Friday, 25 February 2011

The Girls' Revenge

Those who visit here know I have a love of black and white photo/pictures so I had to share with you a small collection from the provocative Ellen von Unwerth's book 'Revenge.'

The photos in the book are quite delicious, erotic and decadent, a sadomasochistic story told in pictures of a sexy romp in the country.

Three young women arrive at a chateau for a relaxing weekend and find something entirely different.

The girls get their revenge in the end

These photos were only part of the story. You can see more here.



Michael said...

Wonderful images, Ronnie; I love black & white photography - so dramatic and elegant. I viewed the entire book "Revenge" through the link you provided and just marveled at the wonderful photography and enjoyed the story. Thanks for this treat, Ronnie.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

"delicious, erotic and decadent"

It does not get any better than that!

ronnie said...

Michael - A man after my own heart. My pleasure, glad you enjoyed them.

OBB - Sure doesn't:) Thanks OBB.

Glad you both enjoyed the early morning treat.


sixofthebest said...

Ronnie, I sure love to bare the bottom of the naughty lady that is pictured in your top photo. For with that same whip, I would lash her naked derriere a dozen times, so she may get to taste the painful feeling herself.

Anonymous said...

They really are stunning- wouldn't it be wonderful if life looked like that (except not all of it, just the bits we wanted to.)

mouse said...

Very nice Ronnie! Thanks so much for sharing

Hermione said...

Those poor girls! At least they were allowed to keep their shoes on!

Thanks for sharing.


Raven Red said...

Love these photos. I have an absolute passion for black and white photos.

Happy week-end



ronnie said...

SOTB - She doesn't look like she would relinquish her whip easily :)

Poppy - I thought they were as well. Thanks Poppy.
Mouse - Glad you enjoyed them.

Hermione - LOL, I love that they keep them on.

Raven - So elegent. Happy weekend to you too.

Thanks all, always lovely to see you. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Red said...

Great photos. link is interesting. So much to see, so little time