Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Heated Seats

We had to drop our son off the other day at a friend's, his car's in for service and the garage didn't book a courtesy car to lend him for the day. They offered to re-schedule the service but he wanted to get it done.

But don't worry this isn't about garages, cars, customer service whatever all that's for the boys. Although it is about cars in a way, or at least a part of them namely those fiendish heated seats. Now I never use it but our son sometimes does, especially when the weather's cold, you see like most kids he insists on going everywhere without a coat even when it's sub zero, so when he rides in P's car it's seat heater on high.

I went too because we were stopping at P's mother's on the way back to deliver some presents. I sat in the back, which does not have heated seats, not that I needed one because fifteen minutes earlier I'd had my own seat heated rather effectively, which was actually the reason I chose to sit in the back to let my husband know I was not amused. On the short journey I was speaking with our son but not my husband. When we dropped our son off, P said I should get in the front, I said I was fine where I was thank you. He then instructed me to get in the front if I didn't want another dose of what I'd just had, so I got in the front and that's when I felt the heat transferring into my already quite-warm-enough-thank-you posterior.

My hand reached down for the control but P's got there first "Leave it on," he said, "it'll be soothing." It wasn't soothing at all, just hot all the way to his mom's.

Needless to say she was the reason I got spanked but that's another story.



PK said...

Sorry Ronnie,
But not really! You guys have just the right combination of wonderful, sexy, fun spankings with just a touch of discipline thrown in. I'll wait to hear the rest of the story. Glad to know you're not getting cold.


Anonymous said...


I enjoy the way you make every day events so kinky and sexy. Thank you for sharing.


Hermione said...

I must make sure we have heated seats in the next car we buy. And I can't wait to hear the reason for your hot seat.


sunnygirl said...

Evil seats.

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: I echo all of PK's comments and am waiting patiently to hear the rest of the story.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

You guys should be on a reality TV show.

My word verification was badmis

Sara said...

Now how did I know the heated seat...yours, had something to do with his Mom? ;) Yeah, I've experienced a heated seat on a heated leaves one...overheated (even the next day refreshes the spanking!)! Sara

ronnie said...

PK - That was the the only part not cold:) Thanks PK.

Joey - That's so kind of you to say, thanks.

Hermione - But don't turn on after a spanking:) Thanks Hermione.

SG - Pure eveil:) Thanks.

FD - PK is a detail whore she wants to know everything:) Thanks.

OBB - No thanks I hate those programames:) I like to be a badmiss sometimes. Thanks OBB.

Sara - I'd never have thought it could be so effective:) Thanks Sara.



Lucky that the two heat sources combined did not result in spontaneous combustion.


Dee said...

Lol! Heated seats are brilliant although I haven't had the pleasure after a spanking but thinking electric blankets would be a close second :)

Dee x

Anonymous said...

I am so very, very glad I have a clapped out people carrier with no mod cons ! Sarah,LD,UK

Erica said...

Can I just say, in the nicest possible way, that P is a fiend?? LOL! Oh, that was diabolical.

Red said...

Sorry Ronnie, but you may not like my kind thoughts....So happy to hear that P takes the initiative and spanks you when you want, and also sometimes when you do not want a spanking. Having read earlier posts, the spanking was to make certain you were cheerful at your MIL. The heated seat is a great touch, keeping the bottom warm.
However, if P reads this post, you deserve another UNREQUESTED spanking! Spankings solve problems, and yet, you were grouchy and not talking to him while being driven to your MIL house, and moreover, in front of your son... WOW!! Loopy Johnny time...

Anonymous said...

Please do give the complete's no fair leaving us wondering:).


P.S. Sounds ouchy!

anna said...

Yikes! I am happy we don't have heated seats! Those things get HOT even with out a warmed up bum!

ronnie said...

Prefectdt - LOL. Thanks.

Dee - Never thought of electric blankets - go hide them now:) Thanks Dee.

Sarah - Don't change it or is you do make sure no heated seats:) Thanks Sarah.

Erica - LOL. He certainly is a fiend at times. Thanks Erica.

Red - You men always stick together. I'm normally an angel after a spanking but not this time and no he wont read unless I ask him to. I may send him this link but would have to delete those two dreaded words - Loopy Johnny :) Thanks Red.

Kitty - I've been very good with the MIL recently but this time I jumped:) Thanks Kitty.

Anna - Hello. So you can image how it would feel when you arelay have a heated bum:) Thanks for stopping by.


1manview said...
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1manview said...

The rest of the story please.. :)

My wife is one of those persons when the wind blow, she is cold. She calls her seat the booty warmer.. When I bought my last car, a salesman was trying hard to sell me this one car. She interrupted his speech and asked if it had a booty warmer. After laughing at the startle look on his face, I said heated seats. He said no, we said bye.. ;)

Daisychain said...

That bloody MIL of yours....she - or the mention of her name, sometimes - is always a cause of you getting hot under the collar...or rather, under the panties!!! LOL xxxxxxx

Lea said...

Lol, my car is too old to have fancy functions like that and I'm okay with it. ;-)

ronnie said...

1MV - LOL. Didn't he then show you some with heated seats, poor salesman. Thanks 1MW,

Daisy - Yes many times hot under the panties LOL. Thanks Daisy.

Lea - I wish ours was:) Thanks Lea.