Sunday, 4 September 2011

Thank you to The Spanking Bloggers Network

The lovely Miss Pink emailed to let me know that Heart and Soul had been chosen as Blog of the Month by you....

Blog of the Month

Heart and Soul

I was so surprised but highly delighted, humbled too because there are loads more deserving than mine. So for the nominations and to all in our community who voted for Heart and Soul a big.....
If you don't know The Spanking Bloggers Network - they are a bunch of spanking bloggers who have chosen to gather to promote their blogs collectively so you can click once and see them all at a glance. Each day, the list updates with the most recent posts at the top. Go check them out.



L. said...

It is well-deserved! Your blog is entertaining and always a good read (even if I comment only rarely, I do read it.)

Hermione said...

Congratulations Ronnie! You rock!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

"...there are loads more deserving than mine"

Really? I have not found them.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ronnie. I love your blog posts.


Anonymous said...

Ronnie, I enjoy reading your blog very much! Congrats!


PK said...

A fantastic choice!! You give us pictures, fiction (some you should do more), and wonderful real life spanking action. Your blog is the perfect choice!


Season said...

Congrats, Ronnie! I love your blog and you are VERY deserving. :-)

Hedone said...

Well deserved. I enjoy this blog. Thank you.

May I give you a congratulatory spanking? Better yet, let me bend over :)


Michael said...

BIG HUGE Congratulations, Ronnie! Well earned not only for your wonderful blog but for such a wonderful person. :-)

Searching for myself said...

Congrats to you your blog

Daisychain said...

I am thrilled you won it, and your modesty is endearing. YOU DO DESERVE IT!!!
And, P should give you a wonderful good girl celebratory spanking to mark your bottom...I mean, to mark the achievement!

ronnie said...

L - Happy you enjoy it. Thanks.

Hermione - So do you, thanks.

OBB - Your so kind, thank you.

Joey - Thanks for visiting.

Kitty - Makes me happy that you do, thanks.

PK - Thank you so much. I'd like to do more fiction PK but find it quite hard.

Season - Your very kind Season, thank you.

Hedone - LOL. Thanks Hedone.

Michael - Your making me blush. Thank you so much.

SEM - Hello to you and thanks.

Daisy - I love celebration spankings:) Thanks.

Our community is full of wonderful people. Thank you all.


MarQe's Study said...

Belated congrats Ronnie, well deserved !!! Thank you for your continued support of my blog, 'MarQe's Study'

MarQe x

ronnie said...

Thanks for stopping by MarQe. Appreciate it.


kiwigirliegirl said...

Congrats Ronnie - its very well deserved. I love your blog - keep up the good work - i learn so much from you :) thank YOU! :)
love and hugs kiwi xx

Lea said...

Congrats, you deserve it!

bree512 said...


Felicitations! Hear-hear! It is because your blog is aptly named and delivered that you deserve such a high commendation. We are all truly blessed to recieve your gift to us.

I think two hundred swats on your bare bottom with the hand are in order. :smile:

Best Wishes Always.


bree512 said...

Ugh! Ok. Maybe another hundred for not having emoticons. Hehe.

ronnie said...

KW, Lea, Bree - Hello. How kind you all are, thank you. Bree, two hundred swats would be very much appreciated:)


Mikki said...

Very much deserved!! Proud of and for you!! You offer so much to the people around you.. not only your posts but your comments too!! You are so helpful and encouraging!!


1manview said...

Congrats Ronnie, and don't fool yourself, you have this almost vanilla guy constantly following you. That's saying something..

Pink said...

Congratulations, Ronnie! It is very well deserved.

Now join the network or...or...NO spanking for you! ;)



ronnie said...

Mikki - Thank you so much for the lovely compliment.

1MW - I'm glad your visit. Thanks.

Pink - LOL, I have sent email to ask for membership. Thanks.