Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I Sold My Bottom

We all know what it means to 'sell your soul to the devil' to get something you really want and you're prepared to go out of bounds to do it.

Well on the weekend I sold my bottom in much the same way, without giving a hoot for the consequences. It was foolish and greedy and motivated by raw and urgent carnal desire, which my evil husband took advantage of. I know you're shocked, I think you probably don't regard me as greedy, foolish sometimes as all girls can be, but no greedy. Well greedy I was and I suppose in a way I deserve what I have coming.

You see it was Sunday and I was being eaten out (correct that's eaten out not eating out) as happens at our house sometimes, circumstances permitting. It was getting very squirmy when P stopped and said "I haven't spanked you yet, have I?" It was true, he hadn't, but this wasn't the time to. I said no, but please don't stop and he lowered his head again. Then after a few moans from me he started teasing, tracing his tongue over the tops of my tights, very bloody nice P but not at this stage, I was right on the edge. He knew it too and he said "sorry, did you want my tongue back where it was when you were gasping?"

"Yes P, please." I said.

"What about the spanking, shall I give it you another time? Say, six strokes with the cane?"

"Yes six strokes, yes!" I said and his tongue returned to my eager clit, only to withdraw it again.

"Please P, stop teasing, you said six strokes....."

"Ah, I didn't say what six strokes would get you, did I? My service don't come cheap. Did you want more?" Of course I wanted bloody more, I wanted the full works.

"How many strokes of my lovely cane would you take if I were to fuck you, hard, with my tongue, right now?" Oh christ I think I was nearly coming at the thought of it.

"I'll take twelve," I said and my husband's tongue went back to work but retreated just as I felt the wave start, "No I'll take twenty-four!!! Please don't stop!!!"

He did the decent thing, I'm sure he was chuckling at my dilemma, I think he was about to say something too but he didn't get chance because my thighs wrapped round his ears and my hands pushed his head down with all my strength as hot waves of liquid fire convulsed through me. I had to pull a cushion over my mouth to scream into. After it was over P laid his head on my belly, he told me his face was soaking, and that I was a very naughty girl. Well, P, you do play your part in making me that way.

He didn't mention my caning, I doubt he'll forget it though, I mean a deals a deal, needless to say I'll let you know if and when. But twenty four! Ouch.

Picture from Miss Pink



Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Loved that story. The state he had you in, you probably would have say 124 or 1024. LOL. Thanks for sharing.


Dee said...

Lol!! I think I would have made a deal pretty similar in the same situation! Being on the edge can be very frustrating in such a lovely way that I would probably agree to anything!! It's 24, it could be worse....... Or better? :)

Dee x

Our Bottoms Burn said...


Hermione said...

A girl will say anything at a time like that! P was very clever, and I really don't think for one moment that he will forget the 24 strokes.


Anonymous said...

Very hot story Ronnie. Thank you for sharing.

Mikki said...

Yeah, I'm doubting he will forget... but then I'm thinking it'll probably end well! ;o)

Vixen4770 said...

Don't you love their sense of timing? That has gotten me in more trouble than my own mouth ever has.

ronnie said...

FD - I think I would have said anything at that moment:)Thanks FD.

Dee - Yes it could have been worse, I could have said 100:) Thanks Dee.

OBB - You, never:) Thank.

Hermione - P's like and elephant (I hope you didn't hear that P) he never forgets:) Thanks Hermione.

Joey - Thanks for reading.

Mikki - Will end with me having a sore bottom, that I like:) Thanks MIkki.

Vixen - P certainlyh knew what he was doing. Thanks Vixen.


littlemonkey said...

Ronnie, this is soo funny! I'd have made a deal too.

Michael M said...

Wonderful tale and fab photo.
Michael M

sunnygirl said...

You can focus on that lovely memory when you are receiving your strokes. I'm sure he will grant you leniency - just make another "deal".


Well done P for finding the ideal time for negotiation. I will have to remember that one :)


ekho_reborn said...

Men are devious, my husband pulled a trick like that recently too! Men.

And why is my word verification "bacon"? I want to find some deeper meaning in that, but I don't even eat pork. -laughs0

Anonymous said...

I could so imagine your close and yet so far, lol!


kiwigirliegirl said...

My legal mind is saying your deal was made under duress and is not in anyway legally binding on the parties
hope that helps hehehehe
love and hugs kiwi xxx

Lea said...

What a tricky man that P is! 24 is a lot, good luck!

1manview said...

@Kitty. LMBO ...:) I think you should renegotiate while his hard cane is about to start palpitating between your lips... After all, sex is war... hehe ...

ronnie said...

LM - I think we all would have sold our bottoms at that particular moment:) Thanks LM.

Michael - I like that photo as well. Thank you.

SG - Maybe I could make a deal just as he's about to strike LOL. Thanks.

Prefectdt - Think I'll have to come up with some sort of deal next time I'm thanking P:) Thanks Pref.

ER - They say women are devious. Bacon LOL. There got to be a meaning in that.

Kitty - Got there in the end though LOL. Thanks Kitty.

KG - LOL. Excellent, will have to remember that at the time. Thanks KG

Lea - I'll let you in on a secret. I don't think 24 will be too bad as the cane is my new favourite implement:) Thanks Lea.

1MW - Hehe, love it. Thanks.


Daisychain said...

Hot account! What a tease he is! xxxxxx

ronnie said...

It's normally me that teases him:) Thanks Daisy.


Red said...

Lovely erotic and arousing story.... and with an exciting, and perhaps a little daunting, spanking still to come. P will not forget, but the sex afterwards should be spectacular.. Hope he follows through soon... but not with too much follow through with the cane...

Anonymous said...

Smoking hot story!