a fine story to wrap around them. Enjoy your break!


mountain girl said...

Enjoy your vacation and your spankings! :) i liked the story..can't wait to read more of it.

Anonymous said...

Do have a great trip!


Omega and mouse said...

Have a great time....and tell us all about it!


Spankedhortic II said...

Thanks for the image story and have a great time on your trip. I'm looking forward to reading your accounts on your return.


Pink said...

I want to go to that party!

Have a fantastic trip!


ronnie said...

Sarah, Daisy, Dee, Spanky, Mr. J, FD, SG, OHL, Hermione, MG, Kitty, Mouse, Pref Pink.

Back now and thanks so much for stopping by while I was away, really appreciate it.