Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Waaaaay too much....

Do you like it when he feels between your legs after a spanking (and I don't mean a punishment one) and finds you wet.

Then tells you that you must have enjoyed your spanking waaaaay too much........

and spanks you again to, as he says," wipe that look," you know the cat-that-got-the-cream look, off your face.

I love it when P does that and most of the time it only increases my sexual anticipation.

So really can't lose, can I?


Photo from the lovely Miss Pink.


PK said...

There are some definite win/win situations in TTWD!


Anonymous said...

Very hot post.
What I wonderful life we spankos have. :)

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: As PK said a win-win situation. You are probably even wetter after the second one. LOL.


Daisychain said...

Its that tell tale grin on your face that tells him you enjoyed it too much, Ronnie, together with the way you arch up to meet him; not to mention your moans of pleasure. He just feels between your legs because he wants to, not to confirm anything, hahaha!!!!!

Red said...

Win /win is what spanking is all about... I definitely become erect when spanking Cindy, and most times she gets wet while spanking me... it's amazing we find time to do anything else. :)

1manview said...

No you can't, and that pic is so sexy with his hand between her legs...

PS.. Kitten said Hi, and she miss us too...

Hermione said...

Daisy's comment is just as hot as your post! Makes me feel sorry for all the vanillas out there. they don't know what they're missing.


Anonymous said...

I don't see how a woman is supposed to stay dry after a spanking...I sure don't;)!


kiwigirliegirl said...

exactly Kitty exactly. Wether its for punishment or play, i get that tingly butterfly feeling in all the right places when he gets out the paddle. I just cant help it....when its play its great, but when its punishment sometimes not being able to satisfy that feeling straight away is part of the punishment!

BDSM Photos said...

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ronnie said...

PK - It's great isn't it PK.

Joey - I second, a wondeful life, were very lucky in TTWD

FD - :) very.

Daisychain - Your right there Daisy. Hermione's right, hot comment.

Red - LOL, I know what you mean.

1MV - Thanks. Would be lovely if Kitten came back.

Hermione - It was, wasn't it. I say that to P many a time. Everyone should try it.

Kitty/KG - I agree, for me punishment or play. I've read 2 blogs recently that say they don't.

BDSM - Hello. I haven't visited your blog but will later. Thanks.

Appreciate you all leaving a comment, thanks.


Lea said...

I think it is certainly a win-win situation for both parties. :-)

ronnie said...

Ops sorry Lea missed you down there.