Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Now all the Valentine shenanigans are out of the way, and I hope you all got something nice, I better tell you about my weekend, last weekend that is. It's got plenty to do with Valentines, in fact it was Valentines that wrecked it for me; you see, you may or may not remember, P had told me we were taking few days away last weekend but it didn't happen. I know I haven't mentioned it since but I'm going to now and expose my husband for the cheapskate that he is :)

If we had a switching relationship I'm sure he would have spent time over my knee.

But we don't so I'll get on with the story.

He'd looked out a few hotels online then followed them up with phone calls to see what deals he could get. Usually hotels have great deals on weekends because all the Mon-Fri business traffic has gone and they want to fill their space but he couldn't get any because he realised it preceded Valentines and space was at a premium with special 'romantic this and that offers' all at inflated prices according to P, so he aborted the idea. Weekend at home. 'How about a nice meal out Monday night then?' I enquired. 'No chance,' said my spouse, 'surely you remember the trade, poor service and rip-off prices on occasions like Valentines, all the tables filled with twos, taking up space of fours, poor return for management hence the *special* menus which are always crap..etc.' I'm sure he would have gone on if I hadn't assured him I did remember and of course he was right, but for goodness sake why not just get ripped off occasionally. So we didn't get the weekend and I didn't get a meal out. Nor did I make a fuss, I took it stoically like the good wife that I am.

And I reckon this stoicism paid off because P suggested, entirely of his own volition, that we go out to dinner Thursday night (we've got the house to ourselves for two days while our son's up north, it wasn't said but I assumed he was taking this into account) so I immediately and happily agreed. But that wasn't the end of it, ten minutes later he asked me if we had anything in particular arranged for March. 'Not that I can think of,' I said, 'why?' 'Because I was just looking at Ryanair flights and wondering if you'd fancy a weekend in Barcelona or somewhere now all that nasty Valentine overpricing is out of the way.' 'Ooh well if you're sure, P,' I tried to sound concerned, 'that none of those foreign hotels might be carrying on 'post Valentine specials' or anything...' He knew I was joking but still threatened to spank me for being sarcastic.

I got the spanking on Monday, after reminding him I'd been sarcastic, the weekend is definitely on and I have to choose the destination, table booked for Thursday night. So overall I can't complain, in fact I think my husband's natural cheapskate tendency is getting me a rather better deal overall.

Last Friday's Post -

You clever people guessed correctly. It wasn't a bottom but light shining from a new lamp we bought. Thanks for guessing.



Hermione said...

Ooh, I want a lamp like that. Ours don't make bums on the ceiling; I checked.

I'm glad that at least you got a Valentine spanking after all the other disappointments. A getaway in March sounds lovely! If only Spain were a couple of hours away for us.


turiya said...

Wow... it sucks you didn't get to do anything for Valentine's Day. But it sounds like he's making up for it now. Maybe you can suggest for next year to have some dinner delivered and have a nice candlelight dinner at home. :-D



Florida Dom said...

I thought it was kind of lame for him to use the excuse that it's too crowded on Valentine's Day. But hey, what can you say about men? Hard to live with them but you can't live without them. There was a famous baseball player named Yogi Berra who used to say, "Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded.''

But if you get the trip to Spain, it will more than make up for it. The great thing about living in Europe is that you don't have to fly across the pond to visit all the wonderful places there.

And at least you did get a spanking and maybe you will get more in Spain.


Anonymous said...

I happen to think V-day is a big ripoff too. But I'm glad you're going to get away. Hope you have a great time.

Raven Red said...

Aaaw...I do hope though that you at least got a rose or a chocolate or something! Well, apart from the spanking...

But then he has gots lots of things to makeup for in your going away week-end in March. :)

ronnie said...

Hermione - LOL. Truthfully I couldn't believe it when I switched it on for the first time. It makes me smile every time it's on.

That's one good thing about living in the UK, Europe is only a hop away.

Turiya - Son was in so a little difficult. P is such a wonderful chef he wouldn't dream of having a takeaway he'd rather cook himself than order one. We are going out to dinner tomorrow :)

FD - Having been in the trade for years FD it does put you off going out on these special occassions as we know how poor service (not that we used to give bad service :) and the so called set menu that are better for the restaurant than the customer. I'm looking forward to warmer clims.

Mick - That's what P has always said about VD. Thanks.

Raven - Oh yes, I did get a gorgeous bunch of flowers, he's not that bad :)

Thanks all.



VD baah humbug. I totally agree with what P said but if you get a weekend in Barcelona out of it, do you have anything to complain about? Barcelona is a bostin city to spend a couple of days in.


Daisychain said...

Hope Barcelona trip is not so he can watch Arsenal play, LOL!!!
Seriously, what a fun idea! Much better than a meal out on VD with all those gooey eyed drunken teens on adjacent tables, lol! Have a great time, look forward to the juicy goss on your return, hahaha!

ronnie said...

Pref - LOL. No I'm not complaining now. Barcelona here I come :)

Daisy - LOL, no fear of that but will have to make sure we don't clash with their second leg match there. Glad they won last night. I would like to see to the stadium, supposed to be quite grand.

Thanks both.


Pink said...

Oh, Barcelona is better than anything local...I don't care where you live. (Unless you live in Barcelona, then you're SOL.)

Fingers crossed that this trip takes place!



{ÍsisdoEgito}JZ - Tua, somente tua said...

knowing your blog and enjoying how you write your thoughts.
I'm following it, ok

If you want to visit us, will be a pleasure interacting with you.

Hugs respectful,


ronnie said...

Pink - Barcelona here I come. Thanks Pink

IsisdoJUN - Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Hope to see you again.


redxxx said...

Never a cheapskate! Just a wise man thinking how best to spend limited money making his wife happiest.Cheapskate: is that someone who takes a lady out skating... a cheap skate.

Glad to know you have a vacation in the works, and a spanking to keep you happier.

ronnie said...

Missed you down there Red. Can't wait for the break. Hope your both having a wonderful time.