Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Looking in the mirror

Believe it or not, in all the time we have been into TTWD I've never watched myself being spanked.

Saturday was the first time, P made me watch myself being spanked (or caned as was the case) and you know what, I quite liked it.

Have you ever been made to watch yourself being spanked?

If you have, do you like it?

Do you like to see your partner do what they have to do, does it embarrass you or thrill you or maybe you don't like it at all?

Just wondered.



Erica said...

I have been made to watch myself in a mirror a couple of times. You know what? I hate it! I want to duck my head, close my eyes, bury my face. I'm not sure why.

Weird how I can watch myself getting spanked on film, but I find it so utterly embarrassing (in a bad way, not the squirmy good way) to watch it in a mirror.

PK said...

I've never watched. I think like Erica I would probably be embarrassed. It's one of those things I like the fantasy of it, but I think I'll just leave it there.


Hermione said...

I haven't been, but I would like to try it. The only thing is, I wouldn't want to see my face, just my bum. Not sure how I could work that one out, and we don't have any moveable mirrors.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

It seems to be a fairly common desire to want to see the spanker. In the diaper position both can see each others eyes.

Dee said...

Ronnie, I havent ever watched myself being spanked. Do I want to? I'm not sure. I think I'd find it very embarrassing too but you have piqued my curiosity which I'll sit on (if I'm able) for a while :)

Simon said...

My Mistress has frequently punished me in front of a mirror. I find it quite exciting, not so much because I can see my reactions but because I can see her. Like Hermione I would also like to see my bottom whilst being punished but that would require 2 mirrors and you probably wouldn't be able to see much. As O.B.B. says the diaper position does enable you to look into your punishers eyes which can also add a frisson to the experience.

ronnie said...

Erica - I liked it but I'm not exactly sure why. Probably because it was different and totally a new experience for me seeing P's expression.

Are you happy to watch your spanking videos with other people? Thanks Erica.
PS - I'm enjoying your book.

PK - I didn't really think about being embarrassed. Thanks.

Hermione - Mabye the diaper position as OBB suggests but still you wouldn't be able to see your bottom.

OBB - Have tried that position OBB but don't like it. Thanks.

Dee - I'd never thought about it before Saturday and yes sit on it (LOL) for a while.

Simon - Hi. I liked to see P's expression, yes exciting. Would defnitely try it again. Thanks Simon.


Anonymous said...

I've never seen myself getting spanked...interesting idea, though:)!


Erica said...

Ronnie -- good question, long answer, which I won't elaborate on here. Suffice it to say, depends on the video and who's watching with me! LOL


I have and I liked it. Seeing what was coming added to the experience by giving me multiple adrenaline rushes.

@Hermione - Camcorder wired to your computer but make sure the internet connection and wifi are disabled.


Anonymous said...

He does and I like it ! But may have something to do with the fact that I'm terribly short sighted and ditch the contact lenses when I'm being caned and so to the world and his wife there are no 'fat bits' or at least they are fuzzy round the edges.Also, I can steel myself abit for the swats.Sometimes he goes too fast and I panic abit.This way I know what's coming.Hun, you DO ask the most pertinent questions and they do cheer up a dreary evening ! Sarah,LD,UK.

kiwigirliegirl said...

Oh god NOOOOo i couldnt do that at all. I can barely look in the mirror at the best of times never mind that time. I can barely look at hubby after he has spanked me either.....weird.

Daisychain said...

Yes, Ronnie, and unlike you, I hated it. Mainly because you can see exactly when impact is about to happen, so you tense, which makes it worse. When you don't know, there is at least a chance you will not be tensed for it! xxx

Pink said...

Yes. And it's fascinating, I think! I get to see him at work and I watch my subtle transformation, too.

Gotta do that again soon. :)



ronnie said...

Kitty - Maybe one to try sometime in the future. Thanks Kitty.

Erica - Yes totally understand that. Thanks.

Prefectdt - Seeing P's expression and knowing what was coming was totally fascinating. Good idea on the camcorder. Thanks Pref.

Sarah - I'm just nosey LOL. No seriously I wondered as it was a totally new experience for me. Thanks Sarah

KG - Normally I only look in the mirror after my spanking to see the colour of my bottom:) I know what you mean about not looking at him after your spanking. I'm the same depending on what type of spanking I've had. Thanks KG.

Daisy - It seems not many like it. Would be interesting to hear a tops view on making their bottoms watch. Thanks D.

Pink - Me too, would like to try it again. When you do you maybe share it in a post or have you already? Thanks Pink.

Thank you for all your great comments.


H said...

grinnnnnnnnnn Ronnie... yes I have and I loved it... every minute

Stormy said...

No, I bury my face in a pillow usually. I'd never want to watch. He makes me look him in the eyes when he's done, as a way to check my attitude...I have to look up at him but I'd rather hide.

Lea said...

I never have and don't think I'd want to. It'd make me too self conscious. Maybe if J hid a camera somewhere, I'd watch it after but it would bother me if I knew it was there. Lol.

ronnie said...

H - Hello you. New and quite exciting for me. Hope alls well Thanks H.

Stormy - With certain spankings I wouldn't want to watch it happening. Thanks Stormy

Lea - We've done a couple of videos which we watched after. Thanks Lea.


Michael M said...

I enjoy seeing myself spanked or caned in the mirror.
There is an hotel in London, not fancy, where two or three of the rooms have full wall mirrors on two sides of the bed. We always have some of the best times in these rooms.
Michael M

ronnie said...

Michael - Now that hotel I'd like to visit. Would you mind emailing me the name please.