Monday, 18 July 2011

Paddling in the Castle

How was your weekend? We had quite a busy one and attended a lovely family party Saturday evening.

While we were on holiday it was fiesta week in our nearest town, seven days of events and festivities which locals had enjoyed for generations, very colourful for us tourists too but it meant restaurants and bars were pretty crowded and parking was a nightmare.

We went in a few times in the evenings. We missed the 'running of the bulls' where local young men have to out-run bulls along a barricaded route through the town down to the harbour where they all end up in the sea, but we saw some al fresco concerts and a paella making contest in which all local restaurants participated and made their best paellas in massive pans all on makeshift cooking equipment along the main street of the town, which is closed to traffic during fiesta week, it was really nice and P accepted several 'samples', all gratis, as we strolled along, I'm sure his Spanish and genuine interest in food got him extra prawns which he declared were amongst the best and freshest ever.

We saw the castle at night, which is beautiful and a romantic walk around its walls.

Not far from the castle, in the town's historic centre, we ate at a lovely little restaurant where P ate mountain snails and I had some really old Serrano ham which I love but it's so expensive in the UK. I had a dessert, P doesn't do them but he had a coffee and brandy instead and just look at the little biscuit they served with the coffee. it's a paddle!!! We both laughed and I passed my nokia across to P.

I could have used a good paddling too, I had the most ridiculous thought of P asking them to hold our table for us then taking me across to the castle, where there would miraculously be a somewhat larger paddle handy, and giving me a sound bottom warming, all the noise contained by the thick castle walls, then taking me back to our little restaurant all flushed and glowing, and ordering another coffee for himself and a small brandy for me and the waiter looking at me as if he knew. God I felt hot.

I didn't get my paddling but I did get my bottom caned next morning, which I'll tell you about later.



PK said...

Aren't vacations wonderful? The castle spanking sounded like a great idea to me too. Wish it could have happened. But I know you like the cane (you can have my turn next time Nick wants to use it)so I'm glad it was around the next morning.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Sounds like you had a wonderful time even if you didn't get a paddling at the castle.

But will be waiting to hear about the caning.

And I thought the running of the bulls was unique to Pamplona. Didn't realize they did it in other cities.


findingsara said...

Gorgeous picture of the castle...and imagine that paddle cookies! The trip sounds wonderful, thank for sharing it!

Daisychain said...

Oh, my goodness! PADDLE COOKIES! I would have DIED of embarrassment, and I just KNOW Davey would have made a suggestive comment which would have made me blush scarlet! xxxxx

ronnie said...

PK - We should all have more of them PK. Castle spanking a nice fantasy. Well next time your due for the cane you tell Nick your good friend Ronie will happly take your turn. I mean that's what friends are for, right! Thanks.

FD - We had a lovely time. They do running of the bulls in other Spanish towns but not as big as the one in Pamplona and yes I'll write about the caning but probably wont be until later in the week. Cheers.

Sara - Castle looks much better at night. I couldn't believe a paddle biscuit. Thank you.

Daisy - Wasn't embarrassed just funny when P pulled the paddle out of the bag and of course I couldn't resist getting P to take a picture of it. Thanks.


Meow said...

Sounds fantastic!

ronnie said...

It was Meow. Thanks.



Edible paddles! I think you have just given me an idea for a business venture :)


Hermione said...

What fun! Finding an edible spanking toy on the table. Perhaps it was the waiter's way of hinting to P what you really wanted for dessert.

Lovely pictures!

kiwigirliegirl said...

sounds like a lovely holiday and the castle fantasy - lovely - but being in the UK there are numerous castles you could arrange to stay at and get your castle spanking hehehe - sounds fun.
Urrgghhh i hate the cane. I got mine on Sunday :( and more to come tonight. The only thing i like about it is it doesnt make much noise - just me LOL

ronnie said...

Prefectdt - Always glad to give ideas but you have me intrigued now. Thanks.

Hermione - LOL, it would have been a perfect desert. Thank you Hermione.

Kiwigirl - I think I just might take a look for castle accommodation. That's why P likes to take canes away with us, because they don't make much noise it's me that does LOL. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a glorious time- beautiful pictures.
A caning in the morning- blimey, you are going for it a bit.


ronnie said...

Poppy - Thank you. It was wonderful and just what we needed.