Monday, 29 August 2011


I'd love to spend time in a cabin or any place totally remote with no one around for miles, you know like in some of those creepy horror movies. I mean I'd like all mod cons, electric, air con, running water etc but no humans (and definitely no sub humans or aliens) anywhere near or at least not within earshot.


Because so many times I've been over my husband's lap or prostrate on the bed with a cane or strap lashing across my bottom wanting to SHOUT.....really shout, or GASP aloud when I've felt him hard again my punished cheeks....

or SCREAM in ecstasy when he's entered me from behind

but I can't as it's just not possible with neighbours nearby and it doesn't do my blood pressure any good holding it in.

That's why:)

I hope all our friends and their families across the pond are safe. My thought have been with you.



Lea said...

It's no fun having to hold it in. Hope you find some privacy soon.

turiya said...

Heh ... I know the feeling!



Stormy said...

We do have a place like neighbors. Its nice to just make love out in the sunshine and be completely alone.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Well I hope you win a few million pounds, so you can have a secluded cottage in the pines. Bacall is a screamer, but we have privacy.

Katherine said...

I know exactly what you mean. We're having an addition to our house built (my husband's and my new bedroom)on the opposite end of the house. Right now our bedroom sits smack dab in the middle of our children's two bedrooms :-(

Some days you just wanna SCREAM!!!

PK said...

I hope you find your place some day. We're lucky. Pretty much space between houses and the old folks on the bedroom side of our house are nearly deaf.

If you want to come visit we'll go out and give you the house for the evening.


Hermione said...

We have privacy, and as long as the windows are shut and the neighbours are indoors, no one can hear us.

We had a very windy day with a sprinkling of rain - that's all.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Yes,nice to it in a remote place so you don't have to worry about making noise.

Stephen King wrote a novel about a guy who handcuffed his wife spreadeagled to the bed in a remote cabin and then died of a heart attack.

And in Florida, they often build houses with the master bedroom on one side of the house and the other 3 on the other side. I thinking they call them spanking houses. LOL. That wss a lame joke.


ManeEmpress said...

I feel you Ronnie. There is something to be said for a good scream that comes from the belly.

findingsara said...

Ronnie, it's very nice to be all alone. If you ever get to this side of the pond and want to borrow our special spot...get in touch! Sara

Daisychain said...

I know what you mean, Ronnie! Each time I go out to see Davey in upstate NY, I research for ages on the net to find a cabin we can rent that is private/secluded!

Next time I go out, we are flying to TX, to rent a beach house.

We have stayed at Lapland Lake, and Queensbury on top of a mountain, and a cutesy lil cabin in Kentucky, that was like "the little house on the prairie!!!!" We also stayed in a small motel on the border of Vermont, for a few days in the dead of winter(February..snow blizzards totally buried my rental car!!) and we were the only guests, so that was very private too! xxxxxxx


Noise is a big issue. There is no way I can play in my house. It is good to be in a place where no you can hear you go AAAAARG! :)


kiwigirliegirl said...

I too know exactly how you feel. I am quite lucky that once a fortnight we have a weekend free of children. Our house is in the country so no neighbours and so I do get the chance now and then to really shout gasp and yell and scream ;) we have to get the timing right and make sure we take advantage of that "free" weekend...sometimes the timing can be off and its so frustrating...but i am lucky that we have that chance :)

ronnie said...

Lea - Have to wait until our neighbour is on holiday:) Thank you.

Turiya - I know you do:) Thanks.

Stormy - You lucky devil, sounds wonderful. Thanks.

OBB - Well I didn't this week just checked my lottery numbers:) Cheers.

Katherine - Hello and welcome. I think I'm going to have to try and persuade P to find a remote cottage somewhere. Your extension sounds perfect. Thanks and hope to see you again.

PK - That's special. I might just take you up on that PK. Thanks.

Hermione - Doesn't matter if our windows are closed or not as our neighbours is close. Thanks.

FD - I've read a few Stephen King but not that one. How did she escape the handcuffs? Now that's makes sense to have the masterbedroom on one side of the house. Cheers.

ME - Hello and welcome to you. Sometimes you just have to scream and shout. Cheers.

Sara - What a lovely offer. Thank you, that's really very kind of you Sara.

Daisy - The beach house sounds wonderful, something I would like. I don't think we have many remote log cabins in the uk. Will have to do some research. Thanks.

Pref - And the rest of the noises we make:) Thanks Pref.

KG - Your cottage sounds idea and I do I know what you mean abut not always get the timing right. I think we will have to move to the country. Thanks KW.


Red said...

Hi: The favorite song up the coast as Irene left was " goodnight Irene....."
We have neighbors, but no so close, and always close the windows before any activity. However, really loud music for five minutes might just be the solution, or visiting spanking friends like Hermione or us.
happy spankings

ronnie said...

I think that's a perfect solution, yours first then over to visit our friend Hermione:)

Thanks Red.