Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Thought I'd blown it

Can you believe I almost talked myself out of a spanking on the weekend.

Let me explain.

Remember last week before I went away for a few days (P didn't come, it was some family things I had to deal with) and the night before P told me I'd had a bad attitude and he would be helping me with it at the earliest opportunity.

Well that opportunity presented itself on Saturday. Son was at work. P said he needed a word with me and to join him in our little home office. When he says that I know what it usually means.

To cut a long story short he put me over his knee and started lecturing me about my bad attitude, well bad attitudes in general really being as I didn't really have one. So what did I go and say whilst over his knee - "Sara, a blogger friend, commented - "That if he's let you go a whole week without a spanking, then the attitude is his fault."

He asked me what I meant. I said I had posted about him telling me I'd had a bad attitude and that he would be helping me with it, and Sara had commented as stated.

"Did she indeed, and do you agree with what she said? Now I don't like to lie to P so I told him the truth that yes, I thought she was correct. There was silence, no commencement of the spanking. I thought I'd blown it.

"So it's my fault is it," was his calm reply,".... then as a responsible HOH I wouldn't want you to think I'd let my own faults go by without addressing them."

Then the spanking started, he addressed his fault determinedly and within ten minutes my "attitude" was much better.



bree512 said...

Phew! That was close....

Anonymous said...

Your HOH loves you too much to pass on a spanking.

Hermione said...

Sara was right. I'm glad P owned up to his inattentiveness and made things right in the end:)


findingsara said...

LOLOL...spoken like a true HoH! Grant says the same sorts of things, "I have indeed been remiss in my responsibilities and intend to make it up to you here and now!" I can respect a man who takes responsibility for his errors and is willing to pay the price! ;) Sara

PK said...

Don'tch love an HOH who listens and pay attention. P knows what he's doing AND he is open to other ideas. You have a good guy.


Daisychain said...

LOL, nice one! Glad you got what you wanted in the end! (no pun intended!) xxxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

Bree - Yes :)

Joey - And I hope he never does pass on one.

Hermione - It's a hard life for HOH's:)

Sara - You can't win with them can you?

PK - Yes I do love my HOH most of the time except when he has the bath brush in his hand:)

Daisychain - It's a good job I know what you mean:)

Thank you all for stopping by.



AAAH! there is nothing like the feeling as of a freshly adjusted attitude.


poured out said...

Should I be giggling like I am?

Lea said...

Well I agree, it IS his fault! Lol. Wait, that's awfully close to sounding like "it's not my fault," many a bottom's famous last words.

kiwigirliegirl said...

LOL - nothing more to add that hasnt alerady been said here - ggood post and im glad you got your attitude checked....;)

ronnie said...

Prefectdt - I never think so at the time:)

PO - LOL. Hello and welcome.

Lea - Yes your right, how many times have we said whilst OTK "well it's not my fault"

KG - Thanks:)


Red said...

Might be useful to have a wooden hair brush you could occasionally use for your hair, but would always be on display as a friendly reminder.

1manview said...

Isn't it nice you both can come to a good conclusion, at the END of a fair discussion.. lol ...

ronnie said...

Red - Would have to be something else Red, the hairbrush doesn't do it for me.

1manview - LOL.

Thank you gentlemen.


Anonymous said...

I love how a good spanking, solves so many problems-hers and mine. Loved the post.

ronnie said...

DKFL - A win win for both:) Thank you.