Friday, 17 February 2012

Counting your Spanks.

What is it with tops - he could of at least let her remove the hat before her spanking and don't you just hate having to count your spanks? I do.

Have a fun weekend.



Blondie said...

Great picture. And yes I hate counting the spanks also.

Spanky said...

I enjoy making Kallisto count her spanks, but I only make her announce the total every 50. It's fun to make her loose count, too.

Anonymous said...

Why count? Hm. Because I like it. :)

I think it's one of those submission exercises that goes along with the spanking.

But mostly because I like it. :).

PK said...

I'm with you, I really don't like counting. It takes me out of the 'mindset' I hoping for.

I hope your weekend is great too.


Anonymous said...

I agree with PK and Ronnie. I do not know any bottoms that like to count.

Have a great weekend.


Hermione said...

That hat looks like the kind the Salvation Army women wear, but the heels rule out that possibility.


sunnygirl said...

I'm with Hermione - a little too spicy for the Salvation Army - it's probably what got her spanked.
Don't count spanks.

Katia said...

I don't like counting either. The only benefit- it's usually at the end of a spanking, so I know the end is near.

mountain girl said...

another vote for no

Riley said...

Hahah! Gosh I am not a fan of counting! Especially when he goes so fast I can't keep up, earning me more. It's evil! ;)

ronnie said...

Blondie - Maybe one day we'll come to like it - Doubt that. Thanks Blondie.

Spanky - I thought you might:) and when Kallisto looses count of course you have to start all over again. Thanks Spanky.

Mick - Maybe if we said we liked counting them - you tops would stop making us do it:) Wishful thinking. Thanks Mick.

PK - That's probably why they do it:) Thanks PK

Joey - No, I haven't heardanyone say they do. Have a great weekend yourself. Thank.

Hermione - Exactly what I thought when I saw the hat. The guy in the picture reminds me of someone and I just can't think who. Thanks Hermione.

SG - Your lucky you don't have to. Thanks SG

Katia - Sometimes for me it's at the start of a spanking:( Thanks Katia.

MG - I'm glad it's not only me. Thanks MG.

Riley - Our tops sure know what their doing. Thanks Riley.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I like to count.It kind of gives some parameters to it.Or at least the knowledge when it will end ! He can't be giving her a robust enough spanking though or the hat would be all of a kilter.Sarah,LD,UK

Newt said...

I do not like to count my spanks,
for some odd reason made me start rhyming spanks, green eggs and ham/Dr Seuss style.. LOL.

I digress. That drawing cracked me up. I love your blog. Have a great weekend.
:) Newt

Daisychain said...

It is precisely BECAUSE we hate counting them, that we are instructed exercise in submission, part of the power exchange...and yes, because the tops enjoy having us do it, for some strange reason! xxxx

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. I do not like counting spanks. I haven't had to lately actually. I'm pretty sure that's because Michael doesn't want me to know when it's going to end. Hmmmph. Then again, maybe I do like counting.

sbo said...

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Lea said...

Yes, I hate counting. And there's always that moment where I honestly forget what number I was supposed to be on and say what I *think* it was, he pauses trying to figure out if that was really the number or if we start over. Gah. Good thing he usually forgets, too.

ronnie said...

Sarah - Next time P makes me count I'm going to tell him after how much I enjoyed counting them and see what he says, then agin I know what he'll say "I think you'd better bend over again young lady:) Thanks Sara.

Newt - I think it's more or less unanimous - we bottoms don't like counting our spanks. I laughted when I say the drawing, glad you liked it Newt, thank you.

Daisy - Your right, they know what their doing to us:) Thanks Daisyl

Grace - Counting doesn't always mean the spanking is near the end for me. Thanks Grace.

Lea - P normally starts all over again:) Thanks Lea.


MrJ said...

Remove the hat before spanking? It may well be the reasons for the spanking in the first place.

ronnie said...

Mr. J. - LOL your probably right. Thanks.


kiwigirliegirl said...

Im not made to count - yet but lately he likes me to say "thank you Sir" after each different words but similar mind set
Love and hugs kiwi xxx

sarah thorne said...

I hate hate hate counting! Too distracting! Thankfully, it's not generally required!


Red said...

Counting out loud does appear to make the spanking longer and stronger. Counting silently to oneself diminishes the effects of each spank as you are internalizing the event. I have tried to stop myself from counting inwardly.
And as you say, you hate having to count the strokes, means you are just making the spanking more real..
Happy Spankings

ronnie said...

Sarah - Thankfully counting doesn't happen in our house all the time. Thanks Sarah.

Red - I agree counting them out loud. I've never inwardly counted my spanks, that's interesting. Thanks Red.


sbo said...

nice topic thank you and thumb up !