Friday, 29 July 2011

The more you get, the more you want.....

Well I suppose it depends what it is, but as far as spanking goes it's certainly true for me. I was spanked every day on holiday except the first two days but only once since returning home, and I'm missing it.

There are loads of reasons, back to normality, work, routine, real life issues to address. P also came back with an infected ear, probably because of all the swimming, which hasn't corrected yet. It didn't affect him while we were away, only after we got back and it's getting him mad because it's also become blocked but it's his fault in a way because he wouldn't go to the doctor for several days, that's men for you. I had to make him an appointment eventually and tell him to go. He's on a antibiotics, tablet and spray form, but it still hadn't cleared as of yesterday although he says there's less pain now so here's hoping.

I got spanked after he'd been to the doctor's,

not for making the appointment but for nagging him about going or at least that's what he said when he put me across his lap:) It wasn't much of a spanking actually and afterwards he thanked me for making him go and gave me a sweet little kiss, which was nice, but the spanking was all the thanks I really needed.

Hopefully he'll have at least some of his hearing back because we've got guests this weekend.

Have a good one.



bree512 said...

Hmmm. you would have thought that spanking you would have unclogged his ears. Spanking does have healing powers you know and it goes both ways.

If he had spanked you sooner when you all got home rather than later, I think the infection would have cleared up quicker.


On a more serious note, hope he feels better soon.

I am always asking for more. I guess I am too greedy. When I don't get it, I am very, very grumpy and tend to cause more trouble.

Anonymous said...

Hope J is better soon.

Hermione said...

I always want more too, but you were so lucky to be spanked every day for a while. Still, if nagging about the doctor provoked a spanking, then his ear infection served some good. I hope he's better soon.


Jasmin Betts said...

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PK said...

What is it with men and doctors? If there is something wrong - fix it. Nick waits years between visits.

I hope the ear clears up soon and I think P says thank-you in the most wonderful way.


findingsara said...

Funny thing, Grant had an ear ache too...and would not go to the Dr until it was an infection, and did not like me suggesting what he should do. Well...if he knows what to DO, why doesn't he DO it?! It's the Y Ronnie...they have a Y instead of an X and it makes them a bit weird.


Red said...

A reward spanking for doing something that was needed and helpful. You should try for more of these type spankings... a definite win win situation

ronnie said...

Bree - "greedy", LOL that's what P says to me.

Joey - Thank you.

Hermione - I told P we need to take more holidays as I could happily take a spanking every day, heaven. Thanks Hermione.

Jasimin - Thanks for your comment.

PK - It will get better as long as I make sure he takes his tablets:)

Sara - LOL, you gotta love them though.

Red - I was just doing my job Red, didn't ask for the spanking as a thank you but it was very welcome:)

Thank you all for stopping by.


bree512 said...

Uh oh! I see another spanking happening for you Ronnie. Giggles.
*Making sure he takes his tablets.*
Hehe. ;)

Daisychain said...

Poor P! But, yes, it is to do with the chromosome have a Y, and what is a Y but an X with a bit missing?
SO, men have a bit missing.... that explains a lot! LOL xxxxxxx

Bronte said...

"...what is a Y but an X with a bit missing?"
bwhah hahahhaha! Brilliant.

Ronnie, wishing you many happy spankings for dealing with the ear-ache to infection progression, 'encouraging' him to go to the doctor and for 'helping' him to remember his tablets.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh the act and art of selective hearing. I do hope you'll try out his healing progress with a few cheeky lines spoken ever so carefully. Mumbling may elicit his non verbal response - just tryin to help things along! ;)

Lea said...

I work in healthcare and the most common thing I hear from male patients is "I'm only hear because my wife made me come in!" They are always so grumpy.

Post-spanking drop sucks. I hear you on that.

ronnie said...

Bree - LOL, I can only hope.

Daisy - Oh Daisy, love it, a bit missing.

Bronte - More of baggering than encouraging him:)

EMW - So good to see you here. I'm there already:)

Lea - Big time and no chance of a spanking this weekend as we have guests.

Hope you all have a great wekend,thanks for stopping by.


Daisychain said...

;) Glad to help. If that comment helps one woman understand the fundamental problem men have, of trying to function with a bit missing, (bless them) it's worth it.

Now, let's just hope Davey doesn't read this post and my helpful comments.... or it's bound to be another entry "in his book..."!! LOL xxxxx

Meow said...

Hope his ear and your bottom are both recovering quickly!

richardmt said...

I'm sure P.'s ear is going to recover.
Gosh, you two have a lot of fun!
No, I didn't mean P.'s ear
It's how you two enjoy life
together, even with its setbacks.
Thank you for sharing.

kiwigirliegirl said...

yeah i hear you, i miss spankings when they dont happen for a while....i was warned they are adding up though this morning - opps better watch my step - not LOL
I hope his ear gets better and you get your spankings :)

ronnie said...

Daisy - Lets hope Davey does read this post, only trying to be hlepful:) Cheers.

Meow LOL, his ear is much better thanks, as fro my bottom it was until last night. Thanks Meow.

Richard - His ear is better, thanks. Thank you for your lovely comment.

Kiwigirl - That's what I said the more you have the more you want. Thanks.