Monday, 25 April 2011

Bawdy Goings-On

How are you enjoying the long weekend? We've had a busy but enjoyable one visiting family and dinner with friends.

This picture caught my eye last night, it was in the Sunday Times Style Magazine (can't link the article as it's subscription only) but the gist of it is the wealth of pornographic literature stored at St. Andrews University where Prince William and Kate met. It's pretty ribald stuff with tales and drawings of all sort of erotic goings on in sex clubs going back as far as the Georgian period and of which at least one of Prince William's ancestors was a member.

I won't shock you with some of the things they used to get up to but you can see from the sketch which accompanied the article that spanking featured prominently. One particular "Gentleman's Society" was founded in 1732. It's always nice to know TTWD has some history and some blue blooded connection too.



OK then I will shock you with one extract, and this is exactly as reported in the article: One particular evening is described, after naked village girls had posed on tables and porno texts had been read and toasts made from lewd drinking vessels... finally the club president would open the wooden case containing the mannequin's head to reveal a motley wig that, according to club tradition, had been woven from the pubic hairs from Charles II's many mistresses. At the climax of the evening, the boozed-up and merry members would gather around a table. There they would masturbate on the club's fine pewter plate, known as the test platter. As the club minutes put it laconically on one occasion in 1737... "24 met...All frigged."

Well maybe not shocking by today's standards but in 1737.....



Anonymous said...

Thank you for some British spanking history.

Hermione said...

Ooh, if that wig could only speak!

That was fun!Thanks for the history lesson.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

So that's where circle jerk comes from? I missed that in my youth.

I was not familiar with frig, so I looked it up. While it mostly refers to female masturbation, it also is used to denote male masturbation and even, dare I say it, the action f-word.

Now I would have enjoyed a circle jerk with females!

Red said...

Amazing. do share other tidbits with us over time.


No even by today's standards that is shocking :)

And I thought that St. Andrew's had the reputation of being the most boring university in the UK. At least the reading material available is interesting.


ronnie said...

Joey - My pleasure. Thank you.

Hermione - Maybe not Hermione, I don't think I'd like to hear some of the tales :) Thanks.

OBB - Sorry, I should have have put what the word 'frigged' meant.

Red - Will be my pleasure if I spot something I think you would all be interested in reading.

Prefectdt - So did I. Wonder if Wills knew about all the pornographic literature that was stored there.

Thanks all.


Anonymous said...

I saw that article too! I was trying to read it without my eyes popping out of my head.
I do love the Sunday Times.

ronnie said...

Poppy - LOL, it was rather an interesting article.
Sunday Times, an excellent Sunday/Monday read.

Thanks Poppy.


Raven Red said...

Not that I am a person that takes advantage of the little gaps that life provides me, but the next time a certain Englishman in my life starts his snooty preaching to me about my slight mishaps...I am SO going to refer him to this.



ronnie said...

Now I would take that advantage Raven LOL.


Daisychain said...

i wouldn't mind betting not a single person who has ever attended that uni has failed to learn of that reading material.... xxx