Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Calling all film spanking buffs

Anyone help a girl out with these two pictures

Are they both from films?

Frontier Gal - Yvonne de Carlo - Rod Cameron

Look for the Silver Lining - Gordon MacRae - June Haver

Thank you to everyone who stopped by yesterday, really appreciate it and especially to the lovely Erica for naming the films and the actors in the second picture and to Mickey for names of the couple in the first picture.




Erica said...

Hi Ronnie -- yes, both are from films. The first picture is from Frontier Gal and the second is from Look For the Silver Lining.

ronnie said...

Erica your a love, thanks.

The second once looks like it could be a comedy film.


Hermione said...

I admire Erica's knowledge of films. I wouldn't have known where they came from, but great pictures!


ronnie said...

Hermione - She's the best. I hope someone will let us know the names of the couple in the second picture.

Thanks Hermione.



I wish that I had as good a memory for films as Erica.

On another note :(

Sorry to do this in your comment box but many know, I am ridiculously bad with emails.

My blog has been deleted (not by me). I have set up a new Wordpress blog. It is going to take me a little time to figure out how Wordpress works but the new blog is...


and can be found at...


Erica said...

(curtseying) Thank you! The couple in the second picture is Gordon MacRae and June Haver.

Florida Dom said...

I thought they looked familiar. I remember MacRae and Haver.

Not surprising that Erica knew the answer. Erica is a real spanko. Check out her website and blog. She calls herself a "spanko purist.''

And she posts pictures of herself.


Bobbie Jo said...

I'm not as sure as Erica, but the guy in the first picture looks like a very young Robert Preston. Erica will likely know or find out. :-)

Anonymous said...

Erica only knows these things because she is so badly behaved that all spankings originate from her.
I am good so I would never have known anything.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Erica for naming the films.
In the first photo, from Frontier
Gal, I believe that is Yvonne de
Carlo OTK of Rod Cameron.
Thank you again, Miss Erica, and
of course to you, Miss Ronnie,
for posting this film buff inquiry.

Erica said...

I BEG your pardon, Miss Poppy? Now how could those spankings have originated from me, when they were both filmed long before I was born? As your man would say, the very idea. :-)

More trivia -- Yvonne DeCarlo is probably best known for playing Lily Munster.

Little Butterfly said...

The guy in the second pic looks like he is enjoying himself entirely too much!

ronnie said...

Prefectdt - What a bummer. No problem. Will link your new site, thanks.

Erica - WOW, thanks again Erica. Gordon MacRae, I thought I new the face but would never have guessed it was him and I love triva.

FD - Erica certainly is, she's one of the best

Bobbie-Jo - Hello - Funny, I thought it might have been a young Robert Preston.

Poppy - LOL, she got you there Poppy.

MIckey - Thank you Mickey. Great that you took the time to stop by.

Little Butterfly - LOL. I think I'll have to get the film to see what kind of spanking he gave her:)

Thanks all, enjoy your day.