Monday, 2 January 2012

It felt wrong to enjoy it but..

Hope your New Year is off to a good start.

Bank holiday here in the UK and I am heading to the Bicester Designer Outlet to see if I can bag some bargains before the Chinese and Russians get them.

Didn't manage any spankings, neither by hook nor crook, over the New Year but I did have an enjoyable Italian meal and let the New Year in with family.

Although there has been a dearth of spankings, there was an incident which I didn't tell you about but I'm going to tell you now in case any of you feel sorry for me not getting my quota of late. I told you I didn't get any real spanking over Christmas and I didn't but something did happen which I must report on.

You will remember we had guests over Christmas and the little ruse I tried to get them out in the fresh air for a couple of hours while I got my backside well and truly roasted we cleared the house up a bit. So you remember they came back early, yeah I know you know the feeling, and I didn't get what I needed but I did get a perfectly good frisson going through the rest of the day between my husband and myself. I suffered sporadic knicker moistening until late evening when finally I was too exhausted, and perhaps a tad tiddly, to continue the flirting and went to bed.

Next morning P woke first, I felt his hand on me, well my backside actually to be precise. I was still dreamy, if he'd said nothing and just used his hand imaginatively and sensually, I think I would have had the most wonderful wet semi dream within minutes. But he didn't say nothing, instead he said in his soft deep tone 'Remember last night all the challenges and objections you made against me when we were playing games?' I did, and murmured affirmatively. 'Well I think you overdid it, everyone noticed you know, I think you were acting positively childishly and under normal circumstances I'd give you a sound spanking for it.' I felt a trickle between my legs, these weren't normal circumstances we had all rooms occupied and a teenager sleeping on the sofa downstairs, there was no chance of a noisy spanking but still just being threatened was enough to get me going. Then my husband spanked my bottom lightly,

no sound made at all under the duvet, and said 'Don't think I'm going to let you off because of the circumstances, I'm going to turn you over and spank your pussy instead, and you're not going to make a sound,' and with that he turned me over.

Have you ever had that done? I hadn't, honestly. He used his fingers, I can't say how hard because I was struggling with a massive wave of emotion building so fast I didn't know how to handle it. When he put his other hand down and pulled my legs further apart I knew I was going to come and I bit the duvet to keep from making a noise. P carried on spanking me with wet fingers right through it. I can't put into words or expressions how that felt, I will revert to it, I will discuss it with my husband, I will make an appointment with a shrink.



bree512 said...

Yes.......but it wasn't because we wanted to be quiet about it. Giggles.

PK said...

Yes I have experienced this and it's just as wonderful as you wrote about. I certainly hope P keep you in like - whatever means he needs to use! LOL! Your year is off to a great start!


MrJ said...

Oh yeah, frequently doing so - just as an announcement - let that be a reassurance ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh.. yes I have too actually!

Happy New year Ronnie.... I'm only just surfacing after New Year's Eve and am certainly not up to shopping *grabs fouteen pairs of sunglasses and tries to wear them all at the same time* so good luck with that!

This is a lovely post.... ahh the trouble with thin walls!

Hermione said...

I'm Glad P didn't forget your nonsense or let it go unnoticed. What he did instead was rather intriguing; we've never done spanking that way.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

That is a sensation I wish I could experience. Just once. Bacall gets quite vocal when I tap her with the tip of the crop. Just so, right there.

abby said...

Happy New Year...ah was as wonderful as you described, once I got over the shock and gave in to it. Hmmm, thinnking it's been too long. abby

sunnygirl said...

Sounds delicious. Must try it. Thanks for the suggestion.

Red said...

Glad you had a wonderful time... I will try this with Cindy someday soon. Thanks for the great idea... and Happy New Year

omega and mouse said...

Happy New Year! You were certainly convicted of something...can mouse have your punishment next time??


faerie said...

Surprisingly lovely isn't it?

ronnie said...

Bree - LOL. We had to because of thin walls. Thanks Bree.

PK - All I need now is a real spanking:) Thanks PK.

Mr. J. - It go tmy attention. Thanks Mr. J.

TMT - And to you. Thank you. I was like that Sunday morning after New Years's Eve:)

Hermione - Maybe a mention to Ron, would be worth it I can assure you and it seems a lot have tried it and agree quite wonderful Hermione. Thanks.

OBB - I ask for the crop next time. Thanks OBB

Abby - Same to you. It's something I'll be hoping happens again. Thanks Abby.

SG - It certainly was. Thanks SG.

Red - Oh yes do. I think she'll love it. Thanks Red.

Mouse - Not If I get thaty for punishment:) I hope 2012 is a wonderful year for both of you. Thanks.

Faerie - Was a surprise but quite delicious. Happy New Year to you Faerie. Thanks.


Dee said...

Don't you just detest thin walls........ But........ I've been educated here today to find away around about it :)
Happy New Year Ronnie

Dee x

poured out said...

Sir spanked me that way just this morning. Well...used a ruler. Not much gets me going more than that kind of spanking. And it is a bit indescribable

Sounds like a wonderful New Year so far!

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: What a wonderful way to begin the new year. So nice that you found it so delicious. Hope you have an encore soon.


Michael M said...

Sounds like a very practical solution to a difficult sound problem. I can remember well the time my wife seemed to enjoy these spanks, because she did not ask me to stop. Now that we are in a different stage in our relationship I cannot see it happening again. From experience I know that a similar treatment on me takes me to ecstasy, although I will never know if it is the same place that a woman arrives at.

1manview said...

That's why I love coming to your space. It's always something intriguing to read about your life....

Peace and love,

ronnie said...

Dee - Hope it works:) Happy New Year to you Dee. Thanks.

PO- Hi. Yes, it is indescrible but quite erotic to be spanked liked that. Thanks.

FD - So do I, oh so do I FD:) Thanks. Hope your rested now.

Michael - It sounds like it could well be. Thanks Michael.

1ManView - Lovely of you to say. Thank you, appreciate your kind words.


Anonymous said...

You did better than me.I picked up a shedfull of teens at 3am from a party.There was sick.It was crappy.Happy New Year ! Sarah,LD,UK

ronnie said...

Yuck but been there, done that.
Happy belated New Year to you Sarah.