Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Wear it Pink

Forgot to mention in yesterday's post that Friday was 'Wear it Pink' Day in support of Breast Cancer. You had to make at least a £2.00 donation to wear pink. All the offices in our building agreed to take part even some of the men said they would wear pink and those who didn't contributed anyway. I don't know how much was raised but it was a bit of fun.

When our receptionist distributed the daily post around the offices she said I wasn't wearing pink and had I forgotten. I hadn't actually but I wasn't going to tell her I was wearing pink in a place I couldn't possible show her.

Only joking, hadn't really got a pink bottom. I raised my arm with the cancer band I was wearing to show I hadn't forgotten. I don't do pink clothes because I look terrible in pink.

On a more serious note, I wished there was more emphasis on other forms of cancer as it seems a lot more money is raised for breast cancer than any of the others and, though it's obviously a worthy cause, the others are nonetheless deserving.

Enjoy your day.



PK said...

I think all spankos should have pink or red bottoms for a day to show support for all cancers. Do you think this idea will take hold - and how we gonna prove it?


joeyred51 said...

We all know so many people with breast cancer, it is great that you had a pink bank and donated. I support wearing pink and donating, but also think that a pink bottom is also a good idea.

Red said...

Ronnie: I totally agree that breast cancer has too high a profile, when so many other cancers need research. A pink bottom would have been a very amusingly CHEEKY answer.

Kitty said...

A close friend of mine is battling breast cancer right now. Thanks for your support and I do understand what you're saying about other cancers being overlooked. I don't know the answer to that dilemma.


ronnie said...

PK - LOL. Love that idea for us Spankos. "Wear your Bottom Pink" Day. Thanks PK.

Joey - That's the sad thing isn't it, we all know someone who is battling cancer. Touched our family more than once. Thanks Joey.

Red - I don't think our receptionist would have appreciated that. Thanks Red.

Kitty - Oh Kitty I am sorry to hear about your friend. I run 5 or 10 miles in "Race for Life" - http://www.raceforlife.org/
every year. Has huge support across the country. I just don't know why other cancers don't have a higher profile.
Thanks Kitty. I'll keep your friend in my thoughts.


Kitty said...

That is so sweet of you, Ronnie! She was in remission, but the cancer was detected again. This is actually her third go round with breast cancer:(! Speaking for her, I know she appreciates breast cancer awareness.

Thank you for what you do!!!

faerie said...

Unfortunately, with things like cancer research it is usually a case of the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Here's hoping they find a cure soon and can turn there efforts to other diseases.

Hermione said...

That was an excellent show of support, a pink bottom! I bought a package of mushrooms last week that came in a pink plastic tray with the breast cancer logo on the wrapper.



I suspect that some of the research into breast cancer is also helpful to other cancer research projects. Here in Flanders we have a general cancer research fund raiser every year, when potted azaleas are sold to raise money.


Anonymous said...

It's a real quandry..I work in mental health which is the cinderella of all health care.It would help if money was ringfenced but it is not.Anyway, after a particularly long day I have at last got a glass of wine in my paw and your pic made me SMILE.Sarah,LD,UK

Daisychain said...

I think the LOTTERY should have been solely in aid of the NHS in this country, instead of lesbian coffee mornings and other random groups...nothing against any of them, but health affects all people, whereas some of the groups supported through our lottery fund benefit only very small groups... Well done, Ronnie, thanks for the info, I didn't even KNOW it was PINK day last week!

ronnie said...

Kitty - What I do is such a small part. Your friend is a fighter Kitty.

Faerie - Hello. Nice to see you. I hope every day that a cure can be found for all of them. So many lives are touched by it. Thanks Faerie.

Hermione - I've never seen any of our supermarkets do that, what a good idea. Thanks Hermione.

Prefectdt - Yes I'm sure your right. The Race for Life is for cancer research not just one for disease in particular. I love azaleas. Thanks Pref.

Sarah - I know what you mean. I hope it was a large glass:) Thanks Sarah.

Daisy - Don't start me on the lottery. With funds and services being cut to our HNS I totally agree with you. Much better spent. Thanks Daisy.